Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

in CIVIL EM PI. OYMEMTS. CASE I. Of ordering the Thoughts in Civil. Employments. Your fir/` Trouble is, concerning your dill turbances in Civil affairs, by the ferret injection of religious thoughts ; fo that you know not how to follow the one, without hazard of grieving the fpirit, and breaking your peace, in not maintaining and nourifhing at the fame time the other : and hence being drawn to go two ways at the fame time, which you cannot well do, your heart is difquieted, and your peace much, interrupted. This of, yours, puts me in mind of ,thecom- plaint of an honeft, yet plain man, to an able, Minifaer once, who in bewailing his co'di- ". (ion to him, ,(among other miferies,_ this was not the leàft ; (viz) that he was exceedingly troubled with good thoughts, fo that he could not follow his place, unlefs very oft he did hand hill and pray, for fear of grieving the Spi- rit, (as he thought ) and lofirfg his feafon "of being;, heard in heaven : For Paid Confcience oft unto him, How dolt thou know but this may he thy acepted time, and if thou doff not 'take it, it may be thou (halt never have it again ? I have forgot the Minifter's anfwer but I am fuse in there complaints you go not alone : I have lately known one very able, wife, and godly, put upon the Rack in there kind of thoughts, by him, that envying God's people's peace, knows how to change himfelf into