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THE PARABLE of the TEN VIRGINS UN F 0 L DE D; Out of MATTH. 25./romthe ,la Verf. to the 14'". 1. Tbtn Jballtbe I(jngdom ofheaven be li~cned unto ten Virgins, which too~ their Lamps, •nd l!llnt ferth te mret the Bndegroem. ~.And five of them were wife, ••dfivewm fo,lifb. . 3· Theyih•twere fon!lfh cook thei> Lamps, and to•t no •Jl with them. 4. But the wife took oyl m their vrpctn•ith thm Lam,s. f . While the Btidtt YOD/11 tar,.jed, they a0 jlumbrtd a~td jlcpt. 6. And at mid-night thm """'a cry made, Behold the Bridegroom nmeih, go yt eut to meet him. 1. Thrn aU theft V irgins arofe and trimmed their Lilmps. 8. Alld the foolifb {•id Uill8 the wijt, Give 11< ofyoJtr !J]I,for our Lamps are g;ont our. 9· Blltthe wife•nfweredfaying, notfo, left there he not tnsugh for us and you, but gs ye rather te them that fell, and b11] for your felv' S. 1 o. And wllile they went to bll}, the Bridcgroem calllt; anrl they that were ready wtlll in with him to the marriage, andthtdoorwa.fhut. 11 • .tlftcr-..ardcameal(otheother Virgins,fayint;, Lord, Lord, tptn toiU. 1~. llut he ttn[TIItred and[aid, Vtrily Ifay rm1oyou, I k••"' you nit. 13. Will eh thttt/#Yt,for ye,tnn, •either7be d;y, nrnhe bortr wiJtrti• tht So• •f man cometh. CHAP. I. SECT. I. DHefc words are pa.rt of our Saviours Anfwer unto two folemn quefiit ons which his Difciples propounded unto him, Chap. 1-4. -v. 3· The firlhv~s concerning the deHruCl:icn ofthe Temple at Jerufalem. The fecond concerning the fign of his coming, and fo ofrhe end ·ofrhe world. The fidt feems to be occafi:)ned by our Saviours fpeech, c.24. v. z. Th fecondfromhis fpeech,c.z3.v. 39· To the firlhherefore he anfwers, ftom the - B 4th;

TO .THE EADER; A~d Efpecially to _the Inhabitants of j A M'BR· I D GEl IN • 3\{__,E.IP-E :J\(fj LA 3\L'J?· _' Hat to make fure of Life Eternal, is the one neceffary Bufinetle, that we Sons of death have to do in this world , and without which, all our time here is worfe than lofl , every enlightned rriind will eafily acknowledge. This prefent life being by I the Rule of it, appointed but to this end, I to be preparation· time, fpent in a conti· I null care to make ready, that we might ___ ---- - have a good meeting with him who fhall I · be feenin this Aire one day. And whe~ ther we look up toHeaven, or down to Heil ; wher her we reflett upon l our own immortal fouls, or turn our eyes toward the.Greatndi€ and Goo~neffe ofthat God in Cbrift with whom we have to do; whether we pace over the time between this and Judgment-day, or fend our thoughts to view the Eternity that is to follow,after. All things pu-t a Necefiiry, a Solemnity, a Glory upon this work. Bur, Difficitill qu.e Pulchr11: It is one of the Oracles·uttered by our Lord with his own mouth, Strait it the GaU, and TJarrQW is the lVII] that leadeth unto life, andferv there bethat find it. It is not fo eafie athing \ to get eo Heaven, nor fobroad a w2ythirher,• as the flight and loofe Opinions· of fome, and ·PraCl:ifes of more would make ic, nor as the cJrnal beam oLill would have it. Though tluc (if id)e examined ) is the common Scope of all Erroneous Conceits (and how i-eftlefiy A 1. have

·I . The €piffle tothe~~ader. \ have the corrupt minds of men laboured therein in all ages,~ I ' thefe our daies) to widen the way to Life, to break down the-Boundaries of this narrow Path, and make it broader than ever God mJde it. Mans carnal. hem finds it felf pinioned and ftraimed in che w:1y (the good old way of effectual Faith and obedience) chat God hath l::lid out; h~nce it breaks out on this hand and on that, and will rather pluck lur the ancient Land- marks ofGods Truth, than not make it broader• .\The Gofpel will not afford men a way broad enough, unleffe the Law /be quite removed ( not only as a Covenant, but as a commanding Rule of Life too) and laid fbt lik.e an old Hedge, that tiley may go over it i at pleafure, and not attend it any fu. rther than their fpirit lifieth. J ufti-~ fic;~tion by Faith is too narrow a path , tinleffe they may be juftified 1 \before and without Faith, it is not free enough; they complain of it :lS if it laid them under a Covena1u ofworks. Conditional Promifi:s are oftoo ftraight a fize, they mull be all abfolute, and give us peace 1 1 1 without any qualification in us, or elfe they are not large enough. To ·be felicitous abeut S:tnCl:ification and inherent Grace, is too trouble· i fom; to feek God diligently in the ufe of all means, in adaily and ,hearty performance of holy Dutie~ in a ftriCl: S~nctifying ofSabbaths, in conft:mt watchfulneffe, &c. thts mull: be l:ud by, as a Legal Bulineffe. And if the Spirit immediatly will aCl: us and carry us in a Bed of eafe to Heaven, without troubling us co aCt and fl:rive, well and good; otherwife men will (Iuke hands with the power of Godlinefle, and run a drift before their own Corruptions. But when all Scones are turned, I the way toHeaven is and will be found to be afiraight w~y:Trurh bath faid, it is fo, God bath bid ic out fo; and it is not all the Notions of\ men that will make it otherwife. And hence rhofe (olemn Counfels of the Scripture, Work out your {lllvt~tion with fear and trembling, Give t~UI dil~~ence to make all jMre, Strive to enter i~ at the Straight Gate, So run that you may obtain, &c. though they be little attended by the loofenefle of rhefe times, yet they are of endleffe Moment and ufe, and had need be awfully regarded by all that love their everlaO:ing peace. He therefore that is in earneft about this great bulinefle, will be glad of any good bel p to guide him in this way, this ftraight way to life. And though there be many choice helps herein already e:uaor, in the precious Labours offundry of the Lords Faithful Servants, for which this Age bath caufe on bended Knees to blelle the Lord, and which will be fuch atefiimony againO: the wanconnelle thereof, as it will never be able to anfwer: Yet of thofe that d,, clearly, particularly, livelily and fearchingly difcover and mark out th,s f!raight way, '\with the feveral practical turns thereof, and lhew where they that mifs 1 of the end at !aft, do turn out of it, although they go tar therein; of 1 ; thofe that Pilot us, when we come into the narrow Channel, umo the I i very point of entrance into life, and thew us the Rocks and Shoals on [ either bans diO:inCl:ly ; ofthefe ( I fay) there is not too great anum- ; ber. J.!or to fpeak any good and ufeful Truths, is good and commen- : i dable;

