Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of applying the ilbfilute ProMiles. 33 tain execution of that love in time. The pro- mile being the break-day of God's moft giorioul love, which mutt Thine out in time. Objea. But here you will fay is the difficulty, viz, how I fliould fo feek for the good of abfo- lute promifes, as therein to find my1.1f within the compafs of fome conditional one ? I anfwer, It is done chiefly by three aéis. i. By being humbly contented, that feeing the Lord has abfolutely Promifed, to work and do ail for the Soul he intends to fave, even when it can do nothing for it felf, and that he has taken the work into his own hlnds, fu that it is his pro- mile, offer, office and honour to do all ; that therefore you lie down, not flaggifhly, but bum- bly at the feet of God, and contented to have him to be your God, and for ever to be difpofed of in any thing by God, if he will fulfil his cove- taut in you ; contented to part with any fin, if he will rend it from you ; contented to knowany truth, if he will reveal it to you ; contented to do any duty, it he will enable you ; contented to thine bright with all his glorious graces, if he will create and maintain them in you ; contented to bear any evil, if he will lay his hand under your head, and thereunto ftrengthen you ; and fo fee- ing the Lord promifed to undertake the work fo: fome, put out the work, and put over your Soul to him, that he would fulfil the good that his covenant promifeth in your felf. Nowwhen you do thus, which, no queflion, you and many a Soul doth, many times reflect upon this aa, and he if you cannot or may not find your fell' by F it