Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of ORDERING th: THOUGHTS meditate, do it with all your mind, and all your thoughts, and all your ftren,th. So when God calls you to worldly employments, do them with all your mind and might ; and when the feafon of meditation comes, take it : which glorious ordinance of God, although many chriftians ufe it occafionally, and againft fome good time, or when they have leifure meeting with them, yet to fet fome time apart for it in a folemn manner every day, and that in confcience as we do for prayer generally, where is the man to be found that does thus ? Thofe men that thus neglea their feafon of mufing and entring into parley with God's fpi- rit daily, may be well faid to grieve the fpi- rit : through the neglea of which Ordinance, God's fpirit is as much grieved by profeffors in England, as by any courfe I know. The Lord awaken us : but I have run too far al- ready in this firft part of my anfwer. For the fecond means, viz. How the fed is to carry it fell in civil employments, that fo you may not think you do for better, when you liften to good thoughts as you mention. I fay out two things ; j. Learri to follow them out of, an aw- ful refpea to the eye, prefence, and command of Jefus Chrift : and to do what you do in civil bufineffes, as the work of Chrift : When you are riding, or making up breaches between man and man, and then think I am now a- bout the work of Jefus Chrift le Seeing your felt thus working in worldly employments