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Mwrs4. Means 5• The 'Parable of the ~?,?k ~o the ~ende:-heanedne~e of the Lord Jefus, for (~eloved) all ~he doubts o£Q!\n!hans anfe chtefly from thts head , from ahard optmon of Chnfl:, which Satan fuggell:s,as at firfl:, Gm. 3. 5. that fo they might take in his wares. Gods peopl_e do nor know the tender-hearredneffe of che Lord Jefus ; Satan prelems him only mwrarh, when any threats arefpoken, all thefe are mine faith rhe foul, &c. And now if any Woman lives with aman that is of a hoggifh churlilh difj:olition, fhewillbeever doubting of his love. Men do not know id fay, and hence when , any mifery or trouble co:nes, they grow jellous of him, which the Lord take> exceeding ill, De11t. I, 27. Qltell. . How fhalll '<.n~w that tendu-heartednefs ofChrift? . Anfw. By his carriage towards men when he was here on earth, for now he is m Heaven in Glory, and we know nor what his difpofition is : rherefore his life on emh was the living looking-glalfe of his heart for ever. In Four Things. . I. Never any came to him chat he cafl: away, whatever their forrows or fins ~f![~:~ . .-. . ~ce~led _r h~m every ~ne if they c~me to him with their miferie~ : for mi'J)I;,#i~etr mtfene:; ·,. he dtd but'fhew hts readine!fe ro heal rhem of thetr fin; henc;e Mittthew applies that, Mat. 8. I7, He bare •ur infirmitier. 2. When men came ,r~. him for by-ends, not for himfelf chiefly, he rebukes rhem fer ic, and.D!rews liHvas more ready eo give himfelf,rhan bread eo rhem,John 6. '1.7· . ,' 3. Thofetbac were lofr, and lick, and miferable, and came not to him, he ~m up and gown to feek andf~verhem, the loft Sheep, Luk! 19. 10. 4>' Thofe that would none of his love , he picried and had compaffion on their mifer~ ana fin ; as on them that were fhee? without a fhepheard ; he mourned for chehardne!fe of their hearts : he wept over 'f eruf,,ms. Now look upon Chri!l che fame ilill : thou comell ro him in fecret eo take away all iniquity , to oive thee himfelf; reil me, doll rhink the Lordifherewould rejeetrhee ever. 2.Buc I dare not receive him. An[. Thou wilt takeBread from him daily, and he is more willin?- to give himfelf. 3. Thou c:an!l not come eo him, nor find him , but only fomecimes , nor fee him; well, but then he will feek rhee our. 4· Oh but I oft rejeCt: yet he pitties thee!lill. 0 chink of this co:upaffion of Chrifl:, and · make hi(Il as if prefent ; 'tis a fpecial means to ~!tablifh the heart in Believing. Learn to know when you are bound not to give way to your fear of Gods lov&,; for fomerime it is the cafe ofmany a precious foul, rhat he harh clear evidence of Godsloverohim: and what ischere againfl: it? norhing butafear, what if I lhould be deceived when all is done ? and hence the heart fmks exceedingly. As fome Women that have fFeciallove, if once they take a jealoulie of tlieir Hufbands love, it's never removed; So here. How fhaill knowthi&? , Firfl:, If thofe fears rhou hafl:driverht:e farther from Chrifl:, it's dear ·you are ~hen ro ca(l: rhofe fears char caufe fin are linful, buc to be driv~n from Chrifl: is finful , Luk! 5. 9, Io. Lord depart from me , I am ji,.fuf.: fear not faith Chrilt, I Sam. I 2. 20, they were ready to cafl: off all, F ea~n~~t, faith he; rhtnk of this, what •ris you ger by nurling up tbofe fears , they hi~der your joy in, and your love to Chrifr, your bleffing of Chri!l, caufe adead d1fcouraged hem : nay chough they drive you eo Chrifl: one way, if they drive you from Chrifl: another way by queflioning his aare; concluding againfl: his Truth , never doubt theyarevile,Mar.8. 1.6. whydidyefearO yeoflittleFaith. So far therefore as fear drives us eo Chritl, 'tis good, otherwifero be cut otf. · 1., If the Lord h.1th drawn rhy heart to come to Chrifl, and when undone, every way fecredy}erfwadec:l thy heart that thou fhalc have help if ~hou come, and by coming halt received healing Vercues of thy lufl:s and \ile atfeCt10ns from the Lord Jefus, fe~r not now, 'tisa fin to fear I fhalLno~ have help, as Mar'<. 5· 33· the Woman with the Bloody-i!fue, !be was afraid fhe had prefumed, hence came trc.!mbling,f