Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

44 A°I'FIEISTICAL THOUGHTS. or not. 2. If this be his word, that he would perfwade your heart of it, that it is fo : For the leaft refolution which is Scripture, and which i3 not, is made by the fame perfwafion, and fole perfwafion of the fame Spirit that writ the Scripture. Concerning the Argels that appeared to Ma- ry, fee Gerard ; and he briefly, I think, will fa- tisfie you, in your anfwer to the particular tem- ples about the Scripture fenfe, and the difonancy of them. Only this I will add to the IA claufe a.bou"t thefe things, that if the Scripture be infpired by .the Holy .Gh eft, and that not only in the fuc and fubttance of it, hut in every word and fentence of it, which I think you will not doubt of, when you have confidered it ; then I think it will un- deniably follow, that the fame Spirit of truth i3 allo a Spirit of order ; and hence the method of various penning of it, is from the Spirit too, which you lay you flick at. fln+ . 2. Again, to the latter part of your third complaint concerning your fpirit being bur - thened with involuntary infirmities, as burdens, but not as fins ; I fay nothing now, becaufe I perceive by one part cf your reply that, the Lord has done you tome good by the firít anfwcr ; only it is your grief you cannot fear them, nor condemn yourfelf for them, as damning- fins. For fatis- faaion of which, [ hope this reply to your fe- rvid trouble will give you forne fatisfaaioa E SQ