[ The €piffle to t!Je 1(gad_--e_r._ -~-~ dable; bur yet it is another and afurther ll)atter to ho1d the C<tnd!e to the poor people of God (even eo the meandl:) eo light them to Heaven, or to take the ·foul by the hand, and lead ic from ll:ep to ll:qt through all the difficult ies, deceits and ' tUrnings at which the clofell: Hypocrites do miffe their wJy and lofe; and to do this [o cof.lvincingly, through!y and dill:inctly, as that the fecrets of hearts may be made maniftll:, the fecure felf:deceiver di!covered and a\Takened, and yet .the humble upright Cbrill:ian confirmed and encoura- · ged. In this Skill and Work, as the Author of the following Sermous, wJs known robe among the firll: Three;. fo thefe Lectures of his, up· on the Parahle of the Virgins, have been ell:eemed to excel in this kind; having left fuch a relifh upon the Hearers, as that they have not forgotten the Tall: of them tO this day. It bath therefore been the inll:ant de- l fire of many that heard them, and of fome that have but ·heard of them, that they might be imparted to the Publick. And furely bo!h the SubjeCt: and the manner of handling it is fuch, being wholly upon thofe d1iogs wherein the heart and lite of Religion lies, tbat we cannot difapprove of their Opinions, who h:lVe fo earnell:ly de fired ir. All the Ser- ' mons and Books that fpeak to the hem of ,Religion are little enough to feed that, and keep life there, efpecially in this languifhing and dy· , ing Age; wherein though there wants not common light and outward Pmfdlion , yet lofle of Love and inward deadntfie are as common. The work being fomwhat lengthy; and fitting Scnbes not eafily attainable in this Wilderneffe, it bath occafioned this delay hitherto. ' But we-hope it will now be neither unacceptable nor unfeafonable. Thefe Sermons are now tranfcribed by induRrious and intelligent perfrlns, and have been carefully reviewed and correCl:ed. They are w:itten out of the Authors own Notes, which he [!¥pared for preaching (only about a Sheet himfelf wrote out in his life-time, having rhoughts it feems of yield"ing ro thetr defires who were earnefl: for their publtl11ing ) by means whereof, though the Reader will often meet ·with Currndle of expreffi.on, and though foine lively paffages that were utcered in preaching may be wanting, yet you will have this benefic to have much in a little room. It may alfo eafily be obferved that not cu· rioficy ofwords, but weight of things was here fl:udied by, and flowed -from the heart and pen of the Author, which yet produceth the beft and truell:, i. e. a real Rhetorick. In fumme, although many imper· fec1ioris incident to fuch poll:·humous Editions cannot be wanting, yet we doubt not but the work will fpeak for it felf, to the inremgent and ferious Reader. We are not ' ignorant that ther.e be fame \vho fomwhat differ from this our Author in the accommodation of this Parable, and Analyfis of fome part of the Context, referring it eo the tim~s about the expected calling of che fews (and if fo, the fubllance of the work may be accounted to be in a more than ordinary manner proper and feafonable for A 3 thefe

\ ~---- i T'he Epiflle to the 'l{~ader_. ___ thefe times) But therein every man is lefr free to his own further difquifitions. Neither is it for the fake of the bare expofition (much leffe Chronical Accomod:1tion) of the Text fo much, that we pub!Ifh thefe things (in that kind the Labours of others do abound ) hut for I thefpiritual, pradic:U, lively, foul-fearcbiog truths and applications thereof that are therein contained, the lub{hnce of which Truths the impartial Reader will eafily acknowledge te be clear both from this and I from other Scriptur~. I Thefe Sermons preached by the Author, in a weekly Lecture, were J begun in :.fune 163 6. :md ended in MAJ 1640. In which time tl~ ere was I a Leaven of AntinDmianand Familiftical opinions fiirring in the Country, as the world hath already in Print been informed: By occafi nn whereof the Reader will meet with fundry paffages tending to repmve and refute fome of thofe conceits and to efiab\tfh the contrary truth; which we have not expunged, but let them paffe moaly as we found them; feeing it is no more then the world already knows that there were fuch things then among us ; and though th:lt fiorre 'be ( as eo it's Of>en infl.uence ) comfortably blpwn over with us , yet the like errours are (if not latent among fo~e here) fpread elfewhere by the New Lights ot thefe times, w"ence thefe helps againfi them are fiill needful. And we doubt not but the fubfl:ance ot the Truth here defended by our Author will fi ,md and abide the Trial: Yea I fuppofe I may freely take liberty to fay, that among the many excellencies wherewith the Lord endowed this precious infirumcnt of his, this was none of the leall, that God taught him, anc helped him to teach others the: true middle way of the: Gofpel between the Legalill: on the one hand, :tnd the (or loofe Gofpeller) on the other, with much and fweec clearneffe, as was evident in the whole courfe and way of his preaching, agd may in fome meafure appear both in hts Books formerly printed, and in the following Sermons. Other paffages a!Co offpecial application to this Country and to thofc: firfi times of it , we willingly permit to paffe the: Prelfe, becaufe the;' may be profitable to others in like: cafes elfewhere, and of fpecial' btnefic to the New Englij# Reader, For why fhould we not defire and hope that the futable folemn counfels and warnings here given to thefe Churches by this Seer in lfrAtl, in reference to the main matters of life and godlindfe, may now be of living, awakening and foul-infuutling ufe to them (Oh that it may be ! ) unto many Generations ! Reader, if thou comefi hither to carp and cavil, or to criticife upon each imperfeCtion, this work is not for thy turn; but if ! thou bringefi with thee a fer ions and humble heart, defirous to h~ve thy foul fearched to thr quick, the [ores thereof lanced, thy fpiri tl:lal work and way directed, :tnd the interefi of thy eternal peace furthered ; if thou defirefi to walk wit~ God in good earnefi, and efcaping all the 1 fnares of a flight and flumbring Generation, to ftand before the S:m of ' m:m with comforrtn the day of his Glory, then mai,fi thou here find ! that that will fute thee, and which thou wilt blelfe the Lord for, even words '-

---- ------ -----·------------,-'~- Tbe €piffle to theCJ?....~adet. / worj; that art 114 Goads and N~ils f41neJ by thiJ M4Jtr •f u!/Jemblics ,gi- - - -- vtn f~m thJt ont and chief shepherd. The Lord fix and fallen them ' in :tll our hearts, that abiding and being engrafted there, they may be inflruroental to further our $1lvation, that ' neither deficiency in the main, nor lloathful fecurity, may hinder us from our defired end ; but ' when that chief Shepherd and that Heavenly Bridegroo;n, who no\¥ fends to us by fo many Servants and Mefl3ges of his, both in Word I nd Writing, lhall appear himfelf in the Glory 1/ hil Father, Asd of ,g hiJ holy At~gtls, we alfo m1y receive A Crown of Glif1 that {~tdeth not away, and ( for the !aft confummation of this h:tppy Mmiage) may go home with him to his fathers Houfe, there to abide in his Rell, in the Fulneffeefhil jo1, and drink down his PltA[ures for evmnm. And you that fomtimes were the Flock of this Shepnerd . and have beard thefe things from the lively voice of this SouLmelting Preac_her, whom you never can forget; let it be a welcom Providence to have thefe Truths thus revived to you , and put into your hands, that he who is dead, may yet fpeak to yoll and yours. Get them into your Houfes to read, nay, into your Hearts to feed upon, as achoice and precious Treafure. And let them (hll be a living and cooci~ual warn· ing to y0u to watch and keep alive the power of Godlineffe, the daily ' pra~i[e of working out 'JIIIr Sa/vlltl~n with fear 1111d trembling, the love of the Truth, the hatred of every falte way, the efteem :md imprQve- ' ment ofGods Ordinances, and the true, humble, he;tvcaly Life of F.Aith in Chrift Jefus. · !fonathan Mitebel. To

