Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

in CIVIL EMPLOYMENTS; employment for him, you may eafily apprehend t:/at for that time God calls you to them, and you attend upon the work of Jefus Chrift in them ; that you honour God as much, nay more by the meaneft fervile worldly aCt, than if you fhould have (pent all that time in medi- tation, prayer, or any other fpiritual - employ- rr,nt, to which you had no call at that time. It is noted therefore by fume of Peter's wives mother, that when Chrift had healed her of her fever, the fate not down at table with Chrift in communion with him, which, no oueft on,, was fweet ; but miniftred at the ta- ble, and ran too and fro, and fo ferved him, and aCted for him ; wherein the (hewed more love, and gave him more honour, viz, in that mean fervice, and in aCting for h:m, than in Laving communion with him. Now if the Lord would out of his abundant goodnefs, let the foul in fuck an acting frame for him, and if it could do its worldly employments, as the work of Chrift, and fee how greatly it. honours Ch:ift in attending on him ; Oh what peace fhould a chriftian enjoy, notwithftanding all his diftraaions every day ! and how eafily would fach devout thoughts you fpeak of, be repell'd like darknefs before the light i For the noble- nefs of thofe good thoughts you fpeak of pre- fenting themfelves againft the mean and bale outfides of civil affairs, makes you ready to honour the one, when you are cal'd to ferve the other but now, by feeing you do the work of Chrilt jefus in them, you flail hereby to