Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

f 40 allowable, the Chriftians and their Painters received the flint of depiing the three Perfons in the Godhead. C»é By this it appears, that the Egyptian EMEPRT, or Intel- jeEl, correfponded with the 7ewijh KATHER, orfirft Per, fon; the Egyptian PHTHA, or Wifdom, with the jewifh CHOCHMA, or fecond Perfon; and the Egyptian AMuN, or Energy of the other two carried forth ad extra, with the jewifh BINAIS, or vivifying Power of the thirdPer- fon. HORUS, encompaffed with the feveral Circles, figni- fies the World, with the planetary Orbits and the Empy- rmum. It feems pretty evident, that both the yewi/h and Egyptian Notions of the Trinity were originally derived from one and the fame Revelation; fome Parts of which Mofes and Solomon tranfcribed, by divine Infpiration, * in their refpeftive Writings. Thus (to give but one s z, Pet. i. zt, jnttancç