'I !____________ : f~iii~!~~~~~t~~~~~~~~~~~~~ti~~~!~~ i ~999t999999999~999~9999999999~~f~9 To the R E A o E R. F thou art one who knowefl what 'tu to he ferious in the great bufinef of providing for Eternity, 'ti; very probable tho11 maift he no flranger to the N11me uf thio Reverend Author, now with God, whofe N1tme in both the Englands i; a1 an ~ ~~~[j oyntment pottrtdforth; And then thou wilt be eagerly de(irous to peru(e theft fo!Jowing Sermons, in tendency to the further inma{ing thy 1.ftock of fPiritual oyl, and when thou hAjl read them, andJuckt forth theJ fiV~etnef and nourifhment contained in them, and hy the afiftance of theJ holy Spirit turned them into good And hetdthfu!J nutriment to ·thy foul, 1Ft queffion not but it Will inhance the Authors worth in thy thot~ghts and eflimation. But perhaps thou h.ifl never lighted on any of d oje Flowm which , thu Holy mAI'J bath planted in'Gods garden, .4nd then wear! confident thou ,I wilt meet with fuch [av1ur1 fweetnef in thi5 DifcDttr[e, lf4 will make thee I 111i{h Chrifls church had longer enjoyed {o chuioe Ami ski/full aWorkmAn. If thou hee.ft one who hAth hitherto little confidered ofGod and thJ [or1l, and the cormrnments ofEternity, or only now and thm had fome rMrning dew thoughts of thAt which de(erves and requires the choietfl andmofl vigorom workiHgJ ofthy{oul,we wifb thM wonldft fo far comply with Gods goodnef in bringing this Book to thy hand, a11dgratifi( thyJel(, (we meAn thy Soul,thy better [elf,) lf4 to read over thii'IretJtifo, in whichthor1 wilt meet withthofe I Jerious and (or1l-piercing 'Irr1ths, which hy Gods blefing maJ he M poyfo» t{} thy lufls, and awaken thee to a {erioru and heart] en:agint in thAt work ' which none ever yet repented of. For the occa(ion of puhlijbing thi; Piece, we refer thee to the larger Epi.ftle of our ReverendBrother, and only Adde, that tlaugh avein of ferious, folid and hearty piety run through all thi; Au· 1 '-thorsWorks, yet he h11th referved the bejl wine tifi the /aft, The Lord help I thee and us fo to reade and improve theft And jrtch like labours ef Gods Harvefl men, that we waJ with the Wife Virgins have the Lamps of ourfouls trimed And furnifoed with oyi, that when the Bridegroom jhall come rveJ may he ready to enter with him into his Kingdom. Whi&h il andfoal! be the prayer of us, wha are hwty weD·wiflms to thy Soul, vmmb.>4. 1659· Wil!iam Greenhill, Edmund Calart~y, John Jackfon, Sirneon Afb, William Ta.ylor. THE

THE PARABLE of the TEN VIRGINS UN F 0 L DE D; Out of MATTH. 25./romthe ,la Verf. to the 14'". 1. Tbtn Jballtbe I(jngdom ofheaven be li~cned unto ten Virgins, which too~ their Lamps, •nd l!llnt ferth te mret the Bndegroem. ~.And five of them were wife, ••dfivewm fo,lifb. . 3· Theyih•twere fon!lfh cook thei> Lamps, and to•t no •Jl with them. 4. But the wife took oyl m their vrpctn•ith thm Lam,s. f . While the Btidtt YOD/11 tar,.jed, they a0 jlumbrtd a~td jlcpt. 6. And at mid-night thm """'a cry made, Behold the Bridegroom nmeih, go yt eut to meet him. 1. Thrn aU theft V irgins arofe and trimmed their Lilmps. 8. Alld the foolifb {•id Uill8 the wijt, Give 11< ofyoJtr !J]I,for our Lamps are g;ont our. 9· Blltthe wife•nfweredfaying, notfo, left there he not tnsugh for us and you, but gs ye rather te them that fell, and b11] for your felv' S. 1 o. And wllile they went to bll}, the Bridcgroem calllt; anrl they that were ready wtlll in with him to the marriage, andthtdoorwa.fhut. 11 • .tlftcr-..ardcameal(otheother Virgins,fayint;, Lord, Lord, tptn toiU. 1~. llut he ttn[TIItred and[aid, Vtrily Ifay rm1oyou, I k••"' you nit. 13. Will eh thttt/#Yt,for ye,tnn, •either7be d;y, nrnhe bortr wiJtrti• tht So• •f man cometh. CHAP. I. SECT. I. DHefc words are pa.rt of our Saviours Anfwer unto two folemn quefiit ons which his Difciples propounded unto him, Chap. 1-4. -v. 3· The firlhv~s concerning the deHruCl:icn ofthe Temple at Jerufalem. The fecond concerning the fign of his coming, and fo ofrhe end ·ofrhe world. The fidt feems to be occafi:)ned by our Saviours fpeech, c.24. v. z. Th fecondfromhis fpeech,c.z3.v. 39· To the firlhherefore he anfwers, ftom the - B 4th;

