Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

r 13 of Faith, and the Father of it, becaufe from his effica- pious Agency it wholly proceeds.* The moll learned Divines and Expofitors among the Jews, who preceded the Advent of yefus Chrift, plain- ly indicated their Knowledge of this myfterious Truth, and exprefï'ed it nearly in the fame Terms with us. They believed, taught and adored three primordial Ex- ifiences in, the Godhead, which they called fometimes rnrrr Middoth, or Properties, and fometimes Yn '» Se- phiroth, or Numeration.- The later Jews, who are only Deifts, with to refift this Evidence, by faying, that thefe Sephiroth were only meant for Attributes; but their Attempts have been very lame, and they are par- ticularlypuzzled to explain away the above Cabaliftical Scheme, which was invented for the very Purpofe of Obelifc. Pamph. 1. v. c. 3.Exaftly agreeable to which is that antient lewifh Prayer, or Anthem, called Hofannah rahba, or Thegreat Hofannab, publicly Tung on the lait Day of the Feaft of Tabernacles: " For thy Sake, O our CREATOR, Hofannab. For thy Sake, O our " REDEEMER, Hofannah. For thy Sake, O our SEEKER, Hofannah." As if they befeeched the Bleffed Trinity (lays Bp.'Patrick, on Levit. xxiii. 40.) to fave them, and fend them Help.-See JENNINGS's 7ewifh 4ntiquities, Vol. ii. p. 23i. It is alto very remarkable, that the great Benediaion, which was pronounced, under the Law, by llaron and his Sons, was prefcribed in this particular Form. JEHO- VAH biefs thee, and keep thee: JEHOVAH make his FaceThine upon thee, and 6egracious unto thee: JEHOVA H lift up his Countenance upon thee, andgive thee Peace. Upon which it has been obferved, that " Pa. " rallel to this [treble RepetitionofJEHOVAH] is the Form ofChrif- " tian Baptifm; wherein the three perfonal Terms of FATHER, " SON, and HOLY GHOST, are not reprefented as fo many differ- " ent Names, but as one Name : The one divine Nature of GOD " being no more divided by thefe three, than by the fingle Name " JEHOVAH thrice repeated. If the three Articles ofthis Benedic- " tion be attentively confidered, their Contents will be foundto " agree refpeaively to the three Perlons taken in the ufual Order of " the FATHER, the Sox, and the HOLY GHOST. The FATHER IS " the Author of Biding and Prefer.vation. Grace and Illumination " are from the SON, by whom we have the Light of the Knowledge " of the Glory of GOD, in the Face of yefus Chrift. Peace is the " Gift of the SPIRIT, whore Name is the Comforter, and whole firft " and beh Fruit is the Work of Peace." See that excellent Traa, entitled, The Catholic Dottrine of a 2'rinity, by the Rev. Mr. lanes, of Pluckiey, in Kent. p. 61. 3d. Edit. ibid. 1. y. c. 3. SUIDAS in áywt. expretling