Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

34 Of applying the ilbfolute Promifes. it under the, condition of forne conditional pro- mile ; aid if you do, then are you bound to be- lieve all God's promifes are and will be Yea and Omen unto you. Now that you do fo by this a6f, it felf (peaks plainly : For how many condi- tional promifes are made to the meek ? Bleed are the meek, Mat. 5 ; ani to the humble, whom God will raife up ? For this is not _liming Meek- nets, to be quietly contented to be or to do, or to bear any thing that the Lord will have me from mine own ftrength and feeling ; but to be, to do, or to bear any thing that the Lord will have me, if the Lord enable me. Many a flout heart would gladly have Chrift ; but if he cannot have him in his own terms, viz, Chrift and his lufts, Chrift and the world too, or by his own Ilrength and power ; he will have none of him, but defperately cafts him away, and faith, what fhall I look after him any more ? I cannot pray, I cannot believe, I cannot break this vile and un- ruly will, this ftony adamant heart : thus the pride of a man's heart works. Now he that is truly meekned and humbled, he is contented gladly to have God his God, and Chrift his Re- deemer, and that upon Jefus Chrift, his own terms. Firft, on his own covenant : now what is that ? why it is this, I will give you the good, and work in you the condition too ; I will give you my fell, and therefore will not flick to give you an eye to fee, and a heart to receive too. This is the covenant now hereupon a hum- bled Soul accepts of Chrift according to his co- venant, on his,own terms thus, vix, Upon the con-