The 'Parable of the 4'h v. of the 24'h eh. to the 23d v. of it; To the fecond he ;tnfwererh from rbe~ 23d v. rheend of this 25th chap. Wherein he acqu,1ims rhem, · I. With fome things which 11nll be before his coming, viz,. fubtill and llrong delulions, mixt with fore tribulations and oppre!Eons, efpecially in the time ofAnrichrill's raigne, as alfo great confufions, in all hems and Churches, if not throughout all rhe world after the rribularion of thofe daie' ; .And then (f.1irh he)v.~o.fhaltappearthe jign of the Son of man, and be l11all befeen coming in powe-r and great Glory; but if you defire fan her to know the day and hour When this l11all be, 'cis fuch a fecret as my Farber revealerb not ro any, no, not eo the very Angels in Heaven, and therefore you need not know ir, nor yet l11ould feek to know it ; 'tis fuflicienr for you to know that before my coming there !1)all be lamentable and fad times, and rh.1t when rbey are at their worll, that rhe Sun and rhe Moon ( rhrough rbe borrours of mens hearts, and rhe univerfal confdions in rhe world) l11all feetn to be darkned, &c. rbat rhen it is rime for me to come, and fer all in or-der again, then rh~ time of my coming drawes nigh : Now rhis ChriH doth fromv . 23. ofthe 24th chap. tov.37· z. Having rhus fpoken concerning his coming, he breaks off his fpeech ii1 defcribing his coming, a11d fa\s ro difcovering the flare of the rimes coward, and abotttrhedaysof hiscoming, andthishedorh fromc.24. v.37. roc.zs.v.3I. by the confider:u:ioJVOf which he perfwades t'o warchfulneffe againll his coming. I.Eirher ( fairh he) rbe times will be very fenfuall and degenerate, as in tlie daies of Noah; infomeplaces of rhe world, c.24.v.38. which he illuftrares from two Parables, perfwadin9 therefore to wnchfulneffe, to rhe end ofrhe 24<bchap. 2. Or there will be gtear fecurity in orber place,, and among other perfons (.nm-given up to{enfu:iliry as in rhe daies of No11h, but) .who are the chaH, Virgin, pure Churches of the world, nor defiled with the whoredoms in t~e world; and rhis our Saviour llnfolds in this Parable. 3. Or if any be awak-ened (as fome fual!) to look for Chri!t's coming, yer among thefe, lOme rhrough bard conceirs'Ofthe Lord Jefus, ilia\l bewilfully carelelfe , and n<lt improve ~heir Talents for the fake and ufe of rhe Lord Jefus , and this is fer down in thenexn Parable of the ten Talents, from v.14. to v. 31· You f~e therefore IV here this Parable fiands, and to what purpofe ir is brought in. In which are two things. SECT; IL I. THe Parable it felf, concerning the ten .Virgins, from v.I. to V.I 1• . . 2. Thefcope of the Parable, v.q. which is roperfwadenot fimply ro warchfulneffe, but to coRrinuance and perfeverance in it from a pr11dent forefight of the coming of Chrill. I. The Parable it felf is fet down, agreenble to the cuflom of tbofe rimes wherein our Saviour lived, wherein rheir Marriages were ufually celebrated in the night rime, l11e chat was rhe Bride was attended wirh fundry Virgins ro meet rhe Bridegroom; rhefe Virgins (ir being night fe,1fon) rook therefore their Lamps wirh them; thofe r'har were ready, an<! met rhe Bridegroom, were admitted to rbe Marriage-Room and Supper; rhofe rhat came after that rime, if once rhe doors were iliur, werefucely kept out, though they knockr hard to come in. All thi~, rhofe who are acquainted wirh Jewifh Hiflories and cuflo~s know ro be true,which we are to atrencf, becaufe ir gives not a little light ro the rrue and genuine explication of rhis Parable. In which Parable note thefe two parts. I. TheChurcbesprepararion to meet wirh Chrill (called here the Brict~oorp) , from rhe I to the 5 verf. z.The

ten Virgins OpenedandApplied. 1---------~~-------------------------· ----- 2. The Bridegroom's coming forth to meet them, from t~e 5to the I 2 verf. SECT. III. The firH part of the Parable; , _ F Jrll, i {hall fpe Jk of the preparation made by the Church to meet with Chril:l: Jefus. Wherein alfo note rhefe three things. - I. The place where this preparation is made, viz;;,. in the ]( ingdom of Heaven, vcrf. I. z. The rime when it fhall be made, fer down in ~be firll word, Then, v. I. 3. The perfons chat fhall make this preparation, they lhall not be cornipted Members of degenerate Churches, where mens profellion is grown foul through lenoth cf wearing ; bnt they are Profeffors of fome eminent !train, fome whereof are ~ruly fin(ere, others fecretly lll1fOu!Jd. And there is adouble defcription 6f them. I. From fome things wherein they all agree. 2. From fome other particuhr< wherein they manifeHly differ; F irft, Thofe things wherein they all a11ree are three. 1. They are all Virgins, Virgin-Profe!fors•. z. They were all awake and watchful for fome rime, ready to meet the Bridegroom , and hence ir it is faid, They took.. their Lt~r;;ps. 3. They all had fo much Fan,h as to go out to meet the Bridegroom. Secondly, Thore thiPgs wherein they did differ, are, · I. Generally, five were wife, ~nd fivewerefoolifh, v.2. 2. Sr eciJlly, the foolifh took., Lamps but no Oyl; the wifedid both, v.3,4: This is rhe rude draught of"rhisfirllfartof theParable, thc:fum whereofi< this, That the Hate of the Members of fon:e Churches about the tin:e of Cluift's coming, {hall be this, they fhall nor be openly projhane, corrupt and fcand1lous, but Virgin-Profefiors , awakened (for fome feafon out ofcarnal fecuriry, flirring, lively ChriHians, not prelerving their ChaHity and Purity n:eerly in a way of works, but waiting for Chrifi in a Covenant of Grace; only fo'!:e of thefe, and a good part of thefe, lha\1 be indeed wife, Hored with fpiritual wifdom, fill'd w'irh thepower of Grace; but others of rhe!U, and a great part of them too, fhall be found foolifh at the coming ofthe Lord Jefus. , I come therefore to handle the firH Parric1tlar in this firfi Part, v1ic.. CHAP. II. Of the Visible Chttrchof(jod. SECT. I. I. THE placewhererhis preparation to meet Chrill fhall be made, and . that isno.tin the Kingdoms of thi 1 world (earrhlyKingdoms) but in · rhe Kingdo!U of Heaven, and therefore'ris faid, The Kingdom ofHeaven fha/1 be likf, &c. I will not rrouble you with re\ ling you how manywaies the Kingdom 6f He~ven is taken in Scrir rure; by Kingdom of Heaven here, is not meant the Kingdom ofGlory in rhe third Heaven, for there Dull be no foolilh Virgins at all there,no lll1dean thing lhall enter thirher;nor by i~ is meant rhe head of this Kingdom, viz;;,. B 2 Chrill:

