Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Q,f apply ng the flbralute Peostrifes.' 29' every fin ; but finding it felf to grow worfe and worfe, and perceiving thereby that he doth but flir, and not cleanfe the puddle, and that it is not amending of nature that he muff attain to, but he muff believe, and make a long arm to Hea- ven, and apprehend the Lord Jefus, (which fo few know, or ever (hall enjoy) and hereby quench the wrath of God ; I fay, finding he cannot do thùs, no, nor no means of thernfelves can help him to this, hereupon he is forfaken of all his felf-wifdom and of all his vain hopes, and now fits down like a defolate widow, comfortlefs, and forrowful, and thinks there is no way but death and hell, and the wrath of a difpleafed God to be expeled. And if any come and tell this Soul, orGod's mercy and pity to finners ; Ay, faith he, it's true, he is even infinitely merciful unto them who are rent from their fins, and that can believe ; but that I cannot do, and am Cure (hall never be able for to do ; and therefore what caufe have I but to lie down in my forrow, and to expec`'c my fatal firoke every moment ? Reply' again upon this Soul, and tell him, that though he cannot believe, or loofen his heart from firD yet that the Lord has promifed to do it, that he will fubdue all his iniquity, and he will pardon all his fin, and that he will caufe men to walk in his ways, &c ; True, faith the Soul again, he will do thus for his own people, and for them, he has ch&fen, but I never had dram of grace in my heart, and there is no evidence that the Lord is mine own, or that I am his : Here again the Soul lies down, until the Lord difcovers to the Sous