Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

4 if ORDERING the THOUGHTS into an Angel of light. For it being his ufual courfe in the time of his health, to make a Diary of his hourly life, and finding much be- ne&it by it, he was in confcience pea by the power and delufion of Satan, to make and take the fame daily furvey of his life in the time of his ficknefs ; by means of which, he fpent his enfeebled fpirits, caft on fuel to fire ' his ficknefs and had not a friend of his convin- ced him of his erroneous confcience, miflead- ing him at that time, he had rnurderd his body, out of confcience to fave his foul, and to preferve his grace. And do you think thefe were the motions of Gvd's fpirit, which like thole Locufs, Rev. 9. 9, Io, had faces like men, but had tails like Scorpions, and flings in their tails. Your thoughts I know, are not likely to produce the fame effeas although you have the fame efficient and becaufe you fay your peace is hereby difturbed by ignorance, as not knowing what to do in the midft of thefe civil a6tions and thefe religious thoughts I conceive that two things are to be fad ly confìdered" of, for the cure of them. Fir! how to know when fuch religious pious dboughts comefromGod'sfpirit, and when from the Devil transforming himfelf into an Angel of light ; or from a well-melted flirting confcience, yet blind. For when you know they come fromGod's fpirit, you are bound to nourith them ; but when nor, you are not bound to embrace nor comply with them. Secondly, Learn how your foul ib so