Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

Reaf. 3. Reaf· 4· The Parable ofthe I?idnor. others ? No, 'tis faid, The! k!tew not, Mat. 24: 3~,39. Never knev'{ t.ll the Flolltl c~~me : The Lord made 1t not known. Noah d1d, the other did not Hence rhe Samrs cannot bnt look for it. · 2, Becaufe they[ee nothing elfe in this world 1vorrh looking after, no, not for . the p:efen:. For 1f a ma1:1 fees the day of ~be Lord, .Yat lmh fome prey in his eye, m th1s world, and h1s game before h1m, he Will follow his humin a to catch hi~ venifon, though he _co~es too lace for the bletling. But the Lord ~akes h1s people to fee 11othmg m the world worth the hawking or catchling. l. They ~ee the Glory of another day, another world, and this puts out the Glory of this, and hence makes them look for that; and hence when Chrill: would comfort his Difciples, he promifeth nothing here, but eels them, In ml F~tthersHoufe llremlln,J MMftQns. lgoto preP,are ap[ace, and !le come to 7ouagain, J~hn I4. I , 2,3. And hence they feemg this to be enough, look for I thl~·. They fee an end of all chefe things, of all the Glory of them, and that t~efe fummer fwallows will take their wmgs , and fly away in ~reatC!!l excremi1 nes. Hence they look to eternal things, the Lord, and his commg, 2 Cor+I8. i We look..nat at tempori!ll things. . . . 3· They find the Lord croffing them ofwhat they -Ioek for m th1s world, fomnmes ofOlltward comforts, f<1mtimes pf the performance of fpiritual promifes, And wl]en God thus hedgeth their !MJ with thorns, then they think.. of their fitft HfJ!!JilNd•. Look as irwaswith 4-braham, Heb.II,I3·. You know ltrangers when the1r way 1s uncomfortable, ever and apon leok for thetr home. Abraham was heir of the world, yet he fojourns as a!hanger in it, in Tents, bec11u(e he loo/z!{or a City, v.xo. So here, Saiflts rhe heirs of all creatures, yet the Lord makes them fir~gers here, and hence they look for fomthing elfe. The things God bath promifed ~o his people are very great, but not accomplilhed. Why ? Becaufe full accompJilhment is left till the la!l day, that hope may wait, and that we may live by Faith. Goq hathp;omifedrot~awayal/ tears, Oh welcome that day! Tbisworldcannetdoit,anatheLordherewillnot, I Cor.x5,I9. Jfour were ?.nly here, we -wert tm.ft miferi!lble. 3. ~ecaufe they fee ap<i are fenlible of their deliverance from wrath to come : There h~th been much wrath in the world feen, bur yet the great wrath is to come, what that is they fee. What their efc~Fe from it is they fee. Hence theyloo\( for Chrifi, when he {hall ~ppear like the riling Sun, and like aBridegroom from his chamber to comfort them, I Thtf.x.xo. For the Devils look for this day, and natural men, but fe~ing wrath, ~iil1 th~mfelves under ro~ks and mountains, and fcek to fmother 1t : But Samts feemg themfelves dehvered, hence calmly look for it. Thefenfe of this love make; them fay, Oh when will hecorpe, that I m~'Jfte him with thefe e1es ! They fear not (for why fbould they) the terrour of this day. 4• ~equfe the Lordhath given unro them the fir!l-fruits ofGlory, and of that day ofGlory, hence they look and wait for it. You know the firH fruits were part of the whole vinrage,hence they gave thanks for all, becau(e they then looked for all, ExoJ.2 3. Rom.8. z 3•. We having the fitjl-fruits gf theSpirir, wat! forrhe 4floptiQn. That look as 'tis wuh the wicked, that have reJ_e~ed Chnil, and count~ his Blood il common thing, and done dej]me to Gods Spmc, there remams nothiug b)lb a fe~~rf~Jli()Qkjr;gfor of-vengeance, fo here e contra. Rom.5:I ,2,3,4, 5. 'BeingJuftifiedb) Faith, now I, Peace wfth GQd, z. Accelfe by Chn!l ro God; 3. Standing in that Grace. 4• Shedd~ng of love, hence not. only hope, b~t G(ory iwhape ofthe GlarJ of God. There IS none efpo11fed eo Chn~t, but tall t~~s love, feel Ehe warmth of his fcllowfbip, feel the abundance of hts love, but us but in alittlemea('ure, in the firfi-fruits, hence they look for andexpechhe r~~