Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The tenderConfcience. r . . . · he faw-it perverted to ufes of merchandize. Cap. I 2. This is not to becalled Strill:neffe; Scrupu.. .,. - • . loufneffe, or Rigidndfe, but right Tender- ' neife,atid true Zeal. The command ofGod to his People is Exod. z;.I3· In all thivg.r whatfoever I have Jtok..en untoyoubecirc~mjpeli. I· Particularly and principally he is ten.. And Par... der of thofe things whereinGot!s Glory and ticularly, Honour is concerned. Our Saviour layeth t.OfGods down this for a Maxime ]oh.7.18. He t~at Houor. f}ea~tb of himfelf :t and all:eth for himfelf, -, fle~tb hu JJWn glorie; but b~ tbt~t feek.!th b~ . ' glorie that font him, 1he fame is tru1, and no ,nrighteoufnelfe u inhim. And he therein did ' vindicate himfelf againfi his calumniol}.S , Oppofers. Joh. 8.49·50· I honour my Father, andye difhtmor me. I feelt not mine own glorie ~ ·7here i.r one that feek!th, and judgetb. This tendernefs makes a man altogether regard– lefs of felf, in refpell: of Name, Credit, Fa- .mily, Commoditie, yea, Qf Life. I count nothingdtar to my[elf, fo that God may be AB.20.24. magnified,be it by my lofs,or life, or·death. The HolyMart)r J counted nothing great,or precious, or bafe, or hard, in relation to God's Honour. When thcr Chrifiian women in Julians time were forbidden to fing their Pfalms _in their houfes!) they ·fang out the ·louder, efpedally when the Emperour was ·to pafs by: And they fang out thofev~rfes ofthePfal.JI5·4·8• Theldo/1 of the be&then arefihH!r andgold, the work..._ofmen1bands. They that m1~ them are li~ umo them, and fo IIT't all thry