Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

Ufe 8. 'The 'Parable of the I r-h-er-s -if-r-he-y-kn_e_w_m-e,-w-ou-ld-lo-~-rh-me! Dot ~ the Word fay fo ? wi1en as it ! fairh, Doubtlej[e then thoH 11r.t our Fllther, !fa. 6 3 .1 6. And bring before rhis I Judge borh fides, nor only wh,lt fin can fay, or maydo againft thee, bur whJr l rhe Word of the Lord]efu> can fay foahee, ]er.p.18,2q, Ephraim;cries omof Hubb0rne!Je : ~h but !s not E plr~aim my only Son ? H.ear Eph~aim lam~nring mo. And hear norhmg agatnfl: aWord. Look on Paul warnn g agamll Clmll, and yet the Law ofChrilt in him alfo, Lu/:! 24.15. 7. In rimes of greatell and fmallefi fears, remember to be humble and vile in thine own eyes, worrhy never to be beloved. And lee the Lord have his Will of thee, and this will give you peace. God denies mercy eo char man that will be Lord of it : To be fure, evidence mercy then he will nor ; and when he dorh manifell it, 'tis then when pooretl and vileH, and rhe hem is meek and humble , lfa·57·15,I6, Mat.II,29. OhtheLordopens'hishC!art andlove, when oncehis Will is dear. The Lord calls by his md and frowns now, a!!d creates reace. Thus you may come t0 fee the work, or the Lords Grace in you. To MiniHers, to cake heed of making precious things common, by giving in falfe Signs and Evidences of love, but look up to the J.ord for a fpecial Spirit here. To Godspoor people, and thankfulne!f~. Oh chat he h~tth called thee }i-om d~~rk11ej{e intomarvellomlight, into the Kingdom ofhu dear Sm I Oh that when fo manycomenearromercy, and fall ihorcofit; yetrfletobe let in! Caleb and Jofhua to be lerinro CantWJ, when the re!Ho near, and all periihcd! Ble!Je rh~ Lord for all Afflictions, Fears, Temptations, Enemies, Evils, Hidinps of his Face, hereby he bath but tried thee and purged away rhy dro!Je ; and be comforted again!! all reproaches ofHypocrifie and.Apollacy,and aproud world that calls filth in the face of Holine!Je. Now we ltrt Sonr of G•d , it 11pptArs not what we Jha!l h, hut we fhall be lik! him in GlorJ, in Grace, in Honour, in his Kingdom, forrre fhailfeehim ,u he is. And as for you that live, and lie, and bed it with your eafe, lulls, !loarh, and God fends you means, bur the Bellows are burnt, the Lead is melted, an si yQur Droife not confumed , Reprob.cte Silver fhall men c"ll you, ttnd Goti fhal~ deflrol all yo11r confidence. But you that are th.e Lords, Oh that you could fee what-tfie Lord bath done I he harh put Heaven mro thy foul, and his warkwhich is more Glorious than rhe Cre.uion of Heave~1 and Earth. CHAP. XV. SbeTPing that the Hypocrifie ofthe Heart pro- . ceeds from aTPant of a S~ing IUumination in the Underfla1tding. SE_CT. I. THE Spri"g'ronegrtllt&;lll[:~~na originlllofE'IIItngeli,M.Tr~~th 'i111dHJpoob[tMI· 4• crijieisthemindofm/111, • • • ' For here there was an apparent difference between the Vugms m their practiCe and-in their wills, as liath been ihe'f!n ;, yet the Lord exprefferh it in general rhus, that fame ofrhemwere wife (which ~s one ~rt ~f the · ptrfeellon of the underftanding) and fomc of rhem were foolifh ( wlli~h Is the , great