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How toknow the, MOVINGS of the SPIRIT. 49 QUESTION iv. How to know the Movings of the Spirit. Again to your fourth guellion, to know whe- ther thefe changes you have fometimes, and theta movir.; s of your Spirit, are not of natural tempers or God's Spirit. It feems I. did a little miflakc the meaning ; becaufe you meant not the main work of grace, but occational flirrings and mov- ings of the heart ; as by reading fome pathetical Letter, your Spirit is moved with joy or Iorrow,, which it may be will not be furred at fame o -. ther time ; as by drinking a, cup of wine, the fpi4 sit is made more chearful and lively, &c. 1fnfw. I anfwer thefe three things. z. Firft, That it is very ufual for natural af- fe&tions to be railed by a natural temper, as by drinking, eating, noveltinefs of the Gofpel. John's candle-flies were ravifheci with the Gofpel ó Peo- ple are naturally moved fometirnes by a thundring Minifter, yet never a whit the more grace, &co And it is a good fpeech of Doctor Ames Armi: nian univerfal grace (as they defcribe it) may be the effect of a good dinner fometimes. ;2, That though the Being of grace depends not . upon the temper of the body, yet the Exercife, of grace, and manygifts of grace, together with the feeling of it, doth. And hence a good din- ner, and fometimes wine, to a fad melancholy (if 'gracious) heart, may remove rem prohibentem that may keep grace, as joy and thankfulnefs, from rl ng; and fo take the grace and draw it ours II nos ,