Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

.An evil Tendernef.r. 139 Confcienceall awll~tned,but fuch as cannot Cap. I 2. take any reft more, Pfal. 77• 2, 3, 4· My fore -·--· -– ran ·alt night, and ceafed not ; my fu ul refufed - _.; comfort, I complained and my j]!irit wa~ O?Je.rJVhelm~d: 'Iho:1 holdeft mine eyu waking: [ am fo troubled that I cannot jpea~ So the like PfaL5 1·3· My fin is ever before me.Pfal.38• IJ. I am ready ftJ halt, andmy farrow it continually bifore' me. This is a fad and painfub if no; fometimes alfo a finful tendernefs, when th~ foul fees nothing but fin, guilt, and miferie in it [elf; nothing bnt anger , wrath , and frownes in God, and no hopes of Retlemption byChrifl, or of recoverie by the . · Spirit of Grace. This is a fad Tendernefs, or Sorenefr :; or Bruifedneft, or wouridednefs of Spirit~ through too much fenfiblenefs of fin tending apace towards fearfull difirufl: of God, and defpair of mercy. This•. poor foul is as a man whobath aD hit bones bro. ~n, and ~zlJ . his members dijlocated, and out of Order, his heart melting lil{_e wax in hu belly, Pfal.22.f-4· his fpirit even failing, nor can he turn himfelf in his bed without pain. Atenderndfe this is, but fro,m difeafe, not foundnelfe. Or as you fee another man who hatha fore raw tye , or an eye that hath been fcalde.d, or fcorch-td in the fire, it IS very ·tender, it cannot look upon the Sun, or a Candle without offence; it alwaies runs, drops, trickles, and requires fome foft filk, or fine Linnen to bee before it. So the con– iCience fcorchedwith fin, that hathnot the · - · fire