Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

THE PARABLE of the TEN VIRGINS UN F 0 L DE D; Out of MATTH. 25./romthe ,la Verf. to the 14'". 1. Tbtn Jballtbe I(jngdom ofheaven be li~cned unto ten Virgins, which too~ their Lamps, •nd l!llnt ferth te mret the Bndegroem. ~.And five of them were wife, ••dfivewm fo,lifb. . 3· Theyih•twere fon!lfh cook thei> Lamps, and to•t no •Jl with them. 4. But the wife took oyl m their vrpctn•ith thm Lam,s. f . While the Btidtt YOD/11 tar,.jed, they a0 jlumbrtd a~td jlcpt. 6. And at mid-night thm """'a cry made, Behold the Bridegroom nmeih, go yt eut to meet him. 1. Thrn aU theft V irgins arofe and trimmed their Lilmps. 8. Alld the foolifb {•id Uill8 the wijt, Give 11< ofyoJtr !J]I,for our Lamps are g;ont our. 9· Blltthe wife•nfweredfaying, notfo, left there he not tnsugh for us and you, but gs ye rather te them that fell, and b11] for your felv' S. 1 o. And wllile they went to bll}, the Bridcgroem calllt; anrl they that were ready wtlll in with him to the marriage, andthtdoorwa.fhut. 11 • .tlftcr-..ardcameal(otheother Virgins,fayint;, Lord, Lord, tptn toiU. 1~. llut he ttn[TIItred and[aid, Vtrily Ifay rm1oyou, I k••"' you nit. 13. Will eh thttt/#Yt,for ye,tnn, •either7be d;y, nrnhe bortr wiJtrti• tht So• •f man cometh. CHAP. I. SECT. I. DHefc words are pa.rt of our Saviours Anfwer unto two folemn quefiit ons which his Difciples propounded unto him, Chap. 1-4. -v. 3· The firlhv~s concerning the deHruCl:icn ofthe Temple at Jerufalem. The fecond concerning the fign of his coming, and fo ofrhe end ·ofrhe world. The fidt feems to be occafi:)ned by our Saviours fpeech, c.24. v. z. Th fecondfromhis fpeech,c.z3.v. 39· To the firlhherefore he anfwers, ftom the - B 4th;