Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

, 14t and WEARINESS in SOLEMN SERVICES. 3. Renew morning and evening by fad and folemn meditation, the fenfe of God's love to you in 'Chrift, and in every duty that he lets you about ; and love wifl love and like the yoke, and make the comealjments that they thall not be grievous to you.' Thus I have brify done withyour new troubles ; which you mention, yOU fay, becaufe you may r:)t have the like opportunity of writing again. It nay be fo, and therefore I' have denred to fAtifie you, which I befeech the Lord hirnfelf to do. Nex: you come to reply to my fir,q Later, ci rbich I have kept no copy, as I never d;LI of any, and hence may and do forget what i writ then unto you. So much light as your Letter lends me to bring things to mind, 1 will gladly take, and be more ,brief iii anfwer. QUESTI:ON'L Strength of Grace bow obtained ? You find the firer:gib of grace to be got in you ather by argumentation, than inward communica- lion and iiOuence arifing from the union to Chriff: And this troubles you. Alit". To which I anfo:er thefe three things. I. That as the old firful nature is communi- cated from "Manz the firft to us, without any argumentation ; fo the new nature, which is the feed, foundation, and plot of all grace, is (lif- t-tiled