Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

fir SINFUL DISTRACTIONS. 15 R fore he being out of that covenant, no fins ' of his can be laid to bleak the covenant; ' for no man can be laid to break that law ' under which he is not, and which he it not ' l-ound to keep. Anfw. I anfwer, every believer has a double being or handing, and fo there may be put upon him a double refpe&t. r. Firft, he may be confidered as united to and having a fpiritual being on Chri/i ; and fo it is true, he is under Grace, and the cove- - r.ant of Grace, and not under the Law, nor the covenant of works ; and hence not being under the Law, nor bound to keep it as a covenant of life (though it be a rule of life) no fin can condemn him, there being no con- demnation to them that are Chrifi plus, Ram. 8. But as Chrift is above condemnation, and law, and death, and curie, fo is he. And this truly underfiood, is the foundation of a Chriftian's joy and peace, anc glory, every day ; yet fo, as tho' fin doth not condemn him, y c t he has good rearan, to fay, it is mercy, and meer mercy, Lord, that I am not confumed, that I u m not condemned. For fin is the fame ; n. y graceand God's love aggravates fin ; for to fin again!{ the law, deferves death without recovery ; but to fin when grace . has received me, and loved me ; when the blood of Chrift has been flied abundantly, to deliver me from fin ; Oh this makes the moft fecret Went fin a crying one So that if you do confider this well, you may fee what little caufe there is to have your heart