Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of being HUMBLED the firft covenant of works : and hence you do, pot only deferve, but are under the fentence of death, and curie of God, immediately after the leaft hair's breadth, fwerving from the Law by the fmalleft fin, and molt involuntary ac- &dental infirmity. According to the tenour of the law, the foul that ftnneth {hall dy ; and, curled is he that continueth not in all things of the Law, Gal. 3. i o. The leaif fin being, (ex parte objetti) in refpea of God again{{ whom it is committed, as horrible and as great as the greateft. ror it being an infinite wrong, b-- ing the dithonour of an infinite Majefty, there can be no greater wrong thar an infinite one ; unlefs you can imagine a thing greater than that which is . infinite : And therefore in this refpecl, there is as much veno in and mifchief done againft God in the leaft, as in the greateft fin : And therefore it, and whofoever commits it, deferves death for it, as if they had com- mitted the fouleft fin in the world; And therefore after the leaft and fmalleft infirmities, you may from hence fPe what caufe you have freely to be humbled, and to confefs for, them how worthy you are - to be deftroyed ; yea, even to look upon your feif as lyit.g under the fentence of the law and death immediately after the cotnmifl.îon of them, and fo to mourn bitterly for them. ObjeEt. But you will fay, a ' Chriflian that is under the covenant of grace, is not within ' the covenant of Works, that Bond' is can- celled, the laft Will Inuit Rand ; and there-