Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and Applied. their eye leads rhem. Srephenfpclks rill the fiones wereabourhis em, I fee Jefmfaith he, at the right hand of God. z Cor.I 5·58. Be abundant in the Lords "'orlz, /cnowing thaty•ur labour io not~~ vain: Hence David Pfal.II ~· ~s for k~o1vledge of this and that, and then he wdl do It. Oh therefore keep It m your mmds ~~ precious, Prov.2.10. Ifk!fowledge be pleafnnt,&c. A;nd pray eo God to keepttfor · you• . Light. i? in the Sun , and not ceafed t? th1s day : fo if r.he Lord would, pur in rhis Ltghr, and be the perpetuAl Fountain rhere)f to you, 1~ would abtde, &c. Thy Word I have hid in my heart, &c. Pfa!.IIg. · SECT. IV. HEnce learn the cure of hyP'xrifie,vi~. ,Remove the caufe, which is folly'; and if you would be fincere, Oh prize, and beg for more lighr, and love it,and you fhall then after you haYe digged for it, find it. Would it not be fad to be led blindfold like them till they were in the mid!l of Samaria, fo till in the midll of Hell? Would it not be fad to be like Sodomites, groping for rhe door? Efpecially you that are come over to this Counrrcy for more of the Knowledge o Chrilt Oh then Beloved, take heed you bury not your minds in the earth, loref 11or yourrhoughrs in rhedung. And youmult Hand oned~y before God, 1:hen the Book oftbefecrets of your hems fhall be opened, when iffound too hghr, I ) i Ufq· rhen would it nor be a doleful pmil'lg ro lofe the Lord Jefus after fuch light and aftcCI:ions, for want of a little more Light? Oh look to yourfelves now! · r. Stickclofe to the guidariceofrhe Scripture~, and love them. Mofesfairh, Me11ns i, Then other Nations fhall fay, whnt people fo wife? Deut+6. And thefe m~ke th! me;, of God ( 2 Tim.3.1 )·) full ofGods Spirit, wife unto' (alvation, and for negleCt of rhis,tbe Lord gave, and doth give men up ts ftrong delujions, that they beliroe lies,viz.beca~<fethey loved nottheTrnth.Ntver a Truth but is unfealed byBlood, and revealed robe die infinite wifdom of the Father, and love to poor loll men, where God opens all his heart; if men will defpife thefe, 'tis piry but rhey l11ould be blinded. Do nor fcoffe at thofe .rh at know the Lord here, they are ' cripturelearned me11, if nor, never Spirit-learned. Take this for your Counfeller, in all your doubts and fears it will reach you. A man gets an opinion, or falls in love with a iinful corruption , both decehe him. Why fo? Is there no word agalnll it.? On yes, but th<ly will not hear it, but make God and Scrip~ure bow down to them,· they" will not be led by ir. Oh imreat the Lord ro keep rh~e fromthat. · z. lie abundant in meditation dayly, P{n/.r 19.99. 'Tis an hundred to one elfe if nor miferably deluded. And as the Spirit convinceth firll: of fin, · righteouf~ nelfe and judgment, fo let your thoughts be. This makes a man fee far, and fee much. · 3· .PrJCI:ifewhatyo4know, and tall: thefweetnelfeofirthere, Pfal.II9.1oo. An~ then rhe.hem will grow favingly_fu!J of Divine Light. Nothing makes men foolifh bur rh1s. Oh taft and fee! Oh if men knew the fweet of this way ~f Trurh, they would ever walk in ir, and bring to fubmi~ to it! Shllil I hide ftom Abram, that willteachhu Family_? Gen.r8.r7,19, 4· CaH up your eyes to Cbrill: glorified, being full of the Spirit for thee, and beg ofhim., as if he were with thee to fend it down. As_ So/gmon asked this. See, John 7·39· . . Oh learn to be exceeding thankful for any favingli<>ht the Lord harh kindled in you, ifever it harh been powerful to difcover and renfovct the hidden hypocrifie of rhy hearc, that nc;>w tne Lord bath made thee plain a11d ferious for him, that its death not to live, Heaven for to live unto him. Oh then blelfe rbe Lord for that mems that did ir for thee, that might!l have perilbcd in thy own deluiioas and dreams. Mtansz• Means 3• UfoG.