Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Openedand .Applied. 3 9 I ------- , Lord, (though he gave it him in99) of that one. Leave in record what rhe Lord bath done for you, rhat the Lord may be with them.' and ~hat ~11 rhefe Churches may be rheglory of Chrill, and then you !hall enter mco the En de-chamber of rh e Lambatlall. ' CHAP. VII. (oncerning a Chriftians 'Duty of being conflantly and continually ready to meet (hrzft:J andto enjoy Communion rvith him. 2-. Took_their Lamps. SECT. I. MUch dull is railed, and much Difpure is made, efpecially by Popi!11 Inrerpfeters,Whar rhe Lamps,whar the Oyl, what the Veffels lhould be? The general conceit of mo(t of them is : that by Oyl is meant good 1 works, and by Lamps Faith; anfwerableto rheirownconceir, rhaunot F~· h but good works chiefly fave: Whereas if we confider rhe thing rather e contr , char bylighted Lamps are meant good works, or external ihining profeliion, ace rding tothatofChrill, Mat. 5· Letyourlightfofhinebefore men, &c. and tha by Oyllhould be meant Fai~h, becaufe 'tis inward , and is rbe nourilhmem of works and outward profeliion. And in this fenfe fome 'of our Divines do ta.<e this Scriprure;and the ll.hemifts likewife, who underlland by Lamps lighted, good works ; by Oyl agood intention: To which 'ris anfwered by C11rtwright, ( rhar burning and iliining light ofour Times) char rather by Lamps lighted is ro be under!lood, watchful minds alwa; lifted up in attendi»g for the coming of Chri/1, according as •ris ver. I 3. And I doubt not but this is one thing aimed at, that they took.. their Li!lmps, i. e. were watchful for Chrills coming. But when I weigh other circumllances , methinks there is fomewhat elfe more plainly and principally intended, of which I fcarce read any Divine, but he gives a bintof, vi;;:;.. thiu by lighted Lamps, and taking of them, is meant nothing elfe bur rhe readine!fe of rhe Churches to meerand to have fellowiliip with the ,Lord Jefus. .">nd my Reafons are rbefe : I. Becaufe ~be Lord Jefus ro teach his people watchfulne!fe, and ro put them to ·a narrow fearch of rhemfelves , borrows a firnilirude from rhe cullom of thofe Times, wherein their Marriages were celebrated in the Night, and hence tfle Virgins (rheonly children of the Bride-chamber, and fome think their number never - exceeded Ten) being to walk ouu in the Night , took their Lamps: and when they had kindled their Lamps,( ufttallythe !all thing that is done) now rhey are ready ro go our, and this is that which Chrin: aims at. z. From Luk! I 2. 35. Let your /opts be girt, and lamps burning; it's evident that rh~ reby is meant norhing elfe but readinelfe to meet the Lord when-ever he comes ; for when loyns are girt, then one is fit for travail, but feeing 'cis· in the Nigbt, hence lamp~ mull be burning too. 3· Becaufe 'ris faid plainly,ver. Io. when tbeirlampswerekindled again, theJ that l'P_""e ready wem in; I know the Word is called a lamp for our feet, Pfal. I 19. · and