Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The Contentr. CHAP. XV. ! '· The reafons of tbe point. . · p. 21 2.. - Three'&enerall head5of re.afons, wht~cof the firft is ta.~ ken from thee'¥-c~llency, ofgOQCI Confcten~e, and fhew– ~d in five particufar~. , , . P· ,2 I 3-o ·<PI AP. XVJ.•. The fecond reafon from the .danger and,mifchief of an t!vill Confcience. ~ . p. 225. ~ This fet out infourePartkulars,., P· 22S·2!.6. . CHAP. XVII. The third reafon from the difficulty ofgettingand kee– ping a good Con(cienc~, and efc:;:aping<P.l cvill. p. 232., . ~his made plaine in three particulars. p. 233 € HAp. X'vI i- I. The applicati'on of the Do_lh~ne. p. 2~7 A (even-fold applicatiqn propounded ihit/. Firft by. wayo(inforrnation ihid. This·inform'arion lookerh twowaies. I · Todifcover c:r– Jors. 2 •. To affert Duties andTruths. I · E.rror difcovered, that to pr~ch Confcienceand prdfeduty;. is legalIpreaching. . p. 2 38 .23~ · 240. · 2 •. Confcience is afnare, not fecurity. p. 243· Third miltake, oHud1who judge thier confciencegood when it is yet but a naturall confcic:nce. p. 244· Naturall c~nfcience may~~ve fome good in it, yet ~annot k>e eaU d agoodconfctence. p. /24~. What goo.:t may be in natutall confci.ence, fhewed in I. parriculars. P• ~44· 24S· What is wanting in naturaU conference; te make it tru– ly good, !hewed in four particulars. p-. 246. 247. ·fourth miftake. To judge confcience therefore good, hecaure qUf(t. I f' 24' • Foure,quiet confciences, & never anoneofthemgo'od. r . P· 248• ~. Th~ )gn.orant man_i conrcience. p. ~48. ~ 2T~