Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Of the CURE of t. The Lard awakened me again, and bid me beware left an old fore brake out again : And this I found, that ftrength of reafon'would ca,nr_nonly ,. convince my u iderflanding that there was a God ;. -but I felt it Utterly infufficeot to per- fwade -my will of it, unlefs it was by fits;, whenas I thought God's Spirit Moved upon the Chaos of thole horrible t nughts : and this I think will be found a truth. 3. I did groan under the bandage cf thole un- bebtving thoughts, looking up, and to the Lord, that if he vvtie, as his work and wcrd declared him to be, he would be pleafed to reveal himfelf by his ow-n beams, and perfwade try Heart by his own Spirit of'his Eflence and Be- ' ing ; which if he would do, I fhould- àcccunt it the: greater} mercy that ever Le fnewed me. And after -grievous and heavy perplexities, when I. Was by them almof. 'forced to make an end of myfelf and finful life,and to be Mine own Execu- tioner;. the Lord came between the bridge and the water,. and fet me out of anguifh of fpirit, (as -the prayed for a child) to pray unto him for light in the tsiidit of fo great darkne,'s : In which time he revealed'himfelf, martiiefted his love, fulled all thole raging thoughts gave return in great mea- lure of them ; Io.that though I could- not 'read the Scripture without blafphemous thoughts be- fore, now I t"aw a glory, a majeffy, a myffery, a depth in it, which, fully perfwaded : and which light (I defire to fpeak it to the glory of his-free grace, feeing you call me to it) is not .wholly put ou , but remains,while I defire to walk clofely .with'