Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened and AP_f!~ed. --~- \ _i!:_\ knot rh ~ r was 11ever yet unlofed : and hence not yet r~.1dy. Hence many a cbri{han\ ' f.1ith if I h1d alinle n:o~e a£furance,let him co:ne when he will:Thus fo:ne think it \VJS ,Z·i ch He:ukJ"h, who though he hrl W1lked bCfQre God IVith a rerfefl heart, yet b'it~erly complained rlut he was cutotf,f[ai.38. pertotu,..Sf! therefore then rhefoul is prepared & re1dy_ for him,when he bath fo:ne co'nforcable a£furanee of of Chri(l: tow,Jrd> bun, th:tt 1t c.m f.ty, rf I live he love> me, though he kils me -by De.,rh, yet I knQW rh1t he love; me: nay, then he love; me mo.t, when he puts an end to my fin<,and w ~y brrow.> tOQ? And rherefore now faith as one ready w / ceive a Prmce, now let htmco:ne m me, o; fend for me when he wtlt :. why fn? who can feparttteme ji-omthe love ofChrift? Rom. 8. 35· Th.1t look as 'cis with a Souldier rh.1t is eo go w war, where ~nany bullets and arrow; are like w fall abour 'hi .u, and hirhim while he lmh no armour on; Clll hi:n ro the C1ptain, and he will !Jy he is not re1dy yet, but when he h1th his armo~r on of proof, and fuch ar:nour th.!t he know>let hi:n receive neve ~ fo m-a,ny wounds ; yet_ he 11ull efcape wirh his life, and mu:nr h Wttb hts Captam afre rw,ud : Now g1ve hlln but his wari:h-word he is re1d)', rhoughnever fo we,1k, yet 1 am furl! I i1ull efcape wirh my life, 11.1y no{ f0 til.uch as hurr. So <chrillian wanting his a£furance, WJnts his armour; fle is weak, and powers of darkneife will a!fJult hi~, and he is {bin by rhe:r., now he is unre,1dy: but if a!fured, thwgh we.1k and feeb'e, he is now ar , Chri{h watch-word, I know I f1ullltve, I may f.lll, but I 11ull rife again, this puts c.:Juraoeat~d fpirit into a chrifl:i:m, Dan. 3· 17, r8; Heb. 11. 35· Others were corme":l[ed , ( and fo ready) not accepting deliverance ; why fo? to obtain a better R'efurre;lion, which they are (.1id to fee by the eye of Fairh , and this 1vas by poor w~.1k Women ; therefore labour for this, elfe not prepared. The Lord Would hwe his pe~ple look death and dangers in the face, and triumph in forrows, and not faim-hemed , ( which cannot be done without this) thlt the world may fee th.1c there is more rh an men in them, z Cor.4. rG, 17, r8. and 5· I. who would be vvirhom this? yet may we nor complain, as Chri(t of his Difciples, Oh fooli(h and flow of heart ta believe all that is written, fo many pro:nifes yet noc a£fure::l, fo many experiences yet not elbblif11ed, and therefore not yet prepared and ready I for rheco:ningof the Lo:d. A man th.1t h.1rh a fair efl:ate and houfe befallen hi n, fo l,)ngas be i' in Suit for ir, dares notdvvell in ir, but make; a /1i{c where he is .- but then he is re.1dy when qniet pofle!Tion is given him. So get rhe Lord to paffe fenrence fo r a{fur.tnceof your everlafl:ing lubitation, th13n are you re 1dy to dwell therein. z. Then amm is unprepared for the Lord Jefus his co:uing, while he wmts aR-e ;t io·ls fuirab!e ro tbe Maje(l:y, and according ro the worth and love of the Lord Je!'us: Suppofe aWo•nm knows her Husbands love, yet If !he·bwelo!t her •!oven hi ~1, or if fhe love hi11, 'ris only as the loves another man, nor accordin<> to the w·nh of her Husbmd> perfon, or the gre 1tnelfe of hi> love: Is f11c fit 1101~ toapue,Jrbeforehi•n, whennohemtoreceive hi'l1? [o although you queftiori no: Chri!ts love to you, & Go:l you dcmbt little of ir,yer whe~e is yo\lr hem? yonr love ro him? have you mr lo:l: your love; your firll: love, or fecond love? if you h:lVe love, i1it not divided to o:ber thing1, as Wife, Child, Friends,- hopes of I provifi'ln for them, at1d ~oo much care hereupon for thlt ? or if you do love hi'll, 1 'tis with acmullove, he hath no more rhm a luft bath h1d, and it may be nor fo '!luch, 'ris with a cpld love; now you are unfit for him: hence the Lord, Luf1.! 2 I. 54· Ta~t heedyour beam be nat overcharged, t Pu. 4· 7. Now therefore then the foul is prepared to meet Chrifl, when ifrhe foul hath' lo[t its affecrions, .it recovers the'Il om of the hands of all cre.1tures Hole them away from. Chrif1 ; and hence David p\ayes, Oh[pare that I maJ 1·ecovrr my ffrtngth : and wneri it breJks our with fucb love unto Chjfl: as is liuing for hi:n, z Tim. 4· 8. There is the righreons Judge ready to give the Crown, when Chrifl:; appearing is loved, i.e. rhey arefo taken wirh him, as thatthey love the looks of him, it woulQ rejoyce ' G - ~