Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgin-s Opened and Applied. SECT. II. TH.ztthe object to whichFaithchiefiJ look], and clofethwith, is ihe Perfonof the Doll. 1. Lord Jefu.<. . . . . · 'Tis rhe Br i ~e-groom htmfe.lf chat the ':'trg t~s .chtefly have ro do wirhall; rhey ·areefpoufed to him,as in Marn age; rherets a g1vingof themfelves one unto another; rhey !Ifake themfelvesready f?r him , they go, o~r. t~ meet him : 'ti~ him chey love, 'us him theywanr, '~Is htm rh~y look for , . ns fnm they clofe Withall. Whorilb lovers look no~ after htm, but hts: h1s peace to comfort them when in horror and fear , hismercyto fave rhem from eternal flames ; but Virgins look ro him,theylook to [His j indeed, but ' tis himfelf chiefly they carefor,John I. 1'2. rofomanyasreceivedhim,hegavepowertobeSons, Juhn6. 27. 1\hen the people • followed him, bnt it Wl S for Ioaves : L abour not fur bread that perijheth , but, & c. for him 'bath the Father fealed,~at. I 3. 44· The man did not buythe Treafure,but bouohc the fiel d : 'tis him Fmh feeks for , Jer. 5o. 4· Thty jhalt feek._ the Lord weePJng; 'tis him Faith chufeth , and is conremed with, whom have I in Heaven but thee? P(al. 73· 25. 'Tis himFaith glories in, Jfai. 45· 25. In him fha!~ all the Seed ofIfradglor7. · SECT. III. •Tis chiefly and firflly the Perfon of C.hriH thatche Father gives miro the Rea[. t, Soul, I[ai. 9· 6. hence Faith laies hold on him : 'Tis not feemly to keep a Portion from any, much lefs Orphans Portion. Faith empt;es a man fo as it makes him the pooreH Orphan in the world ; noiv the Father cannot , will nor keep back his Portion, buc~ives it him: Wicked men have their Ponion in this world, Pfalm17. 14. andrhey think theLordloves them becaufe he bleifeth them : they have many moral excellenciesgiven them, which makes them honoured and lovely in the eyesof rr:en, and they have honour, and chat is their reward; r·hey have bread, but not the flaff of bread, they have Ordinances , but nor the Lord in them : the Lord gives themanfwer to many Prayers , but never gives them bimfelf, nor hisSon; this is highe!t love. But 'tis his Son himfelf he gives ' to Orphan, fatberlefs , helpjefs creatures , for rhe Lord is their Portion, Lam. 3. 24. The rorrion of Jacob' Jer. 10, 16. hence 'ris him that Faith receives ' and pitchetl:J upon; fo that the Lord may deny chem m;llly outward, many inward Bleffings, yet theyhave himfelf that's ~erter than all, better as be faid than Ten Sons. Children may be Prodigals for a rime , but when in wane, they will then fue for rheir Porrion. Saints for a time maymifrend all Times, Talencs, Ordinances the Lord gives, but the Lord will bring them eo wane , and then they will ft!C fo> their Portion , and the Lord will give , and th~y will receive that. ' Becaufe there i' no fatisfying of the Father vyithout him; bring Eenjamin with Rea[. z, you, or never look to fee my face. The confc1ence of a man can never be pacified unci! God is latislied for all wrongs. Now the Lord Jefus bath farisfied , nay ' perfeeted [o, ever themthat are faneti fied, by once offeri~g up ofhim [elf to God, Heb. 1o. I4· Now the foul never comes to have fetled peace in his o1vn confcience (though peace w1s purchafed before ) but by offering up of the Lord Jefus by Fairh, even ChriH himfelf : rhe Soul wanes him, the Father lbews aRain in the bu!h, ~ives Chrilt ; and that the Soul gives him fotfatisfaetion, and offers him to God again. As the Priells in the Old law, when the Sacrifice was flain, then it was offered. God offers che Soul acrucified Son, Faith rakes him and offers him, Lord behold th} Son , Rom. 3. z 5. And hence co:nes Propitiation and K 3 peace,