Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

,, I -~ To~Reader; - ...--"7 them· that are tallen, to open our graves, to make the houfe ofEphraim&ofrudah ':.-- to grow.into one fikk : It is his p~omife togiyc one heart& one way;oneJtpand one fuoulder:, that Ephraimfuall not en– vy Ilirlah;. and Iudah fhall no more vex Ephraim. Didwe all fiirrtt up our felves ' hncerely tofo}lo~ the Lord in the way bath prefcribed, we ihould fuddenly fee a fulfilling of all goocl our God hath , promi[ed. ·/ · , _ . Now is there any way m·ore evident, then for every profeffor to fiudy, looke · ' into_,&cotnmune with his own heart,for all tribes apart tocry ot~t, ab,- what have I done !to get anillightnedConfcience,a· ~ove al keeping to keep the heart.Thefe are old precious truths, which lead u~ to - COinmuniott with the Andent ofdayes• . To thc:fe ends, I conceive'dri:; Tr~a;tife very helpfuiJ,wherein the induftrio_us Auth~r bath declaredwhatConfcience is inicsnatli~e,offices, properties :How~omfm:table wheri its good_, how fdrwidable whep its bad; withmany ufe– full rri~anes to procllrethis heavenly frame of Spirit where it is wantiog,and to prevent a:po.,; ibdie where grace is obtained. That tke , Lordmay teach thy' foulip reading, is the in-. tent ofche Author, and the ea,rne~ f>rayer of his p::>ar fervanr,lefs then the leaHof mercie~. ' l11·1J· 3'· 165o. Jer~my Whitak_r.