Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

36 Of applying the llbfàlute Pramifes, Soul that he will do there things for fome that have no grace, or never had grace ; for thefe pro- miles were made to fuch. Hereupon the Soul thinks thus ; Thefe promi- fes are made for fome that are filthy ; for why fhould God ' pour dean water upon them ? for fome that be hard hearted ; for why fhould he promife to take away the ilony heart from them ? &c : and if unto fome fuch, and I being fuch a one, why may not the Lord poffibly intend and include me, feeing he has not by his promife ex- cluded nor Phut me out ? Indeed I dare not fay he will, but yet how do I, or men, or Angels know, but yet I may be one ? Hereupon Hope is railed . to life. again : feeing God has undertaken the work for the vilefl, it is poffible he may do it for me, now when I am vile and can do nothing for my Pelf. And thus you may fee the firfi end and ufe of abfolutl promifes, to be as it were, twigs to uphold the finking Spirits of hòpeh-fs, helplcfs, difireEd Souls. 2. Tne Second end and ufe of them is this ; To create and draw out faith in jells Chrrft in the promifes. For as the Law begets Terror, fo the promifes beget Faith. Now no conditional promife firffly begets Faith ; becaufe Le that is under any condition of the Gofpel, in.thatman there is a prefuppofed faith. It's God's abfolute promife that firftly begets faith ; for Faith is not durance, but the coming of the whole Soul to Chr/ in a Promife, john 6. 35 : And then the Soul believes in Chrif},when it comes to Chrift Now this God works in the Gofpel. (r) The Soul is railed