Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

Objeil. Anfiv. Means I. - - ------- ---- ------------ The Parable of the he Jhould a~ firf! have begun. And hence in one word , he is made every day unready for Chrif!. Oh therefore quiet not your felves in that efbte as I fear reo many do (at leaf! for a rime) it's oneofrhemof!dangerous elhres that can be;ro be troubled with weak fears , and yet ref! in uncertain hopes ; bur bring it ro a conclufion, Is the Lord Jefus mine or no ? and if he be yours, and his love yours, fee it, that you may trample on the neck of death, and triumph over hell, and the grave, and long robe with the Lord , and love the appearing of the Lord , and go away with joy unfpeakable and full of glory our of this world , as to your Wedding, andifrhere be any hope ofgettingit, . who would be without it? Some of you it may be have a long time been carelelfe in feeking for it, hence want it, fame of you have been traders with the Lord lonu,and yet doubt; fomeofyou have not clear evidence, but content your [elves without being thankful ro the Lord for what he harh done for you , hence fiill doubt. Others have gray hairs on your head, or at leall are near your Graves , the barrel is near, your armour is not on, you are nor yerready,and fo Gill doubt. I remember what Chrift faidof Mlfries Box, fhepreplfred tharfor huburial, it may be that rhefe Truths may be prepared for your approaching departure; and therefore light your Lamps at this fire, a~;~d light of the Lords love to you, and fee rhat indeed he loves thee. But why do you perfwade to this,till the Spirit comes and fpeaks it? How can I fee it? I. 'Tis crue rhe Spirit only can do ir,but yet the fame Spirit that feals the Eleet, the fame Spirit commands the Elect no~ to fit Idle, and aream of the Spirit1 bur to ufe all diligence to make ir fure ; and you Jhall never have it ( unlelfe you lay hold on a Fancy for it) on thofe terms. · 2. Though there is animmediatewitnelf~ of the Spirit,ofthe love ofChrift, yet it cloth moft ufually and firllly witne!fe by means. And hence I lhall give you means looking only to the Spirit of Chrill to fer rhem on. Evangelical Prec~prs have apower: For Gofpel-miniftrati0n of the Spirit confifts nor only of ftories and promifes, but commands, and rhe EleCl: feel them : Hence carnal men underthe Law, yet pretending Gofpel, will profe!fe the Law is preached when rhey arepre!fed to any Evangelical duty, becaufe they feel nor the power of the Gofpel, being nor yer under it. And the means J Jhall mention, a~e only general to eftablilh rhehearrsoffome. Make a fad enquiry firft of this, Whether the Lord hath loved thee for his own evedaHing Names-fake or no, for if the Lord hath loved Thee for this caufe,rhen rhy greau Objection will be anfwered, and that deep valley will be filled. How can the Lord love me that am thus vile before God, and fallen from God ? why if the Lord for his own fake hath loved thee, then as no good in rhee moved him to love thee, fo nQ fin which he did know was and would be in thee can quench rhar love; and if he harh manifelled his love to be grounded on this, thoush but once, chat fame Name when rhou changell is nor changed, but is ftill as dear to him, and ever before him ro move him to love thee ilill, Rom. 1 I. 2. The Apoftle anfwers a Cavil, will God c11jf .t~>ay hU people? no faith he ., none that he foreknew ; and who are rhefe? verf. 5. A remnant aecording to Grate .u with m, i.e. God hath for his Grace-fake chofen and called without refpect of any thing elfe: Hence that is to be underHood, 1 S~tm. Iz. 21, 22. For chere are two forts of people inrhe Church; I. Servanrs. 2. Sons, John8. 35· Hence there is a double love the Lord manifefis tomen. I. Some he loves as fervants, chat as we hire fome men to do our work, and give them meat and wages, and then turn them out of doors, or let them go: fo God harh work to be done, for his Son and Saints , and for many reafons hires wicked men to it, either by giving them reward in this life, or hopes of reward hereafter, and when rhe work is done, and ufe made of cbeir Gifts , Graces, Spirits , then turns themour ofdoors. • Bu~