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) A GOOD CONSCIEN'CE ' THE Strongefl: l-Iold'. ATr.eatife of Confcience, handli1zg . ~ ~~~re~ of Con· ~- . ~ ~~~~tk~~~ns ~ ofgood ,The Offices fcience. The firoperrks ' ,· Coi'lfcience. Ufe .. Seyera!l forts · .~ h~ ~~~~t~cy~ of f~~c.h a ~Tt. ~ ~:~;~;sr~okng:; ~ir. T e Unhty Conk1ence. \le . · Happinefs Neanes ~o keep By J o H N S H Ji F 1: E 1 L n, Minifrer of ' Swphilu L o N 'D oN. AB:s 24- 1 6. Andherein do I exercife myfilf,to have aCon– fcience vo,idofoffince tow.1rd God, t$niltorv3,rdmm. ' ' Difcamus in tetra, quorum fcientia perfeveret in Ccrlo· Hit'r~m. adPaul. · Scientid int1ar, chariras :rdificat; Confcienti'a \'ero maxima cum Religione dt a:dificanda. Ames. L .0 N D 0 N, Printed-by J.B.tor SAMuELG ·.E; L L 1BRAND , at the B1\ L ;, iu Pal~IJ Church-yard. 1 65o. I '

to the Right Horiburable, . ·'fl.-, --·~ E I) :LVI UN D Eatle ofMulgrave, Lord . Sheffeild of Butterwi~e. Right lroRourable; . .~ • ~~·· :~· ·T w~s ari excellent fayingof ...l\'"-"""' 11 Lewhof 'BaVJer Emperour . • .: of German,,Hujujmodi com:;., parandcepunt opu~ qu.e ,u;;i naufragio (imul endteni' fucli g~ods ar~ worth gettingand~~~tng-;. as 'Will no~ finke; or waQJ away tf a fhtp;.: wrack happen:> but will wadeai1d fwim otlt with us~ . . Ameditation rievei· more heedful-to . · ~e fiudied and prallifed; then in fqcH Niiufritgio;h times "BS thefe, wherein we have feen the Greate{J Statef irl the A 2 world, , I

The Epijlle Dedicatory. ·world, the Greateft Fttmilies in thofe States, and the Greateft rerfons in tllofe F3milies tohave fuffered themofifatall andTragical! ibipwracks. The.windes andSeawere never more high and rough, nor the fhip ~oreTof– fed; the earth never tnore rent with Earthquakes, nor the world lefie fetled. What is to be done '? There is a Fort ',that fiandeth finne when ihe earth is Re– moved. -Tht're is ~n Ar~ that {wims a– ~oft when_ the whole world is·drowned, and the highcft mountaines thro~n into the midft of rhe Sea : This Fort is Faith; This Ar/ze is Co_nfcience. ' Thefe are the goods to be gotten and ma~e fiore or in thefe dayes : Thefe tnake one truly rich,and f3fe and happy. All other goods wh~tfoever without a man be they Inheritances of houfes, lands and honours are but bareMovea– bles, uncertaine and unconfiderable M!Jveables, one may have them, but he cannot fayhow long he fuall hold them.' .Thefe whofo hath fuall hold. Other goods are put into the \vorlds Inventory - ( thefe never) which therefore faith(hut fulfly) fuch a one dyed rich, for hedyed worth fo many thoufancls, valuingth~ man -

7'he Epijlle Dedicatory• . · ~anby h1~ efiate. They are mifta~en. They 1night fay fo much ·he IMd, or at mofi he lzvedworth fo t:nuch, but when ·he di~d he might die worfe then no– thing, what is the fia'te to the foule ! One living Dog is better tbenma»J de.rd Lioni. tBut Faith and good Confcience are t'he onelygoods to be put in the cbrifti– •nJ Inventory:,'the man that had themwe may fity he died rich, dyed rich though . ·· - h~ived poor, and which is befi ofall, , hi~riches he carryedwith hirn.. He Ha ved and dyed ~ Js ,:hor?T~~s1·~;v ricb tow:lrdLu. u . 21 • God , for fuch aone d1cs worth as much_ as both chrift is wonh and heaven is worth ; as chrift for Grace, as heaven f?r Glory; as chri{l for Pro~qifo and fecu"l' ·ruy, as heaven for performanceand fa– tisfaC!ion: For gqodConfciencedep..zrts (nqt dye;) pofiefledofthem both. And it is infinitelymore for one to be able to ,.. fay oneofthefe two.iii mine,then to fay a thoufandmines ofgold are mine..He that . hath thele hath all, Rev. 21$ 7· Hefball ·inherit all thing!, for Godwill be bi.r God, I be fball be bi1 jon : And ~s long a~ God · hath any thing to give he fhall not want. · '..-·1 ... 1 • A 3 , A

' I I , 'I'~e Epiflle Dedicatory! · --·-..,--.=--~ I --- . -----:::--~-- A good Confcience then,' if haqand , J<ept,all is i~fe,all depends uponit,Grac~ and Cotnfort here, q1ory&Blifie here~ f!fter : !5ut this iflofi or negle4ed, all ' goes to wrack, a.-nd is but lojje ~nd dt,tng~ ~ind worfe, if·worfemaybe,and the mari ·a lofl: t.nan for ever. Ta/ze this,tll}ze all, as pne faid well, Tol!e C£lum,Tolle -animam; ' fo I may add, toll~ chrifl~m,1;olle Cdflil:m~ rol!e Fidem,Tolle Chrijium;Tu/If Confcz.. cntiam:>T;[/e' Fident: Yea,'IolleCon[tien– tiam; ·rrile 1m1;ti<1 ~1 Take away Hea:pen,_ !aid he, and take'my Soul too; fo fay I, . Take away chrift, take away f!eaven5~ ~ake aw:Jy Eaith, and take a~~yChriji; ~nd take awayCcnj'cience,you takeaway f a#h; yea ~ake a\vayGtJt:tfiien(f,andyou make ihort wQr~~ ~nd tak~ IJ:WaJ aU. · For wh;;J.t \~ere my soul worth ifit werenot for He.Jveu ?wh~twere1-leavenworth if • : •• J t ~t were not forchrift? what wereCIJriJI; worthtomeifit wt:renotfor Faith?and lVhlt were all Faith worth if it 'Yere not for Confcience?Therefore as dyingGa~ diner Clid trudy, 'open th:1t window o,ce, a.ffett J~Jiificafion., .anq denymerit, and . J~rew·el {tll togp ther,~rr~~el Popifu~eli.. ·gton : Sofay I, Afiert Ltbertyand deny ~o~fclence?ope!l th~t windo~pnf:ce,and 1 are we.)

The Epiftle Dedicator;. farewel all togethflr,farewell ~a true R.e– ligion : Yea take but awaypart of Con– (cience,and yout~keaway ~lJ ? take but away one.!Jllilble~ andwhat ts fimplefci- .· et~ce good for without con~ to fuew that it is 1,10t fcience but c~nfcience that makes t,heChrifiia':};and no confoitnce but that which is etztireaf!d ~tpt 'IJJho/e that Qla... keth the happy Chrifiian. . YourLorajhip is defcendedof Noble and trulyHouorable Progenitors; high· lyHonoured for their Greatnej[e; highly Beloved fortheir ·rouodnej]e; their Guod11ejfo fuiningeminently in the difcoveljes oftheir Religiun, LOJillt;·, Valour, and 'A– Oiveneffi to ferve their Country in the greateftperils. They were to.Truth Pot• trons, toReligionOrtJ411Jentt, to Peace · 'Champions, fighting her Battel'S (when , fhe was in danger)both by fea an,d lapd; and to their Country Dear and Cordial Patriots; fome ·of,them nat loving their lives to the Deatb, haveJacrificed tbem to thefervice oftheir Cluntry.Their.pe1fons ·thro,ugh . the lufire of th(:ir Virtues and Heroick aetions ihone,out in their high– ·er and greater Orbs, while they lived; and their preci<;>us Names and memory ' ' (though.themfelves withdrawri)leaving A 4 ' a 'I