j' + CM~ ~r~;~ h~ '~~:li::::::~,~~:;.~ m''"' <b<Gor,J the K~gdom,(which~at.I3: is call'd the K_ in~dPm of HetWen, ~nd compa;ed m a draw-net) for how can It be hkeumo ten Vug1ns? nor yet the Internal Kmgdo11 of grace fer up in the hem of every believer (which is called agrain of Mu!hrdfeed, Mat.q.) for howcan any fooli!h Virgins be there? or what !hare have they in that? Therefore I conceive 'tis clear, chat by the Kingdom of Heaven here, is meant the external Kinodom of Chriil: in thi< world : that is, the viiible Church, or the eftate of the ~iiible Church, which is frequently called in Scripture, the Kingdomof Heaven, as, Mat.8.u. &zi.43· In which Kingdom fome are wife, Jome fooiilh, all profelfe Chrift, look for the coming of Cbrill:, fo.r · ~alvation fro:n Chrifi, the eitate of this, viflble Church Jhal! be like ten Doa. t. Rtaf I. Vugms. · SECT. II. AND hence I !hall note this one thing. That the vijible Ch~~rch of God rm eiiTth, ejpecial!J in the times ofthe GofPel, is tl:e Kingdom of Heaven upon earth. For look ul:'on the face of the whole earth, there you may fee the Kingdoms of men, and the Kingdom of Satan,fin and death, which the Apo!He faith, Rom. 5. Teia eth over all men ; here is only the Kingdom of He,wen, upon earrh, v1 ".t,. in ~he vifibleChurch; 'tis not the place only which makes either Heaven or Hell, (though there is a place for both) but rhe Gate principally makes both, one may be in Hell upon emh, as Chrifi was in his bitter agony, and aman may be in akind of HeJven upon earth, as Chri!t rels his hearers, that the J(i,gdPm of Heaven wiU at f.and ; a man m~y be under the Kingdom of Satan and darknefie upon earth, Col.r.q. which is a kind of Hell; and why not as well under the Kingdom ofGod on earth, which is a kind of Heaven, dpecially (I fay) now under the Gofpel , wherein the Lord bath begun to fulfil, chat which was but only promifed under the Old Te!tament to be fulfilled in the fourth and lalt Monarchy, (Dan.2.44.) in the time of the New: In the fiate of Chrill's vilible Church, which lhould by little and little beat down all other Kingdoms of the world. SECT. III. I. B 'Ecaufe the fame King that is reign~ng in Heaven, is reigning here, is pre- . fent here,Pfa. z .6 .And here the Sarnts are commanded to rejoyce,to !hour, and to be glad with all cheir hearts, becaufe of the prefence of this their King among them, Zeph.J.I4,I5· 'Tis true indeed he is King o~er all the world; che immediate execution of all Gods common, as well as lpecial provtdence, is put into the: hand of this King, the Lord Jefus. But as for his Enemies, and other creatures, he reignes over them a' a King of power, but he reignes no~ for rhem alfo as a King of Grace and love, for thus he reignes among his people in his Church, Dem. 33 .z6,z 7. The Lord is prefent with every one of his people, [everally, but much more joymly, when two or three of them are met together ~n his Name. z. Becaufe here are the Lawes of Heaven, Heb.1z.z5. Take heed (fJ2Caking of the Mini!try of the Gofpel in the Churches) that ye refufe not to hear hrm who fpeakech from Heaven, which Lawes are not only here promulgated (as they be among the enemies of this Kingdo:n) but accepted and received alfo, without which Lawes what Kingdom could there be? Chrill's Kingdom in this world is neither tyrannical, nor arbitrary, to govern without Law; no, no, but if be be our

ten Vir,~ins Opened and Applied. our King, he is our Law-giver alfo,/fa.33.22. Nay the fame Lawes by which we !hall be ruled in Heaven, we have here, and we are now under : That as our Divines f.1y againH the PapiHs, though before Mofcs his time,rhere \Vas not fcriptio verbi yet rbere \Vas verbumfcriptum, which the Patriarchs had before rhe Floud, and afrerward until Mofes his rime : So I fay here, though in Heaven rhe external Letter and fcription both of Law and Gofpel, Onll be abolifhed, becaufe they need the;n not when the day-(hr is rifen, 2 Pet. r .I 9· Yet the living Rules of both for fubHance, fhall remain; rhe end of the MiniHry i> ro bring us to the unity of Fairh in a perfe8: eflare, Eph.4·13· ThereforeFaith fhallnorceafe, when Mini(lers !hall, and that perfect man Jhall come. · Our Fairh indeed fhall nor rhen by fuch glaffes fee Chri/1, nor adhere unro ChriH, by fuch means of Promifes at~d Ordinance> as we do now, but without them we fhall both fee, and for ever adhere to him who is our King ar that day;and though indeed rhe Law is no,v abolifhed , as a·Covenant of life , yet in Jhall ever remain as a Rule of life; perfett fubje8:ion to it, is the happineffe of Saints in Heaven, I Joh.I. as a he.m comraryt0 it is the grearefi mifery of the Saints on earth, Rom.7.24· 3. B~caufe here are rhe Sub;eas of Heaven, Eph.2.I 9· Fellow-Citizens of the Reafon 3• Sainrs,nor only on earth, bur as Paul freakerh, Phil.).20.0ur converfation(or,as ·ic may be rendred,our free Burge!le-fhip) is in Heaven. God l.:limfelf harh canonized all the trne Members of vif,ble Churches with the name ef Saints, throughout the whole new Tell:ament, here are rhe gre1t heirs of Heaven, nay, poffeffours of Heaven by Faith, as others are by fee ling, as near and dear to God (in fome refpeet) as thofe that be in Heaven already; becaufc the fame motive which makes him love them, makes him love rhefe, though poor ab;eas, and out-~aHs of the w.:>rld ; there is bur a payer-wall of their bodies between them and Heaven, only here is the difference, they there, are Subjeetsin their own conntrey; thefe here, are the fame Counrreymen, only firangersfora.rime hereupon earth: Some define a Kingdom to be. domin~ttm r~gisin populumfubjeCfum. If C~riH (the Kino) was prefenc,and his Laws publifhed, but there were no people robe fub JCCt ro hi~, there could be no Kingdom; but when the King, Laws, and SubjeCts of Heaven are here mer topether in rhe vili.ble Church, here is now the Kingdom of Heaven. 4· Becaufe here is rhe very Glory of Heaven begun, that look as the farr:-e Sun Reafon 'f• which fils the Stars with Glory, the very fame l:ieams couch the earrh .alto, fo rhefame Glory which ihines in Heaven, Jhines into the poor Church here, 1 Pet. 5.Io, God bath called his people into his eternal Glory. And Rom. 8. jo. '1fhom Cbrilt h111th jNjlified, them he hathglorified, i.e.he hath begun it here; here in a fpecial manner is the prefence of rhe Anoels in Heaven; Eph. 3· Io. Here rhe pure in heart fee God, and that after another manner, than many rimes they can m their folitarycondirion, Pj111t.63.t,z,3. Artd what is this bur Heaven?. SECT. IV. I. SEE therefore hence their happinefs and hortour, \Vhom God bath called out Uft 1~ of the world, and planted in his Church: What hath the Lord done, but opened the wayro the Tree oflife,and let you irtto Paradife again? Nay(which is tr.ore) What hath he done but taken you up into the very KinodomofHeaven it felf? where you hlve the Lord of glory to be your King, rh~ Laws of Heaven n:ade known, his heart opened, where you have the heirs of Heaven your compamons, and the Angels of Heaven your guard, deGrino to look into thofe thtn<>s which your eyes fee, and your hearts feel, 1 Pet. I. I 2~ Where you have the lo~e of a Fat~er appearing, the Son of God inhabitin'o , and rhe Spirit of Heaven co:r.fornng. Lord what u man that thou art thm 0mindfulof him! That when the Lord feerh it unmeet to take you out of this world up unto He•ven, that B 3 Heaven

