Shepard - BV4500 S53 1747

Offeeistg .4 Pefstive PROVIDENcE., to look up and figh to Heaven for me, that she Lard would out of his free grace but bring me to that good land, and shaft glorious Ordinances ;, and that there I may but behold the face of the Lord in his Temple, though he never delight to ufe me, there, though I and mine fhould poffibly beg there ; and that if the Lord fhould call me to my folemn work and fervice for the good of his Church and People, and company that go with me, or are gone before me, that then the Lord Jefus would reveal his fecrets to me, and enable me the little time I have to live, to be fruitful to him, and to have a larger heart than ever for him. As for your felf, I (hall defire the Lord to keep you blamelefs and unfpotted in an evil world ; and that as he has begun, fo he would perfea, and crown his divine graces and work in you ; and that you may be preferved from national fins, which fhortly bring national and molt heavy plagues ; and that the pretence of the Lord may abide with you, and in you, until the Lord call for you. Remember my kind love to your Father, whole name I have forgot, and by whom I could not fend thefe lines, being then hindred by bufincCs. Now the peace of Jefus Chriff be with you, and keep you upright and blamelefs till death. And if I never fee you more till the Lzfl and great day, then Farewel, Farewel. Yours in JESUS CHRIST, T. S.