" The Epiflle Dedicatory. , a fplendor ~nd brightneile behind (as the Sunwhen fet) continue intmortabzed in our Englifh Hifiory andchronicles tq all -Pofl:erity. " · . · Your Lordilii p is· thehead ofa great Family, and the higheft Branch ofa nu– merou3 name, all whofe fbetJves dowil.. r ., lingfy . your Lordibips fbeaj; as gh~dly andwillingly as Jofe'phs Brethren dja to him, accounting themfelves·Ho– nourednot fo much inyour Lordiliips Ilonour, a£ flonuurablenejfe, and h<?nour--. ing younot fo much for your Great and HighBirtb, as Greater lndHig~erwilrJh a?d aprroveq {incerity in the(e trying t unes. R rmr>r eft , h.-moraltt u, Henorabi · fit tU bono· rd. My Lord, Hold fafithat youhave re~ ·ceived: fecure you~ Faith, ard you fc– cure yourfoul: Secure your Confcience, 'and y.ou feeure your Honour, yta your . R~v .3 . u . crowne. Then you fhall not be fhahJn withany fhak.jngs, nor afraid ofany ttmazement. _ That your Lordiliip maydo worthily' inEph,ratah, and your name~nd Fdmily be famou~ in Ifrael, as it is,all the aime r1nd ambition of this ,enfuing T reatife ; fo it is and fhall be the Prayer ofthe Au– thor) who Cf3YiQg your Lordib~ps par-~ . . doo

The Epiftle Ded~catory. ; ·don for this boldnefie andProlixuy, .1t).d a favourable acceptance and perufal of ' t~is hbmely Treatife) fhall continue to dHagitate and importune<;Jod,that as he bath made you high in Place andHonour and Dignitj: Soyou maybe mademuch morehigh inNdu.te,and Praife,and Gr~Ue, ~nd G!or!. . · · / . Tour ~ordfoips/ humble fervant in everJ chriftian fer_vicea .. ' •J 0 .' ·S _H ~ F FE 1' LDo ' ~ . ' . ~ . ' .. / ' , ..

'· Confcientious Reader. " ' . ' ' '' . ' cor-.oP:~EI.~·- ~, lirifiiars and Confciencious, ·. Reader, for fuch 1deftre to , :. - ~ jind,~t .leaft to ~eflve thee ~the #.§::~~~ u·ond ts nowfull ofBoof<!,fo · "' fitll that it cann-1t containall that is written,andofhow'manymay it be # 1 faid,tllatJhefdobut-proClaim the vanitvof I the writer, 'ana pr,CUre"wearindfe,ifnOt · vexation to_ the Reader? As for .the {\tbjefr andmatter ofthis Difc{)urfe., it ca11not but receive thyAp– probation. Howfoever the htJmely and , plain language in it, the unelegancy ttnd untakingnefs ofthe compofur,e4ndcotn– J10fer in this now J oknowing, but more cenforious Age, may cl-l llje it to be laida– pde with neglet1 by fome who as inhe~r- · tng

To theReader~ ' ) . ~ng theyhea·r not Sermonsbut na~es, fo in ~cling ~(e t,tpt to n~ad Treattfes .but Titles. 0 myLord, I ~mpot EI~ucnt, ~flerh•· ; lm~ of a. Oow Speeeb,- and of~flow Ex~4~~"· Tongue; Jet ifthe Lerdjay I wiltgo '~Pith · thee, ttnd be Jl)itb thymii1J:th, a1.1dwith~~- l\odandPen in thy~and, howmuchm~.J a ftammerr~pg and difceHrtt.ged Mofes ~ndert.4k,_e andgo thru~gh w!fh i Jerom [aid he did diligure Chrifiem in Augufi~no, :(..ov~ Aufiin the betterfor ·Chrifrs'fake; 011r time! invert it, and we po on~ly diligereAugufiinum in~hrifio, ~eloveChrift the 6etterforst.Aufiinsfafte, andit m~;~y be,foo1fldnot li/ze Chrifi at·all ifit werenot inAufiins mouthandparts. 1 f(he preachingof chrift in 4 crucified!Hie, pow i! accounted foolijhneffe, as hereto– fore in acntrifiedfiat e. · But tHofaUDivinity.itmaJbefaid,Or– nari res tanta negat, contentadoceri; fo ffpecially adi{co~rfe ofConfcienceneeds– leaft the dreife of humane Ornaments, requires moft the jirength of DivineEvi.. d~nceandUemonfiration ot theSpirit. , It i.r ,a fobjel1 wherein many of emi- ~cnt worth have travelled, jomemore an• tiently~ ma11y moreof latter times, a1Jda• mong f!lr felwes :· ·:All which will have · - their I • '

To the Reader; thei.r dej~rved praife in the Churches of Chrift untofocceedi1Jg Age.r. .AndJCt it , " ·~ · · JPere m11ch to be wifhul, that either more JPere written in thefe daju bi thofe wh~ .. 11teio!~ !p.H, andofmore leifure a·ndabili- . I . . ties, or that r»hat isalre'ady written were mort read, il:udied, perufedandpratti.. V fed.. ·. , .Asfor me, although I cannot hut be Jo far 6t leaft Confcious to myownweakpejfe.r 1111d infiiJ!iciencies 111 to fay with Gieileon, ls not my thoufand the leafi in theTribe? ttnd is not Jome others Gleanings better than my wholeVintage? yet having ex- , peBed thatfome ofmore dayes, andname, . andpart.r fhruld have JPo~n. in Abners 2satP;.~ •.•Janguage to Jpab, callingfe-r tt Ceilation, 2~. or a Retreat, How Ipng fhall it be ere thou hid the People return from purfu– ing their Brethrep? thttt our Swords of ·Contention may he beaten intoPloughthares ofmore uje a1zdfruitfnlnejje for ihe Lords field ; andour Spears ofdijfirence int--0 Pr-gning~hooks, toprune anddreffi the L9rds Vineyard; leaft all praeficoill DivinitJbeeaten 1Jp.ofcontroverjid,wbit:h being exhaledfir.ft from more fpecious u– trums,fhortly t:ongeale.r intomoregrofs & · .·dubious neutrums~&4t /aft diffolveJ in- : to

To the Reader. .· to irreligious nihilums, andfett~es infcep– ti~:ifm at . /aft, or ftmle.ft Athetfm ; -a~d feating.leaj~ ourJmal Co~tlor Spark._whteb k yet re!Jtaining, ourfo~tedCoal of Ifra– el ( of R.eligionJ Faith, andgoodCOIJfoi– ence )fhouldbe qHite put o,ut, which tflm.e feems to be ffruc.k._at,and in great dllnger: 1 have with Crrefus S'on who hadnever Jpo~en before, till he Jaw his Father~ lift_ intha danger, brok.en tbatfilence, and brokpout from that privacywhich I could ·. - g!adlJ have enj"Je,d. Bl!t -ifRtligion be indanger, asclearly it is, I conclu'd~dtluzt ifDumbmen foould not .cry out, tiJe 'l!ery fiones wouldcryout againft them• . . Confcience is the . Book ofBooks, the dncien~q1 pieceofScripture in theWorld, the ftrfl TablesofGods ownhewing, and ·Hand-writing in ~he heart, for whefe~~~ a/1other Beqk.f ftnce, 1ea, the Scripture W41 .after purpofely written 111 Comment upo1Z it. . Unicuiq; fuus liber CQnfcientiCJ, & pr9pter hunc libellum, omnes alii libri inventi ··funt,' ifBernard fay tr11e. · _ Thi.r ·i~ thy Book_,which thoumuft,he well 'l.let{ed zn, or all thy other read1ng will be unprofit..~ble. To ,jbtdy other Books way p1a~ thee aScholler, but to flud; th~ mak,es thee tfChrifiian. , conI r

'f •. ·. • ':lr, ' To the 1\.eader. , Cowfoience is ~tlittle Mapor volume of Divinity,there is more ofGod to b'e feen hi · C6njtience than ih any otherpiece. Jt is tJJe r~reflpi tee that Godevermade. OJ d# C1-ea:tnres there i1.moreof·GodMbe feene inMan than in them all, in Manmofl iti the Soul, in the Soul mofl in theConfci;; . eact;. Thk fmelleth more of God (J.lith one) than the Heavuu,the sun; the Stt~rs~ eraf! theglori11us th#Hgs oftheEarth,Gdd; preciou:r .Stonei, RHhies, .of the fweeteft Herbs, R.ofes, . ~ 1 •confcfence is the Art ofArts, andSet- , · ence ofScieriee~,»'hich eijery one ofwhai;;. foever Degree, !!2!!_dlity, sci'ene.e is ofa!J– folute neceffity IJDund to be sbJUeda~td ex– erci(ed in, A Book it "' whichneiibef the Learnedwhen it is deliveredto him witb tfok charge,Read this Ipray, may re.;. fuje f!J. put llWilJ)aJhe~·Efa. 29.1 j' I 2. and f'aJ I cannot> for it isfealed,Jt isan open .Book : Or when tg the unlea.Ancd~ith the fame · Cht~rge, Read this n·ow;· .hentaj not foy, I cannot., for I amnot Book-learn.;. ed, It if an ea~~ Boo~, the Lay-mans Bool{, or Primmer: Multrefnnt Scientire hominum, fed nulla lJlelior ilia, qua ho– mo cognofcit feipfu1n; M.tny- Sciencei thereare,but none lik.: th~twherebJaman . _/tnowes himfolf. The

