Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of UNWILLIt.'GNESS PrD c ofthy word, but becaufe I can do it no better, ' I am weary of my fell, and this vile heart' Here is much love in fuch a fpirit to the Lord And believe it, Sir, your love wants not it's re- compences ; and remember that the Lord refpe1s you not according to your duties done, but ac- cording to your love in them, and to them. And therefore thofe duties you are afhamed to own, the Lord will not be afhamed to crown. 2. Confider you muff and fhall be baited with thefe diftempers of heart, fometimes more, and ,fometimes lefs, as long as you live. It is part of Paul's body of death which he muff carry with him, till he . come to bury himfelf. 3. 7bofe means which may help you to be freed from them (a little at leaft) are thefe among many. z. Be but truly and really, not by fits and dark- ly, fenfible of them men in deep miferies, are not unwilling to be helped out. z. Judge ye not rigoroufly of God, as though he were a bloody auftere God ; as he did of his rnafter, whofe talent he had, and ,hence never improved it : but look upon God as having a Fa- ther's heart and affeiion towards you in the rneaneft and greateft performances ; which is double, either to give you ftrength to do .wha you cannot, (I can do all things through Chr ;) or having come to him for it, to accept of whit you would do for him, as if it were done : And this will make you joy in the pooreft performance, that though it be never fo full of vilenefs, yet the Lord out of his fatherly love; accepts of it as glo- rious, Cr 3. Rig-.