6 Heaven l11ould cw~ e down into this world umo you , who were once enemies to this Kingdom , ibut up under the Kingdo:n of de.1th and da rkneffe, !hangers ro the Common-wealth of Ifrael, without God and Chrilt in the world, without promife, withour hope. I do not cry the Te:nple ofrhe Lo:·d, nor Idoaze Order and Ch~rches, but I tell you w~a r your privdedge is, and thereby whar Gods goodneffe 1s: I know the world nettber feerh nor feelerh any fuch heaven on earrh, but foon gro.,y defpifers fecretlycfall Ordinances who if they were in Heaven it feif with their carnal heam, they would no~ abide there with much comencmenc, yet verily Heaven h.1th been , and is found here by Godshiddenotle>, even fuch things wh;ch eye hatb not feen, nor ear ~eard, a~d if it b~ not thu;; with thee, blame tliy fel~, and m;>urn the more, who tn the rntdlt of hght art 111 utter darkneffe, and m the place where Hewen is begun to fome, it !hould be made a little Hell to thee. tlfo z. z. Take heed of defiling fecretly the Church of God: For what do )'OU . do thereby, but pollute t.he Kingdom of Heaven it felf? And the better any ;,~~~!~k thing !s, the greater is rhe defilem.ent ea~ Uf~>n ir. It is fa~d, I Pet.I + th.u thatth: bpfcd the. Kmgdom of Heaven above 1s "." mhmtance u_ndefiled , ne~e r _yet the I Angels did ~ubjeCt place where any fi_n w~ co:nmmed, and rh~s ts on.e pm of rne Glory of not fall in the tt. Take you heed ofco:nmg 11110 Church-fellow!htp Wltn defiled beam, and . thir~ Heaven, f;> defiling Gods holy things, for do you know where you are? I know it is not b~~;i~o~~ in that Helven where yo11 cannot fin, but yet 'tis in fuch a Heaven ":here you ~anh· fot that lhould nor fin , much leffe defik the Church of God. le was 01~e of Gods heais an' inherit- vy indite.Eems ag~in(l: the Church of the Jews, that when the Lord h1d brought anccundefi. hem out of a land of pits, into aplemitul countrey, yet they defiled his Land, led. ,Jcither Pridls nor peoplefaid, whereiuhe Lord ? Jer.2.7;8. It will be much :nore heavy anot~er day wirh y0u, rh a~ walking in the fell?wfhip 0~ Gods people, 1lull be found gmlty of defiling the Kmgdom of Heaven tt felf, whtch you !hould be careful eo keeo as an unde.i led inheritance, which cefile ·.nems whether fpirirual or fenfual, as rhey flaih the very glory of Heaven it felf, fo they keep you from feeling the Truth of this Docrrine, even of this Heaven upon earth in your own experience. 3· Let all Me:nbers of Churches hence learn to have their converfarion in Helttfe 3• ,·en, and walk as men come down from Heaven, and returning thither again, and rhat are as it were already in Heaven. Paul did thus, and wept to fee fo many that did not rhus, but did mind earthly things, Phil.3.19,20. Do not only forl:!ke, but evetl forget yout Countrey, and 7our Fathen hot~fe, fo Jhall the King of Glory dejire your beauty, Pfal. 45· 10,1 r, Let tht! reproach of e.l\thly-mindedneffe call upon the face of Chri!lians, be wifed off by your carriage, being heavenly, holy, loofenedfrom things below. Art thou in Hewen with an earthly hem? Is not Heaven good enough for thee? Cannot that content thee whi'h m;my have defired to fee, and could not fee, even the Lord Jefus, the King of Glory in his beauty, in the affe:nblies of his Saints? Ufe 4· 4· Take heed of pulling down this Kingdo:n. L0yal ~ubject s will rather lofe their lives, th.m thetr Prince !lull Jofe his Kingdo:n. Fear not enemies without, but your [elves at home. The enemies of the Church, did never yet hurt the Church, but the Church•s fin~, Zach.7.14. Oh confider wh1t mercy the Lord bath betruHed us wi rhal, that unleffe the Lord !hould carry us to He<ven it felf, immediatly on the wings of ~ngels, .he ~an !hew us n0 greater outward favour, in this world, than to bru1<> us mw rhts hts Kmgdo:n of Heaven 011 earth. I profelfe one daies fellowfhip here with ammber of bro!<en-hearted Chriflians, e1ther mournino- coaether, or re;oycing in their God and King rogether, it out-bids the many ye~rs Glory of rhe whole world, (howfoever 'ti's hidden from the world) And will you betray this Kingdo:n? SECT.

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. SECT; v: .0t_eft·vvnat are rhofe thing; may pull down this Kingdom ?. · Anfw. x_.. Ignor,~nce of rhofe li:1s which m~y hurt and ruine ir.. There are cQmmon infirmmes whrch all rbe fmhful have 111 common, for which rbe Lord pities his, bur rhere are fome that a:e proper and perfo\lal to fome perfons, p fa!. 18.2 3. for which-rhe Lord IS a~~ry even wit~ his own ; fo r~ere are fome fins which are co~nmon Church-mfirmHies, for whrch the Lord wrll nor call: otf his people, bur there are fometime; in feveral Churches proper Churchfins. Now the Rule here is, if rhefe be nor feen and lamented and removed, if rhe Lord be angry for rhefe (as verily he will ) and yer they do not fo much as know all this while what iris that hurts rhem, rhefelins will canker theroors, and bb!l: the moll: flourifhing Churches. Ephefm, Rev. :i. 4· had her fin l Sardis, Rev.2.1. had her fin. Laodicea had her fins, Rev.3~16. Now what if they never know thefe, nor repent of rhefe, you know then Ephefm CandleOick mull: be removed, and Laodicea !hall be 'fpued our of Chri!l:s mourh. Oh this harh been the bane of Churche;, while rhey enjoyed their liberties, they could nor, nay (in rrurh) would not knovoi- rheir ai!e, in rhe day of Chri!l:s vifirarion of rhem; and hen~e came their ru!ne, rhe caufe of which they faw not; only it may b~ the remnant that efcapcd, ro whom rh'e Lord D.1ewed m<;rcy, could read their Gris in their plagues. . Iris a lam'enrabl<! fpeCtacle to behold rhe ruines of German!.; and that after fuch great flaughter and effufion of blood, rhey cannot rell rhe rhing char bath burr, and dorh fiill wall: rhe1'n. . . z. Self-feeking, aSpirit of felf. Look as it is in aKingdom, if rbere be aco:umon enemy' and the body-of~he Army which fhould encounter with thecr:.z be every man t~k~ up; . and t'akinu tho'ught how he may preferve his own Tent, and do not jeyn their forceS together for common [afety, It mull: perifh, imd rhe Iqngdomwilt bet;aftlyconq~ered: Or as it is ~~irh the body, if every m~mber feeks to preferve· 1t felfalone, and net that which preferves rhemalL, (vzz.. the H~ad) rhe body will drop down and die fhortly. Chri!l: Jefus is rhe Head of this Body L his Church] . Novv 'ris cert-ain if ,ye feek to preferve your own name more than thrift's, to give more cohtent to your own lulls, rhen to rhe 1\'ill and hearrofChrif1, if more careful of fetching feathers to your own \1elts, aftd to lbift for your [elves; m1d fiot to mend ( everr man in his place) the publick good 6f the Church, and ChriH in ir; •r[s certain God will forfake you, and all will to ru!ne quickly, z CIJron.I 5.x;z: . ,Church-members of publick fpirits, ar~ ever _proi"perous men. They {hall.proflierthatlovethee, Pfal.IZ2.6. That fay 111 their hearts out of(enfeof~hn!l.'s love, Lord, what !hall I doef6t thee? Ho\v may I be ufeful ro thy people? Bur if back and belly, mine and chine;be chief hi reqi1ef1; this ;vill niine you. . . 3. League anc! Amity wirh rhe enemies of Chri!l:'s Kingdom, or peace wirh our lu!l:s; it is nor Gn,bur aprivy peace with !in,and afecrer quierneffe in !in,which overthrowes Chri!t's Kingdom: The Canaanites that were left alive, becaufe ( 'ris faid) rhey could not drive·them out, bow often did rhey vex, and prick, and yoke the IfrMl of God? Thofe fins which you fay, you cannot parr with, and hence yield unrothem, and mourn not under them, rhofe will ruine ChurchES : Some fin's you have forfaken, and could forfake, the danger lies nor here.' Wrath gQCth our again!l: Jehufaphflt becaufe he loved him who hated the Lord , '! Chron. I9·'-· · . . 4• When rhe Church laies by. he·r weapons. No Kingdom can 'be kept fafe man ordinary way, where all rherr weapons are taken from r.hem, or not ufed by them, when their enemies are upon their borders : When rhe Church hang by, and lay afide Faith (the fhield whereby we defend our (elves) and prayer · (whereby