- . ' TheTreeofKnowi~dgehathoftenpro.: , ved to tbe fons of men the Treeof.Evill; thefruit tlumgh delightful to the/fje,and. pleajant to the taft~, ·often prcving bjtter Apples of contention ; God bathJHftlJ ' hedgedit in, andJet att_Angelt~ l{eep man , from ~tpproaching it. · BHt the Tree of Confcience is ever the Tree of Life, hk fruit n. meat, his leaves medicine, ttnd . · his 'VCrJ fbade tlmfortt. hle:. AndtrN/y if , 11 man ha'Ve but fo m~~cb Knowledge, as to– get ~tnd fteep ~ g.oodConfcifnce, t!Jough ke . canJtever att(11n ttJ thofe · Speculatt• onswhich theworldadmires, it -Henough. ., · I would have Jp11, J aith the Apofile to t/Je Ro\ 16 • 191 Romancs, as fimple to evil], as wife to . good. Andour Saviour. /~ t~ofe ofT~yatira~ JVhofe parts couldnl!t reach the botI.Oifle of thtfe .jlr'anccte and deep, ntJtioni .•bich they called B«9r, depth1; thoilgh depths ofSatan, co~tnting their doCtrines of licentioufneHe depths, And the old plain Jin(:erity 11nd confcientio~tfneffi but _. fballows and fimplicities,I willl2y upon . . you no other burthen.., but what you have already hold ·fafi till Icome~ Rev. 2 '!t The trut/5 if, Heave11 a_nd G/()ry are not for the le4rned Scr.ibe, and the scholler· /i~_e"Difputa~t., for Seraphiaal parts, and Serpentine ·,

I ., ' . Serpentine pates ; hut for the poor and Ji.mple~the Babes and children wpo attend/ .the lznowledgeofGo~andConft.ience.' and ~tre lgnoramufie~ 1n the Worlds scunce.r 4nd grand MJfteries. ·Ht:' that receiveth not the Kingdome of God as ·a little e:hild, ChaU not enter therein. . Thefe timc1 ofour.r hAve been toofruit;.. fol ind~fpute1 andcuntr·overje.r; in.. deal- ~ ingwithwhich a1 there i1 no end,fo. in the tndnoJatisf:llion at all, or .. benefit: . To which thtrefor(. tlut ofthewife 111an 11tllJ /Je applyed:Better is theEnd than ,the Be– ginning, thuugh Both are Vanity ; and hetter th ·n 1bembtJth k a total abHinence from ·them~andanharmleffenefcienceof them. But how b<Irren·are we,and unfruit• f~t!/ in the right knowledge of God, and faith in.Jefus chrifi, and that con(cietiti– oufndle wh1eh doth adorn the chrifiian•. Never wa1 there more Knowledge in th~ lVorld, andnever leffe ; · Never fo many Saints, never fo few; 'Never fo m'uch of' Co~fcience in t~e world, and never fo lit• . tle; Notionall Knowledge never more, SubHantiall andObedientia.ll never lelfe1 Titular Saint~ never fo many; their nu'tn· her a1 tbe fandof.tbe Se4, their natureas. the ftoner, or myre in the jireet.s..; .lteall · · , Saints

" To theReader. ,. . I . Sa~~tts . never jo few, their nature lis t~e Stars in: the Slje, _ ~~~~ -~heir numberlefl~ -than ofthemoft:preciou_s ~to1;1es :and Rit~ 'ier,ftwe~ tfoan t~e gat~~ ofJe~t;tfql~m,~r $ in Aarons B~efi~plate1; for each tribeon~; Never fo m~c~ofC,on: flience h~a~d,~e~e~f~ /ittle.oftt feen ;.E-. very ·m,an prop~und/ng d_oub_tf~l .~erie~ ~boutjt, hut ,onepla~n mafl. ~nafamily, ~r two in~ Tribe, .bufJ!'!g, ~bo~t ~h~.,e?C~r.cifo ofit~ .:..• But asA~~~~ ve_ry ex– ~ellentfJ Jtti&/ ofthe_Poor Gardtner, w~o . hJ~th tin·excelle.nt Fru1t.:..tree in hk_ordJ– j~rd~ 1whereofhe is theundoubted.Owner; he _g•t~-er:s 'a_"d e~ts ~he ~ruit). he_ taft~s the. ['n!eet~efle; ~his _ man; f~ith h~, ~at.h mu~h_ ,11Jore: ·beneftrl&, th~s 'free, t.hough he b~ tt ~ean. Scholler;~anneitherwritc or read; . ~or C4nj,e fell you ~he_ nA?iJe ofh'iJT~~·e iti f!ree~ _or;_Latine, n~r, dot.hb~~ k..!zo.w 'aitj . thing oft~c . A.ntiquJty of it, ~r t?e 9,rig1~ . l)al _·roote_1»h~nee ~~cam~; He ts n~fu_th ~rtift a,r to ta_/ze,th~ heig_h~ ofi,i, n_~r ~' ~ . .lmfie4 ~~ himfelfe to '{teafure .the co'!rPa!fo.. . a.nd.thic/tneffoofhisTree, t?J11Cb reJJe-1o tel~ . tfoeTw.igs t:tndnt~mber the'Apple-s tTn it5But 1 i ~e i.r fur,e_ he i~ t~e q'wner'ofit, tfndit is ali, hjs, t_tiith a~l 4ppurtenanceJ_: He lofl kss to. . th'e fencing; pruning, dre~ng; dun'gi~~ :· , ~. aof

I ! I I I \ ... . ofhis 'Tree,-andgatlleting'of:the frUit: He I fay, 'liath far'#torlgoiidby ~~is. 1:;r'le, · ~banh:e th'tit .cdn le-arnedly in any· lJ»gut~ge ' '4ifl1Jurfo ofit,andte1P}dAtthetPliyfic~1'fia– tureiJj'the fruit, .d~id-elin t~£f!l.f~efljou . his Age;Oefceiit,and ' to-an'Ineh~zve~,ou ··his Th~~kneife~ .~nd H..~!g~~~ ·~~d-le'll!,o~ . how many T·wtg~ ·ana Leav~·· ffoe'te ·are \upbn it, Jtnd hiJ~tHttfffJWtittqian"tippie., b,ufa/1 t'hi.(whil/'it iiilbne 'ofhi.r. · ~ , - so forely he ,' the 'htt:ppl·erf!!~n, who thp*gh fJefallf!Ji)'t:t~tn\vftttfer· (Jypart:s, · 1 et if be .~he ~iin ·.th~! lo'tJfi'i ·tfFhi-t·con(ci– . clue, and, 11tinds thllt. · • . · ~,~ :· · · . · · confi!ience i.r the 1urrime"oflh~~wnc1e ikatter, it iiihe.,.foturir Oei;and·Jhe':!fo– ~ · tum-Mominis too-~ ·Fitft it ,i.r th~\Totum · Dei, th~'wholechargetifQo'd,and:liiich1ef . 1\ge~h~~conftience_n~*tto theSon:;t ndSpi– rit;~nd.WordofOo'd, "i{t'nvefled'w£1~ the · greilt4Ji'A.utkori !J~a'!dbj-Divirl€!Jnfiitu– tion hi} He~d ts'litt~d above·allli1s Fel– ., .a'!d ·.hi.r- Tnrbneas J~boia.kiins · , i11 the ·day r;f 'hi.r. Enlargin1ent_above-t~O otber• TI~rones ande"t{rthly'] is Gods~greatefiOffiter anaVice~gtr-el)t, fei byh~m ~~- b~ ( ~s it :were ) thyAngell, .i'. t:epet,.l\lkmltt)r,Remetl},brancer;~ing, Prop~et,Witneife~Examiner,Jridge,Jea, . . . ' thJ

