Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened c:nd Applied. i4' ~ another Reps imo the room of it; and when rhar is gone, anorher fupplies the place of ir, and common ly rh': Hronge.t ~nand rempranon 1s rhe l~H. Now hence Chriit goes on, nde>on 111 rhe ·Chmot of the w_ ord, cGmquer_mg and ro conquer mu. Tho,e that do yetld, he raves, thofe that Will nor, he ilaJes. Now rhefe poor Creatures have h.1d Chr~fis arrows in rhe~, and are wounded for fome tin, butthe Lord dtfcovers more !hll; hence at la{t they li1e away wnh the arrowesin their heam for eafe. Ob poor creatures know ir, the lord Je!us will , find you out! You will not be conquered by hi m; you {hall nev,er bdaved by him. You hNe Eghr, you {hall have delu!ions, endletle unknown hypocri!ie and darknef!e ro be your portion. There is never a plain bearr bur he accou'nrs rhar wound and uouble greateH mercy, and ble!feth. the lord, thar he will nor !rive him his fins and peace with them roo. " 2. Thole rhar flie not from rhe light of rhe Trmh, bur give it rhe hearing, but yer let ir flip; eirh<!r not mindi!lg it then, . or not ponderin~ it afterward; that before they co:n_e, thirfl not for more light, look nor up for H, nor are mourning when the Lord h~des it from their eyes. Some there be that be fuch all-fufficiem men, fo g€lod they need be no berrer, fo wife rnat they need know no more; fo;ne infUfficient indeed to know, and henceevtr len:rning, hearing, but nevrr t:omingtnhe ~(now ledge of the T,ruth. If Light breaks not in, tbey ~an lie in darknefle tlill, and not mourn ; and think no n:ore of it rhan a tale that is tol·d, or news that is brought. Oh look to your Banding, for you are in the high rode ro hypocri!ie, and its impoflible. you !11ould be kept from ir that lie fo, John 12.3 5. Wtlik_while JDUhMJcthe light, left dark?:ef come uponJOU. Satan knew if li'ght came in, Chrill: would come in : And cberefore know it, all that rime thou hafi heard and heard, but not with Divine I.ighr, hall: got only fomwhat ro ·prate on now, eo be of another opinion now from what thou wafi: Oh now Satan hath been let loofe, by tl:te dreadful vengeance of Almighty God, ro blind thee, tharfo rhou mightft die in chy hypocri!ie and lin. Oh po.:>r Captive!, mourn under this, and behold your danger for time to come. Hence fee the re.1frm why many that have had mighty llrong AffeCtions at firll Ufo 2, converfion, afcen'Vards become dry~ and wither, and confume, and pine, and die away, and n0w their hypocrifie is manife!l:, if nl!lt roall· the world by open prophanene!fe, yet to the difcerningeye of living Chrillians, by a formal, barren, unfavottry, unfruitful hem and courfe, becaufe they never had light nor conviCtion enough as }et. You !hall bave fome ignorant creatures awakened by fome chundring MiniHry, weep and ncourn for fin, and aftj:r v'aniili into ftr:cak, being never convinced of fin. Land -floods of forrow \vithout aSpring of light, are dried up, and m1ke the heart more fruitful in lin afterward. Many go under fear; of 1vrnh, ~nd never ger pelCe, becaufe never convinced of wrath. Many are afc. feeted with Chri:l, and wirh JOY of t be (,ofpel, as the Hony ground, bur they I wamingdeprh of ear th, of conviction, die aw.1y again; and hence all rhe world ?'n ~ever !lop a Chrill;an in his fhiningProfeffion ,no more 1 ban they c.m the Sun I In bts courfe, as Paul, 2Cor.5.1 I. Wek_n(J)111ing thererrourofthe Lord perfwademen. And hence Mofe<, Heb. I 1.27. feared no frowns of Ph11rttoh, cared for no honours fr?~ PhatMh, nefaw the G~d that was invilible, and hence Chti!t praies for his Dtfctple;, to be kept from evtl. The world hath not k_nown me, hut theft have k?:own me,John 17. When men arecondecnned to die,, they take on becaufe now they I r.~ deJth, but here in tLn e of heal th they fee it nor. If men wrona a child, t.hei r heart fmites then and ~rieves, but the Lord is abafed dil11onoured ~ and men ;~re not affected, becaufethey want light, and feeir nor' Ifmen be ro march with a · Prince, or !l:andbefore him, 'tis counted bie!fedne!fe ; but before Chrif!, 'cis a lbu.rden, becaufe menkriow irnor. 'Tis fuange cofeefome people carried with mtghty affeCtion againll lin and Hell, and after Cbrif!. And what is Hell you fear?, A dreadful pla,e. What is Cbri!t? They fcarce know fo much as Devil s do, I V 3 but