Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Gh DdbIP qD 11pDad1c11p .!F. Pa 0°OG°GUD d <3D `í7G° aD °JD `<n-c74 Qc71 °OG aD dD° dD 'VW To the CHRISTIAN READER. H IS holy Letter of that ready Scribe of Chriff's Kingdom, [Mr. Shepard of New- England] is fo full of Grace and Truth, that it needs no other Epifile commendatory than it felf. Yet Peeing the Lot is unexpe&edly fallen upon my Pen, to give it a Superfcription that it may pafs current from Hand to Hand ; I do heartily in the firfi Place, dedicate it to thee, thou bleeding- troubled - Spirit, as a choice cor- dial Friend, an Interpreter, one of a Thoufand, that Beth not only fpeak thy Heart, but by the Comforter (whom Chrifl bath promifed to fend) to thy Heart. It may be this Paper prefent is fent on Embaj5, from Heaven, on Purpofe, to Pet thy Houle in Order, to unty thy Bofom- Knots, to bind theflrong Man, and call him out of thy Doors ; that thy Heart may be once againjet at Liberty, to %erve the Lord thy God in thy general andpar- ticular Calling, whole Service is thy Freedom. What is here lent by this .flmbafador of Chrifl, (v'ho is now the Voice of one crying in a Wildernefs) to a 'weary and heavy laden Soul in this Ifland ; I had rather it fhould appear to thy Yudgment in the ferious Reading, and to thy Confcience in the home Application thereof, than from my Opinion of it : Therefore I (hall only add (as the Con- tents of this Letter) certain felea Cafes, propofed and refolved in the feveral Paragraphs thereof, as they lye in Order in the Pages following, viz. I. Trouble