Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

2 Of being Humi3LE17 fee a glory in the meaneft fervice you perform in civil affairs, and this will snake you cleave unto them. But I have Paid too ' much about repelling of good thoughts in there tithes, where - in men have fo few ; though, it may be, little enough to fatisfy you. CASE II. ,Of being humbled fir fin=fr<l D raiiarle. Your .fecond trouble is this, viz. That your heart . is kept from being humbled for jinrul drflra 3ions, that hinder and interrupt the fpiritual performance o; holy duties, and that for two reafons : Fìrfl, Becaufe they be volun- tary and accidental. Secondly, becaufe they can- not break the covenant between GOD and your Soul, being but infirmities. Anfw. For the latter claufe concerning breach of covenant, together with the other. ir. I fay, not only infi-mities do not, but the greateft fins cannot make a breach of co tsenant between GOD and the foul that is once really (not nominally) wrap: up in the cove- nant of grace. Indeed grofs fcandalous fins, nay, infirmities, when they are given way to, and not refitted, may keep the foul from the fruition, for a time, of God's covenant, but Inver from the eternal jus and right unto it. For as the Habit of faith or grace gives a man a conftant right to the promife and cove- manta which Iced ever remains, which habit óver