8 'The'Parable ofthe (whereby we otfend our enemies) what fafery is to be expected no v in Churches? Only be llrong (faith rhe Lord to Jojhuah) when he wem our upon ' rhatgreatfervice of the Lord, J•Jh.t.7. Eph.6.q. Thereisno morefc,Jrful fign ofruine to aChurch, than where the Spirit of prayer begim to f1il ; and verily if any feople under Heaven are ready to mifcarry herein, we ( th,Jt have ollr fill o~~:eace, and our yokes brokrn. otffrom o~1r !boulders) are in mol! danger; but 1f 1t be fo, look for fuch Dukmg; of all hems, and Churches ,,lfo, as !lull I make you find your tongues, and knees, and care>, and hearts again, if the Lord means to dwellwirh you. ) 5· l'\ot bringing forth the fruits of the Kingdom, Mar.21.43· Cut rh,Jt I Church_do1vn th.1t cumbers _rhe ground, ~frer many yea:s pruning_and w~rring. That Kmgdom where there 1s Church-rradmg,but nownhden bie g.nn commg m, I , will confumequickly,anddieofitfelf. Fruius the latt end ofrhe tree: All duties you do, wherein you attain nor, or ( at leall) aim nJt at your !aft and utmofl: end, but mlke your felves your own end, rh,!t is not fruit ; Fruit refre{heth 1 \{)thers rhat tall ic; when a Chrillian walkerh f0 as that another isnot the better, [not much refrelhed) by him, but it may be hardned rather, by afaplelfeexample, here is no fruit, and thiscals for rhe axe to cur down the rree. 1 6. Divifions : This puis down Kingdoms without help of forreign enemies. ~ If a Kinpdom rhruf1:s fwords into each others bellies, this will foon difpatch them. 1 It's the Jefuics plot ro fubdue by private divifions, whom they cannot conquer by force of Armes : It was mort pleafing to Satan to prevail with ChriH to caf1: himfelf 1 down headlong from rhe Pinacle,rarher than to fling him down himfe!f. It is tbe delight of Hell to fee & fee Churches at variance among th~mfelves ,this is the firfl thing he attempts in rhe befl Churches, and it is commonly profrerous, if the Lord leaves the w,Jtchmen tofium9er, and not to be watchful, and fe 1rful, and fudddenly fenfible of the leart beginnings herein. It is a wonderful thing ro fee what afmall occalion ofoffence will do; a word, a geHure, a ~ 'rmenr, a matter of indifferency, 'tis flrange to fee, bow fud'l fmall matters Will go'e,if S a t ~ns head be in them, and hi,s Horns be fer upon them, efr eciaay in Climcbes whe' e men are fer at liberty, and enjoy tt, one muf1: have liberty eo fpeak one rhing, and another, another thing, I am of tbis mind faith one, I amnot of rhat mind (Brother) faith another: 'Tis wonderful ro feewhar a fi ··e, a fecret fmorher, and fmoak of fufpirion will do. Bur oh takeheedhere, G~tl. 5.15, Love the Trurh, receive no opinion differing from the mo(t approved in the Church fuddenly, but weep, and pray, and askcouncet, and tremble ro entemin a thought of contention: The firlt fin which brake out in the firHC:Il ,· ift iat1 Church, was ~nurmurings, AEls 6. I, What followes? Stephtn an earthly An£el , full of rhe holy Ghofl, futfers, and is taken from them, Af/J 7· And after thi~ the wholeCburch is fcattered, AEls 8. Oh keep the peace of the Church, and rend it nor for fmall matters, love one another fincerely, and you cannot budive together quierly. · CHAP.

ten Virgins Opened attd Applied. ------- CHAp, Hi. Concerninzthe Coming ofChrifl, and the fecu~ rityof'Profefsors. . ' ,1 SECT. I. THus much of rhe place ; now !er us 'confider of rhe rime 1vheri, rhis preparation is made fer down in rhar word Then, which word harh reference ro rhe 37'b ~. ofrhe 24th eh. vj.,;,. to the daies of rhe coming of rhe Son of mJn. Jlt. 11 . Ntm when are thife~aies? . . . . . . .A'::rw: We fhai l re~d borb m Propheucal ~nd ApoH?hca_l wrmn~s, rhat all _rhe ume ~· from rhe Afceniion ro rhe fecond commq of Chn!l:, rs called the !a!l: dares, Ails z.r6,r7. Hence rhe Primitive Churches did (long iince ) and all rhe Churches ar this day oughr1 ro live in adaily expettarion of his coming again, as rh.efe Virgins here did. And hence fome think, rhan all this rime may be the daies of the co"!": ing of Chrilt, wherein all the Churches either do, or ihould look our forrhecomingofChriH. Now although I dare ndr exclude thefedaies (ina laro-e lenfe ) from being rhe daies of Chrill'scoming, as being rhe la!l dales, and ir being the dury of all ro wait for rhis coming ofChriH, as well as rhofe wholivedlongbeforeus, I 1 Cor.I.7. Yeti believe here ismeam more particularly the larrer ·parr of rhofe la!l: daies : For our Saviour having foretold of many things which ihall fall our before his fecond cominq, yet he feems to fmgle our fome particular time in rhefe !a!l: daies; ro which ne dorh annexe this [then l and that is evi c'enr ro all rh1r view well the Text, tharrhey are the daies -of his wming, for though all rhe daies ofthe Gof pet may be called rhe daies ofrhe Son of man, and fo'!1e daiesefpeci,11ly wherein there is fome kind of coming of rhe Son of man, as when he comes ro hear prayers, Luk! I 8.8. ye• to fpeak properly , rhey are nor rhe daies of the coming of the Son of man. And look as rhe daies of Noah ~vere nor all the daies from the Creation to theDeluge1 bur thofe particular yem before the Flood, fo •as here, fome fpecial before his coming, are the daiu ofhiuoming. SECT. H. B!lt whatu thu Coming·of Chrift? , Therei> a double co,ning ofChri!l:. _ I. His comino to call the Jews, and to gather in"the fulnclfe of' the Gentiles wirh them, whiclt is called the brightne!fe ofhu coming, 2 Thef.z.8. When there !2.!!fft. ihall be fuch a brighrnelfe of the Trurh lhining forrh in the world, armed wirh Anfw• fuch In!l:rumems as ihall utterly deGroy Anrichriit, long before his fecondcoming1 Rev.I9.19,20. z • .His ·coming ro Judgement, Heb.9.zB. I Cor.q. 23, 24. When there ihall be anuniverfalrefurrettion of good and bad, 1 Thef+t5,I6,r7. Now although it be true, rhat at the time of the coming of Chrilt, rocall the fews,- the Churches li"ke cha!l: Virgins ihallwait and make themfelves ready for rhe marriageofrheLamb, Rev.I9·7· Yetthe fecond coming ofChri!l feemstoberhe c time

