Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

r 41 Initance among many) the former has recorded concern- ing the Creation of Man, that the ALEHIM (all the Per- fons) faid, Let US make Man in OUR Image, &c. inti- mating thereby the. Plurality in the Effence; though im- mediately afterwards it is added, to declare the undi- vided Unity, that the ALEHIM createdMan in HIS OWN IMAGE. * And when, a littlebefore, he. is fpeakingof the Creation of the World ; we find it written, that the SPIRIT of the ALEHIM MOVED upon the Face of the Waters; plainly declaring the thirdPerfon in the Holy Trinity to be the Author of Motion or Life, and an Agent co-operating in that ftupendous Work. Again; when the LORD beheld the Tower of Babel, Mofés re- prefents HrM as fpeaking; Go YE to, or, Come YE 0-mr71, let us go down, &c. which (as Eftius well obferves) " muit be fpoken by One to Fwo others at leaft;" and yet not to Angels, becaufe they are never invited o concur in the Acts of the Godhead, but commanded to perform his Pleafure. Solomon likewife fpeaks of Was- DOM (whom Jews and Chriftians have constantly under- ftood to mean the Wiah) as a divine Perfon, who wàs from everlaJing, and with JEHOVAH in the Beginning cf his Way, and when he appointed the Foundations of the Earth. t It may be alfo remarked by the bye, that it appears from hence, how even the Egyptians had an Idea of three diftin&, though indivifible, Perfons in one Deity. Infected as they afterwards were with the ido- latrous Leaven, they feem not to have had, at firft, the Sabellian Leaven of afferting the fecond and third Per- fons to be mere Names, and thereby reprefenting each of thefe to be (as it were) Pox, et prceterea nihil, a Noife, and Nothing but a Noife. That Boldnefs of Here- fy, and Contradiction of the Word of GOD, was a kind * Mott of the Fathers urge this Text as. a Proof of the Perfonal- iky in the Divine Elfence. V. SUICERI d"bef. Eccles. Vol. ii. p. 1289. See likewife that excellent Book of Novatianus de rrinitate (c. zs, according to the Edition of Pamelius at the End of Tertul- llan, or) c. 17, in the better Edition of LYelchman. Oxon. 1714. l rQY. VIII. 22-29, of