Serle - BT590 N2 S47 1776

90 LORD, ok JEHOVAH, &c. The Word JAH hands fimply for the divine Effence, or for Him Who is, and Who neceffarily MUST be. The Name EHJAH occurs no where but in Exod. iii. ¡4. and means, -not only Him, who neceffarily is, but who neceffarily WILL ES. It regards the future eternal, and demonftrates the Immutability of the divine Exift- ence. The Title JEHOVAH includes the paft, the prefent, and the future Eternal; that is, according to our Con- ceptions: for all things, and every Divifion of that Du- ration which we underhand by Time, are prefent with Hirai, though fuccefì.ive to us. Thus the infpired Apoftle (finding no Word in Greek to reprefent the Idea of the Hebrew) ufes a Periphrafis, or Comment on the Word; and expreffes the Name JEHOVAH by, HE that is, Who WAS, and Is To COME.* The Word JEHOVAH f (which contains the other two) imparts, in itfelf, an independent Effence; and it denotes, to us, and to the whole Creation, both the Source of Life, and the continual Maintainer of it. In Him every Species of Exiftence lives, and is moved, and bas its Being. Thus far, becaufe it is neceffary to Faith, it is given us to underhand; and thus far we can form a jufi, though narrow Idea of it: But we cannot, with Precifion, form the lean Idea of abftratted Effence; much lefs can we comprehend fpiritual Effence; and kaft of all are we acquainted with infinite andfpiri- tual Effence abfiratted. We know, that, in the Reafon of Things and by divine Revelation, fuch an EJnce Rev. i. 4. It has been thought, that the Greek Iopsan (io =non) is a Corruption of run run, Yehovah penoh; " Lord look upon us." However, there feems. little Reafon to doubt, that the Words Is and Ian are derived from the Hebrew 7ehovah. Rous Arch. Att. I. i. c. z. Some have afferted, that " the Name yehdvah was never heard of till Luther's Time," and that it fhould be pronounced Tao, as by the Heathen Authors. Mr. CASLEY'S Pref. to the Catal. of MSS. in the Royal Library. p. z4. In the Samaritan Dialed it is Maid to be pronounced YEHUSH. Abp. USHER'SLetters. No. Si. Job. xii. so, &c. has