~ To-the Re~der. -lhJ lo~er Heaven~ submit to Confci:nce_; ' -it muft command thee: Be rule_dby ~t, ~t I ..will not w,rong th~e :, _Benotjhte t~f tt, 1t ,-Will.not ,b?tray or dtceive thee,. Againe; I faJ' B~wateof i~; p~ovoke it.not.(as :t·he .Lordfaid. ofhis A11gel) Obey hts VOice; J!r he wil1not fpare the:e.·Ifthott flight qr · ;jlie it, #is At tht Angelin thewayagainft 2Balaain, to ·refift thee.withafword in his -hand: . It .wilt be .an Adverfarie to thee, -'!nda!' J.aformer 1-gaihji th~e.;an Accufer; -Witnefie, Ju9gc;.Jaylor; Tormentor; a : W~rJne~'Rack, Dungeop to thee; yea, thj · upper Hell. · · · .. Secondly, Cotifcience iS totuin Homi.;. ,pis; . It.;is ~he werlcfsgr:eat Charge: Art thou 11 Minal:et.? 41! that_ tho~ ~ajl to doe, -it oiteiJ· to look. we.U to Confeience. Tota ·aftimarutn ·abfolvitur in {ola cudi ""'"'.. ~· '"· ''"'.· tiarum ?· :ttrt thou aChrifiian ? · , i$Jhyl!h~rge, t /i~ his I King. 20.39• .-J..ojj.~9bltto•this/fee'thy eye b'ene'!ler (}ifit: Lettt '!~t breakJoofeandm!l/ze ejeapefrom ~~:;· tbflifefhall'glJ.for it ifit do. ; ~ ~TQc'llll/tConfcien/e a9race is, too little; . r ~t,'t,:r, ~~·Hegai tbeKitigsChamb~rla~ne~the Eft• ~. ~~ ·K.eeper\ :()f all t~e R·oyal Virgins ( tbofe ~~J_!ghttrsofil3eauty). towhofe charge they ::were c.()mmitteds he ~ w.t.r , to Miniflcr to -· .~- a 2 ~ th~m '

, / . To the Reader. them .allJJecejfo.rye.s., he to f~~.rnifh them ']fitbVefhnenl'S, adOdours to purifie them. Co~tfcienc:e i;~ the Keerer of the Gr.aces,in whofoChti~m.ber thtJ IJ.,4ndfronJ PJ~hoje IJctn.d tktJ re«ive rPhatever is requ'i– Jite, tb11t they m_aJ_ be fit toappt4.T in the pr.efonce afthe Krng ofHeaven. , · · To call Conjciettce aDuty i.t Joo littk, it i.s theSumme.tnd.Epitomeofallduty; ' it is not ,aStar, b11t ll Confiell.ationofm4~ · nyfiar.r~ It i.rli~ .thevia lad:ea in the ,Heavt»s, all hej£t withjlarJ; ~~ islil{_e the l.e 4 21.. 2 1+ Gate~ J1.11d Streets ·of the new )cntfalem, the ortuall Pearls, the other all Gold. . '· : I~ a w.ord, what ever·thou tl_rt,andwhat wer i1 thJworh.._, Confcience mHft be thy ChA-rp_ eiW.d thJ 'J»or' k_. . Art tho1i aMer– chant l t!Jis is the Pearl thDumupTrade and lu-1 outfor. Art thou aMarriner.?con– fl·iuu:e is theShip !ho~muft_ foil in; a:nd except thou abide in thi's fhip ( as Paul faid.Jo hi,s Companions)thoucanfi: not be faved.. -' · · . . ' Art thouaSou1dier, "Garrifon soul– dieriConfcience i.t thy Fort toflJ t"6 0 tthich t~oumufl manfullJ defenda~dmaf<!gooJ. ' A, Field-Souldieri C~nfcience mufl_ be thj Word;~fthe enemycget thisfr8m thee;and thouonce fight againfl: Confcience, thou foalt

To the Reader. I ' Jhalt becertaint, roltteddnd nein_eel• Art th1111 a~usbandtnan_ ? tbu·thJfield . to tiU, andG~rden lodreffe. 1 ATradef– man i thir m1tft be thy Shop lo· ~~e i11, andattendnpow. A Chapman t 'thi.r thy . weight andmeafure to b11J andfell h)'. ~rt thou aScholler? Ctmfoience 111Hji be thJLibrary, atleaflthJVademecum. A Divine i this muft betbJTett,,er Do– ll:rine, 11t le1f thy Applicationm11ft beta Confoience.Art thQ1t,a Lawyer~C~njciente 1nufl be thy Principall Client, whofe- c~mfo ifthou wilt plead, tho11foalt b~ve double fees; but i1 thou beofCUHnfelagainft ~r, orby thy oppofition,fiJence,crafr,t!Jr neg– ligence~ foe becttftandoverthrowtie., th.()g Jbalt neper be .tb~e to ftapd in theJudge~ ment, but he difabledpl-e~tding before the Lord ChiefJuHice·at tiJa,t Upper Bench• . · Art thouaPhytitian? Confcimee tmtfl be thyPatient,whttm thr;umuft attendmofl; · be fure to lzeepe her out of aLethargy 1111d · aConfumption, to whichdifeafe.r:foe is naturally, moft inclined; if this Die und~r thy hand, andmifcarry,thouart ail undone man; dnd all thy s~i/1and prallifo ttothing worth, · 1 ' .If tbou be a Rich t]):Jn, ConfciencewiO fornijh thee with -B~ggs which wax not a3 . oiA . '

I . I . I, \ \ I ' ( I , To theR.eader•· .old, of Tr~~fure that willnot 71Jafte. If Ppo~,it f¥!iUf1frnifo thee with aCru[e and Barrel that will notftil.Ifthou haji ag£!~d Cpnfcience,it will·beaflajf tofoppori thee~·. Ifan.·eml , it will-turn itt to a Serpent to. Jiivg thee. Ifthouart 4n Ifraelite,it is the ·fted Sea, fear not to go into it, it will fe– rure th~e; ifanEgyptian, tbo~t art drowpediftho~_t go into it. · If thou b~ a w~man confoience is thy Glafie into w_hii:h thou mufi look!.., ·and by \ ,;vhich thou muft dref(e thy[elf, faith Ber– nard, that t~ou mayeft.pleaflchriji th; spouje-. ' · Ifa l\1aid,tbi.r thy attir~. IfaBride; fhis thyOrnament. If a Mother, thi~ thJ Child, which thoumujinurfe thy felf(not p~t out ofdoorr as Mof~s Mpthe~; didhi~ for anydanger or l;enefit. ) lfaAe heedof frarving a11doverlaying thy Confcience~ ';('houm1!jib( as tend_erof tk?.r_ a,s oft,hJ o~ly Child,for it more concerns the~~ -. · , Who(oe11er tbo~t art, I ha~e two things more to beg, the one for thee~ that what i,{ here all alot~g of Cori.fcience, . may be ..a!fofpoJ~IJ ~o thy Con~ ' fcience!) a17d tend to t~e clarifyjngand fortifyi~g:~· to the p~:trify~ng, pacifying, ~1J;d pref~~~ing oft~) C:~~[fi~~ee:J llf!d ~he ·- · ) ~ otrJer ( , ... /

' -- To the Reader. other from thee~ that thcH wilt"joJ~te in thJ prayers & endeavour~,tbttt the Lor~s banifhed may be bro~ght h~me; that banijht Confcieitcemal be reftore~ tobisli..' berty, and that depofeQConfctence iJ1ay .b~ Re-in, throneq.itz hjs full p_ower, a~d antborijj_ co~mandjng ip t~~ heart and lives ofall profe'JJor s and Cbriftians, that while ConjCience reigl)es,the ' .peac.e of.Go" whic~paffitb all O~f,d,erftdnding.maJ.· Cpd.Cs_u;;v beare'rule_in OUt hearts , . ' , and minds., So IreQitt thee to tpe Con... · fcience ofGod,and commit thee ·tll thefltJ'IelJnGod·ofConfcienc~, that thoumai.ft live '1'& ~0 ·- full ofConfcience,fodyefull ofcomforts I Pe.2.1 9 andrife fullofglory4So pra1es h_e,whe i .r · ·' Tf.e mean_eftferv!lnt DfthJ~aith . an4 Confcience'" J .. s.. · / ' " The · . ... . ) I • '

' ' • I THE C 0 N T E.N T S. T. He fQm. and fcope of the 'Epiftle to 1itt_Jothy--· is the r.\inif\:ers duty. ·. page ~ ~ The fum of the Text, the Minifters greateft . charge.. · .' · · · ; p. 2r -- u. 1hewGrds opened, ob(ervations r.aifed. P· 3, 4, ~c. · ~rropounded. p. 1 r. )'he maine point of Dotlrine Exp(,unded. p. t 2. · ' · · Confirmed. p. 13,14 CH A p. I. . , What Confdenceis,'fhewed twowaye~. p. IS. 1·. By opening the word Confcience. p. 15. Confdence is more then a bare and fingle knowledge. ' ' ib id~ ~with God. p: 't6. tonfcience implyes a wirlt felf. ·· p. 17· four-fold lmowledg'e· with others. · p. ti. · · · · · with things themfdves. p. 2 o. .. Foor Corollaries and Deduaions. p.22¥ 2. What the thingConf~ience is defcri~ed. p~ 24. CHAP. II. 1wo kinds of} Bvilr. Confcience .Good. A ~wo· ~old evill Co~~ci-: l ~ier:. · . . -ence 1 ' 1 ' ~Troubled. A double goodne(s iltCortfci- l Sincerity. · ence, of (Security. p. 26. J'he full definition of~ good Co~fcience, vi{· when •· ~ Ir (

