Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

ATHgISTICAL THOUGHTS. with him, unto. this day. And thus the Lord opened mine eyes, and cured me of this mifery ; and if any fuch bafe thoughts come (iike Beg- gars to my door,) to my mind, and put thefe fcrupies to me, I ufe to fend them away with this anfwer ; Why /hall I queflion that 2-iuth, which I have both known and feen ? 'Objea. But you fay this remedy is good, viz, of Prayer ; but that you cannot ufe it, efpeci- ally becaufe you queftion the truth of God. dinfw. Yet, dear Sir, give not over this Trade; you will doubtlefs find it gainful, when it may be God hath laden you more with thefe thoughts, and made you loath your felf for them. But the thing kerns firange to me, if I miftake you nor, viz, that your heart will not be perfwadcd, but that you muff refolve your doubts concerning the Perfe6tion of Scripture, not by feeking to har- monize thofe pafrages that feem to crofs one ano- ther, but by afcribing fome humanity or error, (if I may interpret you) to the penmen ; feeing St. Paul faith, We Prop/28;e but in part, and lee- ing one of the Evangelilis leaves out the doxology in the Lord's prayer. Sir, if you take thefe thoughts, arifing from thefe and the like grounds, as your burden, I do not blame you, but pity you in that refpea ; but if your judgment indeed think fo, I am lorry you fhould harbour fuch thoughts one hour with- in doors : for you know that holy men writ the Scriptures (but fo far they might err, but it is added) as they zoere infpired, or as the Original has it, as they were moved or carried in the arms ef