IO The 'Parable of the rime which is here directly pointed at. Then fhali rhofe Churches be VirginChurches, waiting for ChriH's coming, boch ro·rhe1r parricubr judgment, -bur efrecially ro rhe general judgrnenr1 when he ihall, appear as a glorious Brideoroom. ro the como!acion and !alvarion of rbofe who in trurb have waited for him ~he fccond rime : For rhis co:ning of Chri!t 'fpoken of in rhefe rwo ch.1prers, is tlm comin~ whieh is in power ,rnd great G/pry (nor in rhe Churches fpiriwally) bur inthecloudsofHeaven, chap.24·3o. ·wherein he fhall feparate rhe iheepfrom I the goats, the one ro lie among Devils, rhe other ro po!fe!fc ( mr an earthly Kingdom hereforarboufmdyears, a? fome from mi!taking the me.JnUJaofrhe : zotli eh. of the Revel. imagine) but to inherit the Kingdomprepared for the~ .fom · thefoundation ofth~ Jvorld, Mat. 2~. 34- which cannot be any be rer, nor any other, thm the th1rd He:wen, where the face of God~~ feen, and where he harh had an inl'lu:nerable HoG ofglorious Angels, his Su!JjeCl:s ro ferve him, nor only fincerhe firft ri:neof manscrearion,eur thefirG foundation of rhe world, Gen.r.r. Which a!fo Chrilt himfeff u g•ne tD prepare for m, John 14.2,3. And which AhrahamsFairhonlyexpeeted, ev.ena City which_was nor emhly, bur heavenly, which hath{,;undamns, whofe budder and mak!f' IS G•d, Heb.II. ro,rr. So char although this Parable look~ moG. direccly unto rhofe_ rimes which are yer ro come, yet as all ex,1mples reg1Gred 111 holy Scnprure for nme palt, are applicable and ufefulfor us , fo rhefe that are yet ro come, are alike inltrucl:ive eo us efpecially in rhlefe rimes al'ld places, wherein rhe Lord (according to his man~ ner of1vorking great things ufually) gives among usfome fmall, yet lively refemblance of rhofe daies. · SECT. III. That in thDfe daiu ofCbrift's mning, rPhett~'n the_ aurch~J u[Cfrijf, and PrDfoforsofthe Gojfrel Jhall t_row Virgm-ChurchtJ, all vijiUe Smnts, when all Members feem to be effroufed to Chnfl, yet there will be found deffrerate f•i'J in f ome, and in time gre~~t fecurity will fall upon all. . . . Some there are wno rhmk rhe dates we hve m now, are nor only rhe daies of the Son of man, bur part. of rhe daies of the eomina of ~he_ Son ofman, wherein the Churches ( efpecially m r.hefe p~ace~) ~row to geVlfgm-Profe!fours: Our Judgments hold ir,_ our pra~tfe 1t, all Church-m~mbers a:e and muG be vifible Saints, v!lible Believers, V1rgms ,efpoufed to ChnG, efcapmg the pollutions ofldolarry and rheworld: Takeh<;ed ~he Lord find nor many ofyou foo.- lifh, take heed you that are not fo, that m nme you grow not lecure; you have rhe pillow of reacero lie on, _and_rhe cares o~ rhe world to make you <;~ream away your rime, and you have no p~nchmg perfecunon~ to awaken you, and 1fno wrelt- ·lings within, look for fecunrr there. F?llY Will be_ rh~ dearh and bane of fome, hence boalt nor. Secumy, a fleepng !ickne!le IVllf be rhe difeafeoforhers, if the Lord prevent not: But I intend nor ro anchor here, only eo fer up markes ar rhefe Hats, thar you may avoid rhem and come nor near rhem. CHAP.

ten Virgins Openedand Applied. CHAP. IV. Sher:rethth{ltthe Soul thatr:riU enjoy Communi,. on r:rith Chri.fl, m~fi be di"Porced from aUother Lords,particularly from Lufls, andfrom the Lar:r.The manner ofits Efpoufalsunto Chrift. SECT. I. N Ow therefore to come to the Thitd thing; the perf~ns that ma~e this prepara rion are fet forth , I. In whan they all. agree m, and that IS, ~rll: in that rhey are all Virgins; What are thefe? . .An[. To omit the Pop11h Interpretation of their Nuns, ctnd mock-Virgins; I !hall rather m0ke ufe of Scripture to give light to interpret this ,place: for operung of it, know, the whole Church may be called the Spoufe of Chri!t , and take every member alone, a Virgin attending on' this Spoufe, Pfal, 45· nay the Apo· file,2 Cor. I I. 2. calls the whole Cht1rch a Virgin, fo that by Virgins are meant whole particular Chtlrche; ofChri!t, together with the feveral Members thereof. Now Virgins are fuch as are fir for marriage, and no~ defiled with any man , as it's ~aid of Rebecca: fo by Virgins are meant thofe that are not polluted wirhin, orWlthoutwirh the evils of theworld, Rev. 14. 4· but more-is to be underfiood here, 2 Cor. I r. 2. when once marriage is come, they ceafe to be Vir~ins,and are Wives.; yet when efpoufed to Chrifr, now they are fpiritua!ly Virgms ; hen_ce thefe here are only like to Virgins : fo that the meaning of Virgins is this; by Virgins is meant fuch Churche;, or members of Churches as are divorced from aU orher Lovers, andmarcht only to Jefus Chri!t: thefe only look for the coming of Chrill, and communion wirh him, thefe only are received into commtinion, ----------------------------------------------- li VVH•ever look__ for everlafting Communion with the 'Bridegroom ofthe Church, Ob[. 1 Jefus Chrift, mufl be Virgins Div•rced from all others, and Efpoufed on!; to ' ' JefusChrift. . Here were indeed foolilh ohes among thefe, yet as foolilh and blind as they were, they faw rhatthis was theway, m be like thewife , to be Virgins as well as they,Pj~tl. 45· Io, II, Jer. 3· 19, 20, as aWifedeparts,fo ye; but how /hall I put thee amo~g the Children, &c. you fhalt c~tll me my Father, i.e. one inllead of all other rhmgs, and fl:all not turn ajidefrom me, Hof. 2. 2 3. there is their communion; Hence the Lord will, I, take away the names of 'JJaalim; 2. Betroth them to himfelf. SECT. III. vvHat is it to be divorced from all other Lover~? ~eft. I. Idolatry is called Whoredomin Scripture, and this is one thing , the .Anfw. C 2 Soul