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Of the wel-fghtedConfcience. I 13 . Cap._9·– Vt nemo in fe[e tmtat de[cmden, nemo ! ~ - ~ And further very obfervable it is, that 'rerfiuj thofe wheels fpoken of Ezi'~ I. I 9' 20. were Stt · 4· a$ admirable for their motion, as for their eyes; they moved after a divine mover; as the fpirit moved they moved; whether the fpirit went they went ; when the fpirit rofe up, they arofe ; .when the fpirit flood they :fruod,but t! returnedor went bac~ward. Conicience mufi not be all fight, no motion; or all for fpec~tlation, nothing for tJlJi• on. Again thofe (:reamres before the Throne, are not more to be admirc:d for their abilities, then imitated in their praB:ife, and im... ployment ; they had many eJer , and they " h fld many win~t, Rev.4.8 . Each hadfix wingt; they were full of eyeJ, andfuBof praifu, not <>nly much in contemplation, but as much in adoration: They reft pot day', mr night, faying, He!J, hory, holy, Lord GodAlmighty, whichw;r, ' and u, and i1 to come. What was it but a monfirous image, that in Ntbuchadnezzars vi.Gon, Dan.2.32.,33. Whofehead wat fine gold, his legs iron, and his foet bafe Iron andclay ?They are rnonfirous Chriftians who have fuclt heads ofgeld for Science, but feet of clay t"Or .- pra&ife: all k._nowledge, no alliort, all contem-.. plation, no converfation. The Pharifees were full of eyes with~~tt, s d1' ha~ nonewithin,full ofeyesbefore, had noned:nu J;;~~ .. behmde, Non viderunt id mantictt quod in tetgo tur mantic~ Theycould cenfure othe1· at'l:ions, not tergo. Perf. I fee