Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

1 ~6 The honeft dealing Confcience. Cap. I 1. ifa Peace.were not agreed between his Na.– ·~- -- tion, and theCarthaginiant, made good his . promife, although h~knew it were as much as his lite were worth ; Fides data eft {ervanda ctiamhofli. When the' bond! man hath pafr _his word, he faith, quod dixi, dixi, what I .have faid, Ihave faid, a~ Pilate after his wri• .ting faid,quod tcripji,fcripft, what I have faid or written ihall fiand. · ; 4· You neeq not fear to take his money,hi.r warer, hisweight, or his meafure ; . All ar·e cur.&. . rant, and warrantable, His money currant; Gen.l2j.t6 andweight as Abraham's and }ffemie~s was. Jer.32 ·9· Beeclip! not his_Sheket. His ,weight is down weight, his meafure full meafute. His Epbah; Omer,and 3hek$1are'all Standard-proof. Hee know~s nothing more abomination to the Lord then a falfe balance, Prov. I 1 . I. , 5 .This man as you may take his word, or · his money, his weight and nieaiure ; fo yoti may tal<! hi1accompli; hee will bee faithful1 and punctual in all his recb,ppingJ, di~burfe..o n1ents ai1dreceipts wherein you jntruft him ; Hee will not fet down Laid out more, or Re• ceived leji then the truth is. As thofe honefr workmen in Jehojada's dayes that repaired the Houfe ofthe Lord, laid out according to their Trufr as far as was nee~ful for Repairs, .and brought in the Remainder ; and it is,zKin.I 2.1 5.&c.That they didmt fo much. ar reckf!.n with them, for they dealt fo faithful– ly. Here is a commendJ.tion for a publike officer, or a private fervant,hee brings in no . fa~~