Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

LORD, oa JEHOVAH, &c. 8g tors, and filled the Soul of fallen Man with all theTor ments ofaconfumingFire.*Abftraedlyviewed, as a Being of infinite Holinefs, and Power, who made the Heaven, the Heaven of Heavens, with all their Haft, the Earth, end all things therein; we, as finful Creatures, could have had no Complacency in his Holinefs, nor, as rebellious Creatures, any Delight in his Juftice. He alfo :muff abhor us, from the ,Contrariety of our Nature to his own. But, in his Office-Charaaer of Saviour and Re- deemer, we become endeared to Him and He to us ; and his Work of Creation is arrayed with the Splendors of Grace and an unfading Crown of Glory. struilion of this Name rtirt4, JEHOVAH. They obferved, that, though the Name contains four Letters (whence it is called rirfn- naamoilor), there are but three different Letters in. its Compofitioe. Thus, according to them, + Jod fgnifies the Father, the Maker of all things; i ¡"au, a Conjuntlion copulative, denotes the Bleffed Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son conjointly; and r He implies the Son of GOD.. They have alto a Saying, That GOD made all things in the Letter ;t; alluding to his Creation of all things by the Word. And, laílly, that ,n is doubled in this Name, to demonftrate both Natures of the Meffiah. Though this Criticifm {if it may be So called) is quite cabbalilf- cal; yet it thews (what it is here produced to thew) that the Doc- trine of the Trinity was the current and eftablifhed Opinion. A better Proof arifes from the Comments and Verfions of their molt learned and celebrated Authors. R. Simeon Ben gochai, treating of the Name ALEHIM, Pays; " Come and fee the Mystery of this ., Word: There are three Degrees or Affinities, and each Degree " is to be diftinguifhetl by itfelf; but the three are one, and united to " each other in one; nor is one to be dividedfrom another." The fame Rabbin, and Jonathan the Chaldee Paraphralt, whoboth wrote many Years before Chrift, treating on Ifaiah vi. t. where the Lori [Adonaij is reprefented fitting upon a Throne, apply the Pottage to the Megiah. The former of there has this remarkable Expoiì- tion of the Trifagion, ór Thrice-Holy, in the third Verfe of the fame Chapter : tinpí nn nt; anp fa nt trip art nt trip: h. e. " HÓLY, due is, the FATHER; HOLY, that is, the SQN; HOLY, that is, the HoLeSPLtc }T." Thefe are farther Evidences, that the Doétrine of the Trinity is not a Chriftian. Novelty, a, the modern Jews and borne other People would endeavour to perfuade us. Vide GALAT. de Are. Cath. rer. L. si. erGonw. Mofes andAaron, 1. iv. c. 8. Roe. The! de Dei Nom. N. 19. Pont .Synops. in Gen. i. Ant. Univ. Hi 3 01. iii. p. ti. Dent, iv. 24, Hebr. xii. 29.