Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

I OZ. 'T7;e'Parable ofthe - -~ 1 Glory fro•n chc~, rhougb they may h,we clear evidence of the Lords love: Ch.rill himfdfdelired ic not rill now, ]of-» 17-5- If !Dou coulde!l fCalc f-!e.wen betom cby work .~vls done, weLord would fend rhee down from wenee agun, as , bedidthc foulot I~, and rru!y{oaocheworkofChrill:onc 1norr:cm here, \ ts lx!ner rh,m ro have a choufand years feliGiry in Heaven, 11<1kcdly COl'Jideredin : i ic £<:1i, in as much as che Honour of Chrill: is a thoufand cimes berrer rhan our ,own good: lL m~x be there _is much work wirbin door~, rruny o.dd dificmpers ' to be cailucrd, (prrtrlH!! decares, &c. lema y be there 1~ work wtrhour, Chr!Ll: harh mmy enemies in the world, many prayers are y~:r to be fpenr Jg:tinH tbem, ruuch;;;ood ~o do for his Church, many rearsco be lh=d for them, for praying l u.1de ts Heaven. It may be fume foends yer robe <:Gnverred, rhou halt been 3 fc.andal eo them, it may be as yet fe1v have been, or can f:y they be the I or becrer for rhce ; due work is yet ro be done: It may be God lmh 1 forncfecretstorevc;>.l by chee before rhot~diell, fray therefore a whiJ.c, while your \Vorkisdone; ' Tisrme, 1hou bail bur one Talent, bur lirrle .rhou hill or canll 'do; yec God look$ you ihould improve 1t whiHt he is ~one. A man that will :needs m bed at noon-dly, before night comes, wbac <leferve> he bur a cudgel? So be will die before his nighc..:omcs, :and while 'tis light to fee and work by. When cbcr~tfore yo11 ;~pprehend your wor"k even ·done, then as not c0nly Cbci(t, hutl'.tnl, Hoconly Pani, but Gods watchful fervams have fecrec warnings cl deuh.And as Marinerswhen they can fee no Land, yec by Weir foundings can tell rbey are near Land or Sands,then you may def1re it, for then you are ripe,Nit in1ln ro do it otherwife. And verily happy is that man that accounts not his life dear, but only the linilhing of his coorfe wich joy. To .conclude .all, we are to deiire. our fe!!owihip with Chcilt, as a mm defircs his la!l ~. whicb deure dom nor · exclude buc include defire ~ccr all the means and the means fi r!l:, before rheend. Now many things arc eo be do1te by God upon us, andby us for the Lord again, before we appe.u: before: Chrift, which we may clefue firfily for this ouc hill end. SECT. IV. HEncewe fee the vikndfe of the great, yec hidden fecret fin of the wbole world, which maybe in pmai!Oin GodsJeareftSaints, -vi.<:.. in their hun- ·. gry luflings and droplie defires after che f1veer of che things of this world. You I !lull have many a man that amends his life, reformes his courfe, forfakes his<>wn riohrecufneife, no mms rongnc can reil him, his own Confcience cannot bear wfmeffe againll him chat he lives in any ut~hwful courfe; and I believe ir i<; fd, and may be and will be fo. Shl!l I reil you therefore what hurts chem? They are inordinare lu!lings after lawful things in thernfelves, ·and thefe r.hey ferve, Tit-3· 3· P.mly they grieve rhem if they do not farisfie and ferve them, partly becaufe they pay them with pleafures and delights . if they do. Hence fervmg l11fts JVJd p~e .. [rmsrr:o, cbefclike cops o~ moun_uins ar~ feen, ~ow when floods ofwickedncfie begtn eo abate, thcfe wtll conunuc whtte r?e ltfe !ails. . I inr.c:nd nor to lhe1v you ac large, bur accordmg to my Text the vtlenrlfe of them. . I. Theyearout aU defire afcer the LordJr.:fus and his fe11owlbip, iliac he cannot Iona for the Lord Jefus. For .t man· can lay our no more chan he harh, now . when hi's delire; are lavilhc and lee out to othet things , How ea~ be lay out any on Cbrifl:? And thu~ the Lord ofGlory comes to bear moCI bomble contempt, rhlt be is nor woreh dc:liring in fuch amans Books. Thus it was wich tb~m, Luk~ r4.18. Every •ne refufod. Why? Becaufe of their Oxen, andWtves, and ! F.u:ms, Lawful rhiEgs, but they lutled too much after thefe. When a H~~~: