Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

1 82 ] to the Reader), that the Declarations of the ,Saviour's Divinity are as exprefsly made in the one Teftament, as in the other ; and that thefe, taken together, form one grand Chain of true Revelation, complete in all its Parts, and bright and beautiful throughout the whole. Indeed, as a valuable Writer obferves, ° "The New 2'eftament can never be underftood and explained, but by comparing it with the Old." Nor does the Author re- coiled a Name of Grandeur and Eminence, which in any Portion of holy Writ is applied either to the Unity of the Godhead, or to the Trinity in TJnity; but which is alfo applied to fefus Christ, as the Second Perfon in that Trinity and the LORDfrom Heaven. This alone feems to him an inconteftable Evidence, arifing from the unitedVoice of Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apoftles, of Scripture and of GOD; that the Redeemer is GOD as well as Man, and alfo GOD-Man in one, Perfon, which is denominated the Meah or Chrifl. It was this View, and this View alone, of a certain Salvation in an Almighty Saviour, which could caufe the Patriarchs to rejoice in the Profpe& of his Day, the Prophets to proclaimHim as JEHOVAH their Righteouf- nefs, the Pfalmifts to praife Him as their GOD in Co- venant; and all together, with the whole Afi'embly of the antient Believers, to perform filch furprizing Aéts of Faith, as we find, with the higheft Approbation, re- corded of them.* They had all the Paffions and Feel- ings ofother Men, and certainly would not, and indeed could not, have undergone what we read concerning them; if they had not had an undoubted Affurance of force better Portion than what the Malice of their Ene- mies could take away, purchafed by infinite Merit, and fecured by infinite Power. If thefe Efi'ays fball be fo blefl'ed, as to fet the Divi- nity of the Redeemer in a fuller Point of View, cheat- the Faith and Hope of one Believer in Him, or to elucidate the Gofpel revealed in the former Part of * Heb. xi. and particularly. fromVer. 33. to the End. the