'J'he .eontenlt. Ii:'is rightly -Purified. ~· ~i~btly '-.acUied. -~·Andd?t!t ·. egularJy all_lu~. offi~s • · ... zh'lll When Confctcnce IS nghtly punfied · p. 27.• Three tbings Confci~nc~~Ignorancc~ P· 27 • muft bcpurific:d from Error. ' P: 21 • .. . Hardnc:ife. P· Jl. Three things Cori~ } .TheWord.} • f~ience is purifiTheBl?~d. ofC\lrdl. P• 33~ . The~pmt. ,- CHAP. I l I. • t ,: t · OftheConfcience righrlypacified. ·Three raings Con(ci..1Theraigne 0ffin. ·en'ce muft bt: pafifi- The Jage of1 Sat~n. ed from. The wrath ofGt>d. ' - p. 37~· . p. 37• p. 39· P·1f· Th ' • · • '""}The Word. • re~ thm~sConfc:tence The Elot">d. 1.s pac;:tfied by. Thcfpirhof'Chrift:. P· 4.2. P· 43· P··4- ,. CHAP. IV. T~eOffices ~fCo~fcien~e~ . p. 4Sf · , · ~Minifteriall, or Propheticall.~ Confcience hath Regallor rdagiftratuall. · afour-foldOffice Teftimoniall, or of~witn'cfs. p.46~ · · ..;; }'udiciall, or ofaJudge. To which is ~dded. a fift~ ,Office, vi~-· Regifrerialf, wherein Confc~ence ~sa M!mfter. . p. 46. whereia Confc!encc _JS a~mg. P• 48. wherein Confctence IS aWltneffe. P· 49· . wherein Confcience is a Judge: p. s t.' Wherein 'Confcience is aRe~:iftcr~ p. S2• ·_ Five Corollarycs. P• S4· C~AP. V. (p. 6o. Ten parti£tllar forts of good Confcien~e propewdcd. Firi\ of the ConfciencC: of'Faith · · · · · ihid ' '· ' .. <;HAP~ I !,-- ·

' . / I '!J i ' ,. - ! CfliA·P-.; V·~· Olthe.Confcience.of.Pority ' ' ~ , r . . . •••r '," C,Jl A\?. VII~ Oitbe-confcience. o(SiJ1Gerjty~ Tef! np"tes ofSincef]ey) . : ·. ; · , CH(4 •P,. -Vllri. P.· 66. ,· t ' . P· 7~· ' p~ 7S· OftrhelJnotfenfiveCoqfcience. · · p. 9~ lnotfenfiveneffe two- } · Not takin~}Offi · . fold. · Not givin& . ence. p. ,3. 1:. ~npffe~five~ers in not} .. Go~ g!vmgofience, . r.ef~efts.: .. ·or . ·either · , · Maq,. · ibid. ~ . r <. ·. • • ... ,.. W~r.ts it toJm. ino;t{oofhle -~p,fore God. ·' p. 9~, How i»y can be f;ijd fo to Qe inoffenfive. ibid. Four(. marke$ ofthis, inoft~l}fiye_n~tfe. p, 9f. • ' . • I. '\, ' ..-.· ·. ~ . '{ 'yodly p. 97· · Offence not ro be . Others or given tomen. ·• •Tnofewirhoui~ 'P~ I oS· Ou~felves. - P· 107. Sixcaut:ions ghren.te pr.ev~ll} o~ence giving. t p. 98. 'Six rul~s prefcribc:dt~ a,.void otfence giving. p. 10.2 . · ~·~~ tp~fihJJfiv~n.e1fe in CGod. P· H>9. not taking, of{egce~ !qeGodly. ' P· I 10• .fi:Qm . , \.,.lh~ wicke~. p. 1 1 1. CHAP. IX. eftlie well fighted Confcience. ' . CHAB. X· Of the wc:ll fpoken Confdence. p. 1 1 s.· I· Pet. j. 21· Opened. The anfwer or inttrr-«>ga_(im~ cl , ag<>oJi ~onfcience. , p. _liS· II6• , CH~P. XI. _Ofthehoneft dealing GQnfdtnce. . ' .. · I '\ V· t2o~ · Seven

'(heContents~ Sevennotes ofan liQI_let\ Confci~ncc, · p: l 24' C H A1P.. ~ lit ~ · ofrhe rtffider €orlfciente. V· · ~~,.. Ad6rlble rendernefs} ' ' SinfuH a~d-d~t~fe'd. p~' Ij z, ofConfcien'ce. . La~full an1 Sound: · Fivl! kinds of difeafedand faulty rendernefs. P: I j z.t ~l. RigHt tenderndfe refpetts. ·r. God. 2· Others. 3· Our_ felves. P· 140. :r. 'Fendetne1fe in refpee¥ofGod, feen· in·fix diings-. p. 141· z. In refpe8: of. Men~ 1. To all Godly in g_eneraJl., 2. Weaker ones among them efpecially.~To all menwhat· · foever. 4· To thofe who are related to us. (prh,cipally.. · - p. tSI· &seq.u. 3~ In refpe8: ofour felves, this tenderneffe feen in t4~ Notes. ,· p. IS7· &&qll•. , CHAP. XIII. Qf the paffive, or futfering Confcience~ p. 1~r~, . Foure forts of finfull & uncomforrable fufferings.p.187.. ~ix markes ofhonourable and confcientious fuftering. P· I·Bg. CHAP. XIV. ' ' Of the Con.fcienceofCharicy· ·p. t94· 'eh . t . -fofd{Externall or civill p. t9S· amy wo Ecclefiaftkallor chriftian. I· ·Externall c amy reTh N . hb · h . ,. }ThePoore. f lteth . . e e1g our. pe Our Enemy. To the poor is tobefhewed cl1arityofbeneficence.p.•l9~ To th~ Neighbour, acharity of benevolence. p. 19,9· To an Enemy, the charity of forgivenef~. p. 2oo. z• Ec"Iefiafticall or Chriftiancharity the mQre excel· lent. p. 2GI. ~n what it is to be !hewed. · p. 202. th~great and dolefallwan~ofit in·thefe times.p.2.o6. , . . . . . . . . CHJtP. I

The Contentr. CHAP. XV. ! '· The reafons of tbe point. . · p. 21 2.. - Three'&enerall head5of re.afons, wht~cof the firft is ta.~ ken from thee'¥-c~llency, ofgOQCI Confcten~e, and fhew– ~d in five particufar~. , , . P· ,2 I 3-o ·<PI AP. XVJ.•. The fecond reafon from the .danger and,mifchief of an t!vill Confcience. ~ . p. 225. ~ This fet out infourePartkulars,., P· 22S·2!.6. . CHAP. XVII. The third reafon from the difficulty ofgettingand kee– ping a good Con(cienc~, and efc:;:aping<P.l cvill. p. 232., . ~his made plaine in three particulars. p. 233 € HAp. X'vI i- I. The applicati'on of the Do_lh~ne. p. 2~7 A (even-fold applicatiqn propounded ihit/. Firft by. wayo(inforrnation ihid. This·inform'arion lookerh twowaies. I · Todifcover c:r– Jors. 2 •. To affert Duties andTruths. I · E.rror difcovered, that to pr~ch Confcienceand prdfeduty;. is legalIpreaching. . p. 2 38 .23~ · 240. · 2 •. Confcience is afnare, not fecurity. p. 243· Third miltake, oHud1who judge thier confciencegood when it is yet but a naturall confcic:nce. p. 244· Naturall c~nfcience may~~ve fome good in it, yet ~annot k>e eaU d agoodconfctence. p. /24~. What goo.:t may be in natutall confci.ence, fhewed in I. parriculars. P• ~44· 24S· What is wanting in naturaU conference; te make it tru– ly good, !hewed in four particulars. p-. 246. 247. ·fourth miftake. To judge confcience therefore good, hecaure qUf(t. I f' 24' • Foure,quiet confciences, & never anoneofthemgo'od. r . P· 248• ~. Th~ )gn.orant man_i conrcience. p. ~48. ~ 2T~

