Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

t8 . \ :the 'Parable of the fome lull thou lovell, and dying thus , !halt never fee the face of Chrill. Ye.t,this will come as a heavy endiremem againll thee, that God barb fo 1vearied thee in thy way. Yet (er.1..z5. There uno hope, after thJ Lovers thou wilt go. You !hall fcarce find any but feel the creature vain , and yet ~et not ro relt in God. SECT. II. II.Difcovetienvherher we are married to the Law or nor. And here I fhall Hay longer. Where I premife, I. When I freak of nor being married to the Law in f!ead ofChrill, I do not hereby exempt your felves from obedience to the Law , after you are in ChriH. z. Do not think I fpeak again it all evidencing your efiates from eo nformity to the Law ; though I do from !ome fubjection and obedience performed ro the Lav\T. ' I. lfrheLa1vwasneverdeadin thee, thou arrmarried to the Law, Rom.7.2. Now look as ris with a husband, if the wife be lick , and he be at home, whoever forfakes her, hewill comfort her, and fupport and chear her; fo that if he chear ·her nor, its align he is dead ; if he dod1, its a lign he is alive; for the lifeof'theLaw, isthe comfort and fupport that the Law dorhgive fora time. So that if thou wett never brought to that fore llraight, that thou haH not felt any one dury to cheer or revive thee, and comfort thee, but hall: found fome little rhin_g or other to do it, its certain you are yet married to the Law. E:>.·. gr. It may be thou hall been troubled in mind for thy lins, What bath cheared thee ? I have forfaken them, and call out Jonah, and there bath been a calm: Why this forfaking thy lins {which bath nor been all but fome ) is nor Chriil-, but an aa of the Law. Oh but I have fallen again into lins, this bath troubled thee: What barb cheared dice? I have repented and been forry for them, and purpofed to do fo no more. This is the life of the Law Hili. Oh but you find fins prevailing againll you, Md you cannot part with them ; and hence dare not refolve agamH them. Oh buu my delire is good though, my will hath ever been again!hhe:n. Ohignorance! This delire is but a work ofrheLaw, ' tis not Chrilt. Oh but I have found nodelirefometime: What h~th quieted you now? I have rrufled to Chrifl: You have done:: it. The Lord neYet made you feel a need of the Lord, to draw you to trull ; though to be a!fured of Chrifl's love. lsthisalegal ACt.? An f. As obedience to the Law done by thepowerofChrilt, is an Evangelical work, !o to perfbrm any Evangelical work from amans felf, is a Legal work; and you are under the life of the Law. So that thou hall not been [o oft troubled, but the Law hath fupporred thee ; thou hall nor been brought ro tbatpa!feas the Church, the Spoufe was, lfa·54·5,6· And as one ofmy bell friends, and bell men that lives this day in the world, after many wrclllings to find fotrtwhat in himfelf to chear him, and could not; Now faith he, if the Lord 9Rt ~f hu good NatHre , &c. do not help me, I am . undonefor ever; for 1 havt a hettrt and a nntnre againft him, and the more 1 do, the worfe I am. And therefore thither 1 look.; Surely you are under the life of rhe Law, and are far enough offfro;n Chrilt, if !lOt fenlible of this. Not that aman is alway thus, for he diat cannot feel afrenvard theLord Jefus by the power of his Grace W0,king in his hem, I would conclude, he never had any at all. But at tit! 'ris fo. For thefe two rhinos man naturally feeks, I. To have arlghreoufnelfe in himfelf that will eafehim. 2. To have it from himfelf: Kitchin Phyfick is not far toferch. Now the Lords plot in faving his, is, 1. To make them feek ir our ofrhemfelvesinanorber: Look_n~ttome t~~~dbefaved, alltheenJ.softhe earth. z. To have all