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Th~ inoJ/enjive CmifCience• . - ' duties when he l1adl in his carnall reafon, and Cap. 8_.. fieihly ..friendfhip diifwad(d his ruaikr tr~m.. · .. going up to Jerufa .'em to fuffer. 2. Take next that CautitJnof the Apofile, Caut. 2 . ltom. 14. 1., Him th.Jt i:r weaft in tbe faith; rri– cezveyou, but not todoubtfull diJP:utationt; Take heed of ft1ch opinions or quefHons as tend to janglihgs, and dono other good ; let it be thy wHdop1 to receive, that is, cherifh and en• c'ourage, and fnfcru8: hith in thofe things wherein the Kingdom of God cloth confi ft, and not to pt!zzle his ·Faith (as the mannet of many is) by abfirlife and intricate noti• <?ns, or to perplex his minde with doubtfull ~uerie:t' or to unfettle his obedience by unfea• ronable obje8ion1. If this excellent Caution ,of the Aponle was ~ell obferved, there were hopes ( a5 ~artiuJ faith lipoti the place) that! this age of the Church niight fee peace and union again, and that thefe fad difeafes that ~agein this Difputati've Age (as he there calls it) might all becured or cut .off; His words- · are, PluJ proficit placida inftitutirJ, prude~l mo_. nitto, fraterna corretfi(}, quam fubtiU.t di[cqt12_. tio, acriJ contentio, a~erba in{ell titil ! Ar~ut.t igitur di[putatione1; intempe(fiv~ JifcepttiitioNet, rixtt, contentio11es, "-•)al-'"xic, t.,nquam pefle~ Eqclefi.e cavend.e funt &c. In his enint nihil efo £diftcationiJ,q~tia nihil charitatis multum, o!fen• . di.culi, & perturbati~niJ, quia pJurintztm aeer• b~tatis, & m~liti.e• pejtii fi ho~• ; rzente fe:ulo curari aut tolli ['flflit, pacem,Ecclefl/1 fptrare lz.,~ret• . Onegood reproof, faith he; . H2 . · one -- 1