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Ftf To the CHRISTIAN READER. I. Trouble of Mind in civil Affairs by the ferret Injeaion of religious Thoughts. Page 3. 2. From what Spirit, fuch Suggeftions do arife. P. 4. 3. How to entertain them when they crowd in. Page 8. 4. Concerning the not being humbled for firrful Dif- trat7ions that hinder and interrupt the Spiritual Perfor- mance of holy Duties. Page 12. 5. How a Chriflian, may be faid to be under the Covenant of Works. Page 16. 6. How to conceive aright of that Myfteryof My- Aeries, the bleffed Perfons in the Trinity. Page 19. 7. The Soul's .Aptnefs to go to God immediately in holy Duties, without taking (Thrift Jefus by the Hand., Page 22. 8. The End and Ufe of abfolute Promifs. Page 28. g. How to apply abfolute Promifs to thy fell, though they are made indefinitely without Condition. Page 27. & 31. i o. A notable Difcovery of a ferret Unzvillingne /s in the Soul, to f ek God in the fric`iell folann Servi- ces, before it entereth into them ; Weariae/s of them, while they laft ; and a Giadnefs, when they are ended. Page 39. 11. A found Confutation of that Heretical Arminian. Tenet ; viz. That the Strength of Grace is to be got rather by Argumentation, than inwardCmmunication and Influence arifing from Union with CHRIST. Page 42. I2. The Experiences of this tried Servant of Chrift, (who is the Pen -man hereof) how he 'was cured of atheflical Thoughts : whether they did wear out, or whether by the dint of Arguments, they were ration- ally overthrown. Page 44. 13. Lally, whether thofe Changes, which a Child of Gon hath fometimes, and thofe Movings of Spirit are caufed by a natural Temper, or Gon's Spirit. Page ill