Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins OpenedandApplied. 1---------~~-------------------------· ----- 2. The Bridegroom's coming forth to meet them, from t~e 5to the I 2 verf. SECT. III. The firH part of the Parable; , _ F Jrll, i {hall fpe Jk of the preparation made by the Church to meet with Chril:l: Jefus. Wherein alfo note rhefe three things. - I. The place where this preparation is made, viz;;,. in the ]( ingdom of Heaven, vcrf. I. z. The rime when it fhall be made, fer down in ~be firll word, Then, v. I. 3. The perfons chat fhall make this preparation, they lhall not be cornipted Members of degenerate Churches, where mens profellion is grown foul through lenoth cf wearing ; bnt they are Profeffors of fome eminent !train, fome whereof are ~ruly fin(ere, others fecretly lll1fOu!Jd. And there is adouble defcription 6f them. I. From fome things wherein they all agree. 2. From fome other particuhr< wherein they manifeHly differ; F irft, Thofe things wherein they all a11ree are three. 1. They are all Virgins, Virgin-Profe!fors•. z. They were all awake and watchful for fome rime, ready to meet the Bridegroom , and hence ir it is faid, They took.. their Lt~r;;ps. 3. They all had fo much Fan,h as to go out to meet the Bridegroom. Secondly, Thore thiPgs wherein they did differ, are, · I. Generally, five were wife, ~nd fivewerefoolifh, v.2. 2. Sr eciJlly, the foolifh took., Lamps but no Oyl; the wifedid both, v.3,4: This is rhe rude draught of"rhisfirllfartof theParable, thc:fum whereofi< this, That the Hate of the Members of fon:e Churches about the tin:e of Cluift's coming, {hall be this, they fhall nor be openly projhane, corrupt and fcand1lous, but Virgin-Profefiors , awakened (for fome feafon out ofcarnal fecuriry, flirring, lively ChriHians, not prelerving their ChaHity and Purity n:eerly in a way of works, but waiting for Chrifi in a Covenant of Grace; only fo'!:e of thefe, and a good part of thefe, lha\1 be indeed wife, Hored with fpiritual wifdom, fill'd w'irh thepower of Grace; but others of rhe!U, and a great part of them too, fhall be found foolifh at the coming ofthe Lord Jefus. , I come therefore to handle the firH Parric1tlar in this firfi Part, v1ic.. CHAP. II. Of the Visible Chttrchof(jod. SECT. I. I. THE placewhererhis preparation to meet Chrill fhall be made, and . that isno.tin the Kingdoms of thi 1 world (earrhlyKingdoms) but in · rhe Kingdo!U of Heaven, and therefore'ris faid, The Kingdom ofHeaven fha/1 be likf, &c. I will not rrouble you with re\ ling you how manywaies the Kingdom 6f He~ven is taken in Scrir rure; by Kingdom of Heaven here, is not meant the Kingdom ofGlory in rhe third Heaven, for there Dull be no foolilh Virgins at all there,no lll1dean thing lhall enter thirher;nor by i~ is meant rhe head of this Kingdom, viz;;,. B 2 Chrill: