Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

in CI ITIL EMPLOYMENTS; *hilt, until you have done with the other, and then you have returned to your friends, and when the other hath been fhut out of the doors, the other bath had the welcome, and hath lodged with you al! night ; and thus your have grieved neither, but pleafed both. It is fo in this cafe, Worldly employments are our ftrangers, yet they muff be fpoke with : Reli- gious thoughts and praetices are our friends, thefe come unto us while God calls us to parley with the other, you cannot fpeak with both at one time, in one place, without much perplexity : take therefore this courfe, make much of the good thoughts, but parley not with them till your bufinefs is done with ftrangers ; and to- wards evening, which is your feafon, let Ionic time apart very day for meditation, and then make them welcome ; then confider and ponder well what was fuggefted to you in the day time, and lift every good thought to the brari for then is your feafon, and after that let them fup and lodge with you all night, and keep the houfe with you every day. And finely when the Lord jefus fhall fee what a friend you fhall make of his Spirit thus, and how (wifely you walk therein, you fhall not need to fear any grieving of it, at unfeafonable times : nay (I lay) you will rrinf} fearfully grieve his Spirit, if you parley with the con- ceived fuggeftions of it at unfeafonable times What thou 49 ' do it with all thine heart, faith Solomon. Ecclef. 9. Therefore when you arc to gray, confer, or meditate,