The Contents. I I . . . 2.1'beunawakened ·corifciencc~ ·P· 24.9.2so. ~2SI .. 3 . The dc:fudedconfcicnce~ P· 2 s 2. is~· 2 s4:. 4· lhehardened confcience. . . . • . J>· 2 ss. , Afix·fo1dbardridfe'of~or confc•encc. . p. 2%:.. J, Naturall harqncife. . .P· 2,·s·s. '-;S6,.. 2· voluntary and attralted· F· 2J 6~Elcvenfteps eohell difcovered. · P· 256 2.S7· 3· Judiciall hardeningby.Impoftors andSeducer;-:p.259 4· Minifteriall hardeningbyMinifters and~rdmances.. p. ~5.9· 2.6b.. ,.Divine hardeningbyGod himfelfe. , ibid. · ' 6. Satanicall by theprevailing.efficacyofSatan. p. 26t• 5th, Mifta:ke offuchwh9 judgeconfcience, therefore~ good, becaufe troubled. ' . . p. 263.. Three notes ofan iJl rrol'lbled confcierice: - p. 2 64.. . Six notes ofagood troublcd·confciente. p. 27·' A {luhMiftake,to judge erroneous confcience, .a g.ood .coofcience. . -p. 21J• Seven common and ordinary notes of an erroneous . confcience. : - ' . p. 274• A fcvcnth miftake, ro judge fcrupnlous Confcience, ..a good 'Confcience. · . ·p. 2724 The eighth mifiake to judge theconfcienceof, and for liberty,~ gQod coJ!fcit."ncc:.. . · p. 2.2o. Sinfultliberty of confcience branded, anddccy~hered. I 1 , . ,p, 28 f. Right liberty ofconfciCilce.affe:rred~ . p. 282. · Set out in fiv~ particulars.;. · 'p. 2St CHAP. XIX. The ot~cr p~t of th~ ufe of informarion to afler.t Trutb5 ha . . P· t. T t good confcience is the Cbriftians greareft charge. ibid? ~· .To looke after confc)ence in fclfe andothers, tbe , mtmfters.greatcft cb;t:ge.. ' . ·· p. 286. ,, 3. Confc!ence decay!ng ts thedecay ofState. . P· 290· 4· Confctenced~caymg, tracedc:caycs. p: 292•. S• Toiler~ / •,

I I ·'Th'e-CtJhtentt. ·5. Tollenicionnot to be granted to all ,forrs · of confci· . ~n€es. . . ' ' r ' " I P· 2.9,3 · '6. ~hence the ~.orld with corri]pr .Do"~ ftpnes,and Blafphemous errori. , _p.249• 7,. Whence many havcJojt for.mer .}?~ce <!-11d cqmfo(t. . . ibid. ' -. 8~,.4y,eTragiQJ)y ,aqd.difpa'trim~Iy~ . '• ' . . ' p. ,29'6• .g. Whence men come te commit the fin againtl: the Holy Ghoft. . . ::, .· ; . . - ;P·2.98 • . . CtlAP. :xx. . .... The ufe ofbamertta.tion > :P· ~9~· Jo·he generall want of~onfc~ence i<\m~n,t~<{.'"· .. _ ,ibid. )"he g~nerallloife ofconfq-~nc~,{Ilp.fe M.rn~Qtqd,t1 1?~, 3°3~ · ' ·-CH kP. 1{XI. · · . ; ~ ·The ufeofrepreofe. -·· · · 1 F:P·3 G9~ Wantofconfcic.nce'reprov eCI, , ··ibid• Want ofCORfcience i:he greateft want:- "~. · ~·. · . 'J:k 3l 3• ·Lo1fe·6fcon_fcience reproved. . . . · :::p; 3i 4· 1 Lotfe of colif-cienccihe greatefHofs. · ; · ·::• . ~V~ 3i S• . .. ~ ...... ·. ~ .•·· · · ; · · C~H-~ ·P. . XXII. ' ~ rb' · · · •The :uft; q£cerrpr_to foure fo,rt(p~,l1l~n~ ·. · :·. ·: ';·l P,·J.I:?'• t : Such-as' are regardleffe ofconfctence. 1 ' ·' ' "·1btd 2~ Stic.~ as have ttn a_cc~fi~g &~ gnawing-~<.>~Xc,i~p~e;.~ ~~ ~ · 3~. Suth as have aftuptftechi.n'd fearect(:onfctence. P·3~o -4~ Suthas are falling into the'confi.imptiOI1't.ifconfcience c 'Hip; ixxrrr. P·321 · ~'the comfort and: happi~fs..'offudl, ''Whofl:-. c~u·e ·is r'o ) . -genmd keepe a g,ood confc!ence. . p. 323. · . . -.... -, . ~ '( .... ··: .·: cHAP. . XXIV. ~ .'_ .......,b ,_·t~he.ufe .of.examinario~i:·:= ·: · · ·· '\ ~ "' P·3~7· .. c il4-P.:xxv.. ,:. )~; :;-·_ :· . ·:thc£\lfcofexhortatlon./.··. ' ·· -- · p ' _;; t.i13• · .~ l J ; By;. I ; -

·· t:Bywa};'oH::>ehortati?nJ 1hid:}· AUCQriftiam:£.~~3j4• ··1.' Byway of Adhorrano? to Miniftc:rs,~\~eJ;iy• .. , Thi~ ~xhprtati~nSMoti·~e$··l~P!!rfw~dt."ng: . · ,.p;:3'~·~~ backed wirh . 'l."Meanes.Sdm:lbng. . ·· p•.349· ~ • j .. : ' ' ~· r - :M9'rives to perfwadeloure. . . •·-F·'34S·,·&:c. •Mean(s dir~lting,t'Wo~Pr1nc1pal. t }. : , ·. ' .·. ·;· :· . ·fbtd : S Subfervient. ' _,~·- 1'~49· . · Princi\'\all meal'la}The blood} . ~-C~.l.•ft : ·· ·' .~ 1 j ; . ' r · th ''r. · . 1 o,~ ru1 · ·pj.}o. 'two . ~' e.~.pmt.. . '· .• r • ; · : S~b fervient meanes 13. ~he~eof .. 6, · be had and done. 7. what is to be avoided. P· 352o· I. Meanes to cet and keepegoodconfcience,f.tirh. 35')· Thrce·fold fan.h ne· .Orthodox for the judgem(:nt.3 s; . · ~Juftifying for the bearr. P· 3>4~ ~~~tf~rt f~r agoo? R<!rticular ~arraming f~ith _forpur ~cnfl'I~ilce. particular actions. p. 3S6. ii.MeanesTo cxercifeand renew repentance. p. 3~7· Repentance aGofp~ll duty. ' ibid 3d'. meanfS, To attend theHints and Items given by €hrift a1<1d hisSpirir. p. 36o. 14· To attend and obferve the hints and motions ofour • • t. 6wn Spirit, p. 36r. S· To confer ourconfcience with 'ScriptUre. p. 36s. 6~ The l~meanesto be ufed, Prayer. p. 366. / . 2. Theevills~obeavoidedarefeven. ,p.•,, 0 ., I· Beware of the fmalleft tinne allowed. ibid. . 2. Of one tlnful A8: deliberately committed. p.37~ -~·Bewareoflivi~g-under a lo.ofe) ,cold,fre~ingminifie• ry, or an unfound miniftery. p. 37 S· 4· Ta~eheed ofan ill companion. . p. 3~h. s. In things doubrfull fo 1 beare to Ad', or chufe rhe fafer part. p. 3Ba. 6. Shun worldly mindednefs. p. ~83~ , ?•Bewareof crron~ufuc:fs of confcriencc. p. ~ ~ s ::. The \ /

( I. 2. Theother'Parc of the e~hortadon conc~rnhh mi.nifter~cfpecially. - . , . ,P· 387. Minifters have a double charge gi ·} tr ~ rerfonalf. vcn them, concerning confcience. 2. Dolhiruilt .His perfonall c6arge is., that he beaman Exemplary, .a. rllan ofconfcience. . . I ' ihid ·Here I· A particular encouragement to younger Tt.•- mpthJ'-~· . . . _ , p. i89~ 2~ An Ir.em to Hymt~4-U.t.. . .. . - p. 39QHis DoB:rinall charge is, th;tr he bee aman for Cpnfci· crice, inall hisminiftery applying himfelfe to the con; fcicnce of his hearers. · . p~ 3.96~ •' ( , ..... . ., - ' . h.. J ' .. • 'I . . J 1 -:· .. ~ it • .. - . t ' \ I . .. ' .a ...... I • ) ) ,, ( ,. f ' f I I . ' .. ' , I f'' A ...... '. l ., j ' • • I • l .. ~ ~ • • l • . . ' t 1 ~ I li" i 0 .... ... , .. , .... t • ' ~ ,.._l :.~ ( ' . ' ' ' . I

