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[ 14 ) expreffing the three Hypoftafes in one Lf fence. Nor have they better Succefs in averting the Force of fome of their moft efteemed Comments upon the facred Writings, which declare the farne,Doétrine. Thus R. Simeon, and the famous 7onaihan, treating upon the Trifagion, or thrice Holy, in the 6th Chapter of Ifaiah, fay, That the firft Holy implied the FATHER, the fe- cund Holy the SON, and the third Holy the HOLY GHOST.* And it was almoft an Adage amongft them, That H Aleph by S Beth (or zH the Father by n1 the Son) created the World;t which exactly correfponds with what the Apoftle fays, that GOD createdall Things by JESUS CHRIST. It is alfo remarkable, that the Jews before Chrift had a Title for the Godhead confifting of twelve Letters, which Maimonides, the moft learned of all their Writers, owns to have been a compounded Name, or Name (as was common among the Rabbins) compofed of the ini- tial Letters of other Names. Galatinus, from R. Hak- kadofh (who lived about A. D. 150, or rather from Por- chetus Salvaticus, or Raymundus Martini), believes that thefe twelve Letters were vii s nr1 lz art, i. e. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Name, however, of twelve Letters was ufed by the antient yews inftead of the Name JEHOVAH, which they termed Shemhamphorafh, the expounded Name, or Name which muff be expounded by other Names to be underftood, and which they imagined unlawful to be uttered. The Rabbins fence Chrijb have adopted the Ufe of the Word Adonai for the fame Pur- pofe ; which countenances the Sufpicion, that there was fomething in the former Title contraditttory to their pre- fent Opinions.§ * GALAT. de drean. &c. 1. II. c. I. See alfo the Extra& of a Catechifm amongft the antient Jews by vac. flltingius, cited by Wit//us, ((Econ. Feed. 1. iv. c. q. § 5.ÿ which exprefsly teaches ref- , peeling the Godhead, that " THREE SPIRITS are united to ONE." f KiacH. Oedip. Synt. 11. C. 7. Obel Pampb. 1. iii. c. 9. Eph. iii. 9. § GALAT. I. II. C. II. SPANH. Blench. ContrezJ. cum 7udieis. c. v. PococK. Not. Mifc, in Maim. Port. Mos, p. 319. An