~ ~~~--------~--------~----------~ to the Chriftidn Redder., • ,.. · · S God bath given his poly word .. . . ?!?-tO man, for t~e- fervice of ~is Ram. r5 :4· 'lmmortall foul, 1n regard of 1~s 2 Tim.3 ; ' - manifo1d concernments; fo hath t6: hisMajefly fet up. Confoienc~ in mans.bofome; Rom. 2 .r s; to make p~tfonall application and improve.:. con(ciemia n)erit therfof, for his fpirituall advantag~, ef! ~ ~pp_li_c4.: either by checking; o'r by incouraging h1s ,_to ~otltt£ . .r: . fi .· · 719/lr~t,. dd co.ur.~.e, a$ ~c~~ ~on _may re;qUire. . . _· . • : aEium par• . Agood Canfctence u a,contmua}l Feaft. At thts ticularem~· heavenly banquet, the gloriotis,Angells are Aquin·•. the ferv~torsJ and thedainties fed upon, are; . 'Iha.t pea<;e ofGod whicb ,pajfith allu11derjl andi11~,. . and thofo joyuof the Ho~y Ghofl, wbicb are mofl , unfpetJ~ .tble andfilll(}j'glsry.: · · . . _ ;:, · ,. The tru~h. here<_>f? G?ds fuffering fer~ants Aif. 16 .2'4 have expene~ced 10 pnfons, under chames, 2 S· when indai~y expectationof Martyrdome; 2 Cot. i.'~.. yeawhen burning in m.ercilefs flames; as Ec~ . 12 ·• c;lefiafticall Hi'fiories, doe. credibly I-eport! ·13.ut there is no tea:ft (faith Latimet) wher~ weeping is ferved in, as the firfl: ·courfe ; aqd gnafhingofteeth, as the fecond. A nr'ounded jpiritwJJ(Jcan beare? And this wound, ' n1ay l'~oV. l~; be the bl.Irthfnof_every unregenerate perfon, 14. .· . every mome-nt : fa,r, . fin. lieJ at the, Gen. 4 7• 1 ready

Y'o the Re4der. ~ · ~a,dy to ·take the guilty Malefactor by the throat; and tQdrag him unto the bar ofDi.. __. vine }uftice, filling his awakened Confcience (in his pa~e thither) with ,the dreadfull t-emembrance ofhis manifold agravated offences, and with the fear iUl expe8:atiqnof that fiery indignatioo, which £ball feedupon all Go~s a~verkt r~es unt'? etem~ty. . Alas,1 How fJtd (beyond expreff10n) w.tll thecon– dition cf every impenitent unpardoned fin. nerbe, whenthemofthigh God, the Judge Qfall the world, lhall fend out Confcience as hi$ officer to arrefr him) and iliall tall in Con– fcience ( whkh hath beenas a prying fecrrta- :J?ro.2o.?.7 ry in his bofome ever, .fine~ he wasbDm) to. s]0b.r2~ a<;cufeltim, afld lhaH commandCo,foience ~ an txccutioner to torment him l Oh the wrackingsand tlrappadoes fuffered night and ·day, by this poor f.elf-cond~mnedcreature ! Who-c,o,m to the fi11l iliew forth the extreame ~aines of the cm:eH gnawings of this'ever– living wornte ? Here I might .mention the groanes, theout-cries of cruell CaU. , trea. d'iet~us Juri~ , ·and· ba.c.kfiidfug defpaifiHg . Spira, but I forhat·e. KNOwing tht terrour of it:'or. S· .tr the Lord, we per[w.tde men (faith the Apoftle:) tltcfe things therforel point at in mypr.eface, that I might prevaile.with thee ( Chriftian · Reader) to in~y,rove.for thy fpiri~u~ll profit, · and that fpeed1 y, this ufefull Treaufe. , , !.know, th'at,moft men through fenfuali- . ty, are in adeep fleep, in the midft , · . ofadangerous devouring Sea, and theyha-- . " 1 f tm·4• 2 ' ving th-eir ConfciemcJ Je~rtd with an hot Iron, are · · altoge-

To the Rettder. altogether fencelcifc.: ~nd rcgardleffe ofthis . .' . their approaching nllfety. ~he drcu~kard ~idmife. afleep uport the topofaMaft, IS no whtt the.,,"*" mi[': d be fc h fO nmJ mf• fafer, but in the greater anger, c~u e c (iramt k~ fleeps there. Howu!lexpetl:edly was Beljba~:.- ip[Mt& -~ · filled with amazmg torments, when he Aoguft. with his Pl'inc~s was caroufing wine, in fil• Dan.. J.> ver and golden veffels? The Lord by fuch ' · like examples, convince thehearts of fecure finners, that the gt.umblings, yea the flum– berings oftheir fleepy Confciencu, w.ill endin hideous howlings &affrighting fc.dcbcings, <Xcept they feafon.ably feeke padfica'tion and I. peace ..with God, through the . bloud ,of fp'rinkling: Be not, 0 be not in this ~afe)ike• unto thofe foolHh debtors, who bearing of an intended arreft, do ·onelybribe the Ser- ' I >!,; - geant, I continuing- careleffe to compound · with the Creditor. Know it, and believe it for thygood, that thy worke lits withGod, that thy eonfcimce may be peactable and -comfortable, whofe good hand Qf_provi- ' dence, hath provided this Tre•tife for thy ufeandbenefit : The Bookwill fpeak mbre · for itfelfe arid the.Reverend Audior, then I _ 'can, fur eitbcr. Hi$ labour doubtleffe was great in compofing it,,and thyp:t>fit certainly will not l?e little, if thoudod~ ferioutly, applyingly and praylngly peruft: it. The . 'common placeofCon{citnct, both in theDo– l:hiuall and l'raCl:icall part th~rcof is here largely and folidly handled, · many other profitable points are occafionally touched ·upon for thyedification : 1}.11 forts are juai- ~ :a cloufiy ., '• .. . j

-fo. the-Rea~cr. --~~------------- ---------~~~~ -~a cioui]ywarned, to keepCon{c.ience. void o/oj- ;\' ~ ~ ~4,·~6' fence; both towardJ God 11nd man: And quick Items of this kind were never more neccffary , fhen now ip thefc f\pofraiizing times, where- ~·· In ma'rty, either from c.ovetoufneffe, cowan:l– lineife,or corrupt loofe principles, do £hame– fUlly' make, fhipwrack of a goodConfcience. That which the fro ntifpiece cloth promife, the following difcourfe cloth ' faithfully ·per– forme, .which i5managed throughoqt, with Scripture evidence, that thy heart, may be ·kindly awed, and .fully conquered by Di– vine authority. The Almighty blefie tha~ fa– voury and feafonable cou.nfell which is here~ in given~ to the everlafiing profit of many fouls , ~hrough his abpnd<{nt grace in t~~ Lord our Saviovr.. · · · '- . I·' ' lam 4/ay 2~. ~~5?· J . ' . .. ' Thine. in the forvicc. · ~~ Cbrift , tho11gh ' very unworthy~ sI ME 0 N A$ HE~ ·- j , " I -. ' '· .._:, '. • T() ' . .. • "' I t#

.. ·. . .. ~·. : ' T9·. all ·Profeffors tha~ lov~ , tpe Lord Jefus Chrifi: ferioufly, aod infincerity• • He great honour which th~ glorious Gofpell ·puts upon CbriG:ians above other men, • confifl:s not in externall en- ; . Jargements~ But partly in the reall dif-– criminatinggraces of Gods fervants in their effelfuall call , whereby God fe– parates his to be apeculi2r people t~ himfelfe: part~y in fpirituall ptiviledges ·- whereby theyare jufiified, receive the · adoptionofChiJdren, and fealedby the holySpirit of promiCe, which is the ear– nelfi oftheir inheritaace, tmtill ,the re– demption ~f the purchafed poffeflion ~(j the praife of his glory ; whereby thl!yc~me to fee their names writ in the Lambs bookeoflife. Arid to know af– furedly, ,that all occurrences that Wall themon earth, work toge~b~rfor their good, ~~d fall o~t rath~r for thefurther~ · ·' · - · · · ance )

I', I I .I To the Retdtl'. .. , ance of the Gofpell; and partly it ro~ftfisin t.heir fingular viftble eminent f{uus of rtghteoufnefs, , _whereby they '· . ,adorne the Gofpell~. and ~come aglory :;:~:~1;4 t~their profdlion'in felfe~denyall, ~on.. tt1virmu. tempt of theworld, tendernefs to the €YI'Jl· foule! ofothers, not in fpeakinggreat . fwelling wordsofvanity; but in fhewing forth the life ofJefos in their mortall bo– .dies• .The art of chrifiianity· being to teach thepepPleoftheLor.d, not onely how tobebleffed tbem(elves, but how tobe bleffings unto tbat both ~hegrace of God may work ~ffell:ually within them,&: theglory ofGodmayvi• fibly be ((;en upen them, th~lt profefi!.Jrs .maybe an ete,naH excellency,the joyof manygeneratio~s, that theymay bee a Crownofglory -ln thehandoftheLord, and :t royal ,diadem in the handoftheir God; that all which fee them, may ac– knowledge them to bee the feed ofthe Lord, the bnnch of his planting, the work of his hands, tha·t in them God ' maybeglorified:fticbprofcifors in their generations,were the.fqules ofthofe juft one~ nowmade perfetf.. , . . . ·; But hav_~ we not caufe tocompl~ine, .th!}t p'rofeifors of late (thoughmore nu- / rner-

'7'6 the1tt4tler. . . c:=:::::= I - _____.c.. •. merous)are6ero.m~ adeg.e~erate.Plant, , bath not God fiatned bot.h the prtde ()f all flefh, and alfo made thin the.glory of our 1~/J. Hath not the Dragon .pre~ vailed to fweep away the third pa·~ ·of ' the frars of heaven. Doen~t profelfors . ' dallyfall manyinto damnable Doltrines; andabominableprall:ifes, whereby the Doltrine.ofJefus Chrifi~ and theway-of _ truth is evill fpoken of. And thofe pr&- . ' feffors that hethettoh~vekept the faith• and .not defiled theirgarments, inrwhofe· · ·'lips' fbQuld ever be die law of kindnefs; .are not we mad(! asbottles ofwine,r.eady to break and to be broken in pieces-one upon another. Doth not Godthreaten~ tocut afunder lth~Statfofbeautyand of bands,andutterly to make voidthe~wenant~ betwixt thehoufe of Iudah and .of lfra~l. ·Dotb ltot Satan w·~ hath ~ver great w·rat'h, dailyget ·gr~t ~dvant~ge by ()Ur divifi?ns•. Itbeing theexpel'!enced obfervatlOJlof that Rreat Hifto- . . . l'tan)In a trouble<}ftate,th~ Church {hall~1.~~~~ never want troubles,. , I. Pr£,.. 1 Surelyther~ is no fbength below the ar!De ~ofomnipotency.,thatcan~reus o_f thtswouncl)butaodwho is mightyto(ave t4em that fiand:ais alfo able to recoveJ' ' them '/

,, I -~ To~Reader; - ...--"7 them· that are tallen, to open our graves, to make the houfe ofEphraim&ofrudah ':.-- to grow.into one fikk : It is his p~omife togiyc one heart& one way;oneJtpand one fuoulder:, that Ephraimfuall not en– vy Ilirlah;. and Iudah fhall no more vex Ephraim. Didwe all fiirrtt up our felves ' hncerely tofo}lo~ the Lord in the way bath prefcribed, we ihould fuddenly fee a fulfilling of all goocl our God hath , promi[ed. ·/ · , _ . Now is there any way m·ore evident, then for every profeffor to fiudy, looke · ' into_,&cotnmune with his own heart,for all tribes apart tocry ot~t, ab,- what have I done !to get anillightnedConfcience,a· ~ove al keeping to keep the heart.Thefe are old precious truths, which lead u~ to - COinmuniott with the Andent ofdayes• . To thc:fe ends, I conceive'dri:; Tr~a;tife very helpfuiJ,wherein the induftrio_us Auth~r bath declaredwhatConfcience is inicsnatli~e,offices, properties :How~omfm:table wheri its good_, how fdrwidable whep its bad; withmany ufe– full rri~anes to procllrethis heavenly frame of Spirit where it is wantiog,and to prevent a:po.,; ibdie where grace is obtained. That tke , Lordmay teach thy' foulip reading, is the in-. tent ofche Author, and the ea,rne~ f>rayer of his p::>ar fervanr,lefs then the leaHof mercie~. ' l11·1J· 3'· 165o. Jer~my Whitak_r.

A Good Confcie11ce TH·E Stro11o-e'ft Hold. b .z Tim·. I . .1 9· . I Holding faith, and a good Confcience:; whichfomehaving put away concerning · Faith have made ship-wracl{~. ~;m~~1-lefe two Epifrles tO' 7'imethy, anc.J that toTitui, may well be cal... led theMinill:ers Direllory;ll:lade upof CanonJ cl_early ai1d un.. dubitatdyApofiolicall, DireB:- ,, . ing the Minifrer hew to Go- , · 7Jern himfelfe andhow to Guide l:1is People. The Minifters charge is looked upon by all as the .greateft ; and the ApofHe ,. who bell: knewwhat it was doth not fpare to lay it: . ' ' home to him, arid to give it him 'to thefulL. EachMinifter hath a double charge. The one·adixtra, concerning other.r. The other ad intriil, which co~cernes bimfe.Jje. Both-are x1lm; 4 . r6• funm1edup in thole fewwords. ITim. 4·16. B 'Ia~ ' .

.' : Thegood Confcience:; thejirongcfi Hold. --- ·~- ' I ,' Take heed to thy fe.lfe a11d to thy DoClrine. And youmay fee the Apofrle through t~is · Epifile doth frequently inculcate both, and doth ftraigbtly ch'}rge both upon .his C'on– fcience, As for that part ofhi3 charge ad ex· tra youmay fee itprdfed upon him. Chap. 1e _ver·3·4· Chap.6.13 .. 17, 20. Stri[f charges all,and fo in the fecond Epiftle Pa.ffim. Whereby it appeares that the Minifter, befides thoie things concerning himfelfe, frands charged with the care 9f the n'hr;le Churches bufii1effe, for what concernes bothPer[o1:z.r, and Dotirines, and Truths and Errors,andOpinions;andPra[/icu. Then for that other part. That ad intra_, for what eoncernes himfelfe, and his owne Perfonall Demeanour. He hath his Directi– ons. Chapter,4. 12, Bethouanexampleofthe Beleevers in word, and in Converfation, in Cha– rity, in Spirit, in Faith andPurity. And Chap. 6· I I' I 2. But thou, 0 manofGndflytbeJe tbingJ', andfoJlow after Righteoufoe Jfe, Godtin.e f[e,. Fdith, Lmx, Parience, Metd\ene.ffe. Fight the Good l[ight ofFaith, &c. . TheT {Xt is part ofaCharge, as you fee, V• I 8. Yea it is acompendiouJ fumme Qfhis. whole double dwrgeTam ad 'intraqtMm ad extra, Both as to hi'm(e!jeand to his D 1 Brim. • Vede ~18. !). firaight charge is laid upon Timvtl~y, This charf!,e I commit to thee, th<'zt thou - war a gnod warfare.] the .Miniiters employ– nJ(nt is noother then a warfare, neither bet– .ter nor worfe, Awarfare no better. A good · warfare,

~ '7'he goodConfcience, theftrongeft Hold. 3 ware£1re;no worfe. ~ I ' This weightycharge Is carryed home and– Purfued. 1. With the affiCiions of a Falhcr~ 2. vVith the arguments o!·.anApoftle. , I.With thea,f[efJion!'q'±aFatbe~·-----~ . S~nne1imothy J · , i. vVith the argumentsof an Apoftle. Here are two arguments urged. . I.The tirft is moreComfortableand refpe8:.. . t;th Timothy himfelte, according to the Prophe– cies which went before ofthee J Therewere fome in tho[edayes who had the gift of Prophecy, andcould foretell thin~s to come, fome.fuch had given out great hopes ofTimothy whenhe was young, and ofhis infiruinehiallneffe to theChurch, when he fhould come to be put. in employment. Now gracious and hopetull young men On the Minifrery cfpecially) mLlfl: fee to it; that what hopes, expectations and goodopinions others have had ofthem, and .what Prayers) Promifes, and Engagements· have beene madefor them, may be all ma~le good (not void) by them ia the whole courfe of their life. Therefore Timothy, thou mufl , ., war agoodwarfare; , ' '' ' . ,·, t. '•:! . . . . -4.• I.\ 2, The other argument is more (dd: But refpectethothers who had fearefully n.:ifcarry":' ! >··' .t ed, He infianceth in two, viz.. Hymeneur and · Ale~ander; It is the fame ElymeneuJ fpoken of 2 Timothy 2t17. There joyned with Pf:ile.~ lui,(~lwayes ltmhappy in his company),andAt-· ex_:~nder the fame (in ·an Probability) with: That Afex– .t\_tm mentioned. Acts, l9. 33. The~e you ander, Ac( B 2 £nde i9'· 33· It- :; ·:.